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Diet volumetric (volume): Principles, effects, menu

Diet volumetric (volume): Principles, effects, menuDiet volumetric (volume): Principles, effects, menu
volumetric diet (Also called volume) based on a selection of products depending on Their calorie. It is based on products containing a lot of water, so you can eat more, avoiding excess caloric. Importantly, experts believe the volumetric That diet is effective, safe, wholesome, and for that good for the heart. See, what are the Principles of volumetric diet, how much you can lose weight on it and sample the menu for the day.

volumetric diet (diets volume) Was developed by Dr. Barbara Rolls and journalist, R.A. Burnett. This slimming diets exceptionally well-balanced in terms of nutritional value. With it you can not only lose weight at a decent pace, losing every week at least one kilogram of unnecessary, but also care about health. Low in salt and saturated fat in the absence of restrictions on the consumption of fruit and vegetables makes volumetric diet is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and protects against diabetes.

Volumetric diet is based on the assumption That That the products have fewer calories, you can eat more. So you can lose weight without feeling hungry. That is why it is so important in the diet are foods rich in water, Which Increases the volume of the product, without raising its calorific value, eg. Soups, Which CONTAIN Approximately 80-95 percent water, vegetables and fruits (they have 80-95 percent water) or yogurt, In Which the water content is 75 percent.

Volumetric diet Principles: products allowed and prohibited

The key to success in volumetric diet meals are based on very low-calorie and rich in water products. That Facilitate patient self-alignment menu, author of the diet foods divided into four groups.

  • This first group of products recommended in Unlimited Quantities, or low-calorie fruits and vegetables (dry as lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, apples, citrus fruits), nonfat milk and yogurt, soup cooked vegetable broth.
  • a second group of products is permitted - whole grains, fruits and vegetables richer in sugars (as dry potatoes, legumes, corn, bananas), lean meat, for example. poultry, fish, and olive oil and.
  • a third group of products should be limited That (best to eat them as a supplement) - skimmed and semi-fat cheeses, white bread, pork, duck and geese
  • The fourth group of products that you 'have to Eliminate - sweets, butter, crisps, breadsticks, crackers.

Diet Principles volumetric They are simple. Approximately every 3 hours you need to eat a hearty meal - the lower calorific value products and higher water content, the better. An important criterion is called. energy density (caloric). The lower, the better (see box). Low energy-dense meals Provide fewer calories, even though they have a large volume. Worth eating soups, salads, raw vegetables and cooked al dente, and drink juices and smoothies with no added sugar.

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Good to know

Energy density is the number of calories divided by the number of grams:

Meals very low energy density - 60 cal / 100 g (density less than 0.6)

  • Meals with low energy density - 60-150 kcal / 100 g (density 0.6 to 1.5)
  • Meal with an average energy density - 150-400 kcal / 100 g (density from 0.15 to 4.0)
  • Meals of high energy density - greater than 400 kcal / 100 g (density greater than 4.0)

The highest energy density have oily products with a high sugar content.

Advantages of volumetric diet

While the bulk of diets resemble Those portions of the pre-diet. It does not change the size, only part of the meal. The fact That most of the food is vegetables rich in fiber and elements that improve digestion, metabolism back to normal after a few days. Replacement of complex sugars that stabilize blood glucose levels and Enhances the insulin sensitivity. That Fats have, eg. Due this deficiency of calcium and vitamin C, among others postponed on the stomach, become a source of energy. And thanks to the fact That approx. 75% of meals is water, Improves tissue hydration and the more Efficiently body gets rid of waste products. Already after a few days on this diet the body ceases demand is large portions easier to start and Gradually reduce the amount of food on the plate, Which will allow the stomach is a return to its normal size.

Products with a low energy density have the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals per calorie.

What gives you this diet? First of all, you are not hungry, and that really care about health. With this motivation does not fall to continue the struggle for a healthy weight. Although large portions Gradually lose weight - from 0.5 to 1 kg per week. This is the healthiest rate of weight loss, protect the yo-yo effect. You give it the type of calorie snacks of crisps, breadsticks, pralines. Initially, the withdrawal can be difficult, but after 2-3 days of desire for a varied diet does not decrease. Excessive appetite for salty too often the result of poor hydration - the demand for sodium, because the body tries to keep as much water. If you eat a lot of vegetables rich in water (dry as cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes, spinach, peppers, strawberries), the body ceases demand is a solution. And with good carbohydrates at each meal, for example. Wholegrain products, the level of glucose in the blood is not jumping and free yourself from snacking sweets.

Besides volumetric diet does not require you a special financial outlays, but Merely modifying eating habits. All products, Which it is based, you can buy in the supermarket or your local department store. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should Increase your daily dose of traffic.

Disadvantages of volumetric diet

Despite the Advantages of diet has, unfortunately, Disadvantages. The most serious limitation of this product, Which admittedly are high in calories, but rich in essential, among others, for the brain and eyes unsaturated fatty acids. For this reason it is best to use only diet for some time, no longer than 2-3 weeks, with time Gradually Reducing portions and substituting skim półtłustymi less processed products, and it also include a diet full of micro- and macro seeds and pits .

Volumetric diet - living example menu


Shakshouka with capers and tomatoes (serving: 300 kcal)

2 eggs / spring onions / spoon capers / Teaspoon rapeseed oil / tablespoon chopped parsley / 2 small tomatoes / red peppers 1.2 / 1.2 garlic clove / pepper

Diet volumetric (volume): Principles, effects, menuZeszklij onion in oil, add the chopped tomatoes and peppers. Dus with garlic until a thick mass. Break in the eggs, and after cutting the proteins pour capers. Before serving, sprinkle with parsley and pepper

Breakfast II

Vegetable salad (serving: 220 kcal)

2.1 cauliflower / 2 pickled / shallot / teaspoon lemon juice / tablespoon chopped chives / salt and pepper

Chopped vegetables pour lemon juice, spices and sprinkle with chives.


Pollock in apple posypce (serving: 460 kcal)

150 g pollock / 2 handful of beans / 2.1 cucumber / 4 tablespoons skim yogurt / teaspoon rapeseed oil / apple / 3 tbsp lemon juice / spoon dill / curry

Rub the fish with oil, juice and curry powder. Occupancy diced apple. Bake until tender. Peel the cucumber, cut into slices, mix with yogurt and dill. Serve with steamed green beans cooked.


Roasted carrots on a bed of lettuce and spinach cocktail (serving: 220 kcal)

3 carrots / 08.01 cubes of feta / teaspoon of olive oil / teaspoon rosemary / 5 large butterhead lettuce leaves / handful of spinach / greenhouse cucumber / 04.01 melon

Carrots with rosemary olive oil and bake in the oven, add the feta. Put everything on lettuce leaves. Ingredients cocktail blend with 1/3 cup of water.


Cream of parsnip (serving: 400 calories)

parsnip / 1.2 celery root / small onion / tablespoon olive / 1/2 cup cooked millet / 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt / 8.1 cubes of feta / tbsp lemon juice / chives spoon / salt, pepper

Cut the vegetables into slices, stew for half oil with little water and season with salt and pepper. When softened, blend cream and concentrate the porridge. Add lemon juice, yogurt and feta. Sprinkle with chives.

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