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DRY SKIN care. Why the skin is dry and dehydrated?

DRY SKIN care. Why the skin is dry and dehydrated?DRY SKIN care. Why the skin is dry and dehydrated?

Dry skin, Due to the specific problems require more attention and proper care. zealous for dry skin It can operate it its detriment. Excessive cleaning, the skin peels her condition worsens. How to care for dry skin and what mistakes not to make?

The skin is dehydrated due are errors in care, air conditioning, health problems. If moisturizing skin cream does not help, then you should consult your Dermatologist.

Dry skin Those of them is skin types, Whose identification poses no problems - is dull, rough, and after washing Tightens pulls. It is thin and it can shine through the blood vessels. Aging faster, and wrinkles Earlier than they Appear in the case of normal skin or oily skin.

Why the skin is dry?

The term "dry skin"Is used in relation to the skin, Which produces less sebum, than it needed, the Therefore, it is drawn up and stretches. Too small amount of sebum makes the skin lacks lipids is Necessary Maintain proper hydration and adequate protection against what harms. Occurs when damage protective lipid mantle of the epidermis, the stratum corneum of the skin in the rapidly escaping moisture. Dry skin is rarely innate. More often Responsible for its external factors - like a cold, dry or hot air, UV - and improper care or medication, Particularly Diuretics, regulating blood pressure, Which alter the water balance in the skin.

Dry skin is often a symptom of menopause. Decreases then sebaceous gland activity, less lipid coat protects the skin from moisture loss.

Some people dry skin is genetically programmed (it likely to have a person with light skin). Dry skin also cause hormones - because it is often found in pregnant women (excess hormones slows down when the sebaceous glands), and the ladies in the period menopause (The decrease in estrogen disturbs the balance of moisture in the skin). finally, dry skin It is characteristic for older people, because with age decreases the skin's ability that produce lipids.

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Types of dry skin

Like the other problematic skin types, so this skin type has its own "flavors". We are talking about dry skin in the case, when the dryness is noticeable as tightness, tension and roughness. About the skin very dry and - if it is not only downloaded but also chapped, flaky and itchy. Dry skin can also be sensitive skin - then all the other symptoms are accompanied by hyperactivity of nerve fibers in the epidermis, Which can irritate the skin of some of the ingredients contained in cosmetics. According a another division, there are two subtypes of dry skin:

  • skin degreased - is Responsible for the problem of the reduced amount of sebum
  • dehydrated skin - disorders are the cause of dry perspiration and simultaneous deficiency of natural moisturizing factor).

Good to know

DRY SKIN care. Why the skin is dry and dehydrated?When the heat radiators or the air conditioning, the humidity level of indoor air is often drops below 45%. In dry conditions your rapidly to over-dry skin. You can help her by using appropriate Return cosmetics and special humidifiers.

How to nurture your skin dry?

This type of skin requires moisturizing cosmetics and moisturizing. moisturizing cream complement the content of natural moisturizing factors That Provide and bind moisture in the stratum corneum of the skin. In turn, the cosmetic lipid supplement oiling, Which protect the skin from further Top excessive moisture loss.

On the day will be the best moisturizing cream This dry skin, Which respectively rehydrate the skin. should have UV at least SPF 15 and the drying of protecting against sunlight. Night Cream should lubricate, nourish and regenerate the skin - it's best to fulfill the task of nourishing creams rich, semi-skimmed or fat containing Ceramides, vegetable oils, urea or emollients. Cosmetics make-up remover can not contain alcohol, Which further Top dry and irritate it. The best are lotions, and Emulsions tonics for dry skin. You can also be used micellar fluids to dry skin because they do not Affect the protective layer of the epidermis. Once a week should peel off the skin with the help of an enzyme scrub, and then apply a moisturizing or nourishing mask.

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Lubricate very dry skin linseed oil, Which perfectly nourishes and smoothes the skin (also leaves a nice film on the surface). Linseed oil also add to favorite gel after a shower, it's the water before bathing or rubbed into the skin after bathing. Apply linseed oil moisturizing people struggling with dry skin, but also patients with AD.

The most common errors in the care of dry skin

There are treatments and cosmetics, which you should avoid using this type of skin, because they can exacerbate problems. There is no incentive:

  • The use of peels mechanically exfoliating the skin. Such cosmetics are placed oily and combination skin, but for dry are too strong.
  • Chlorinated water Cleansers. Further chlorine can dry out skin and irritate it, so before washing it is good to boil water (which evaporat chlorine), allow to cool and then wash your face.
  • Washing your face with soap. The soap is removed from the skin, not only the impurities but also the sebum, Which in the case of dry skin and so it is feared for. Also it has a strongly alkaline pH, Which excessively dry skin and can irritate it.
  • Rubbing the skin when drying. Rubbing his face with a towel mechanically rubs it remains valuable sebum. It is better to simply apply a towel to his face, point to point, applying slight pressure to the water absorbed.
  • Improper use of thermal water. Thermal water is a wealth of minerals. Directly applied to the skin, regenerate it, reinforcing the natural protection mechanisms, and reduce the risk of irritation. However, water does not harm after spraying her face you have dry skin, eg. A paper towel - otherwise evaporates, further Top dry the skin.

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