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Every bit of cosmetics Purlés

Every bit of cosmetics PurlésEvery bit of cosmetics Purlés

Price: 112 zł. Availability and information about cosmetic here
My opinion

According to the manufacturer, the cream is the intended to provide your support fat burning, mitigate the visibility of stretch marks, cellulite and Prevent the recurrence of an effect in slimming.
That you might think this is a miracle cream for all women's problems. At first I approached with a little distance to this cream. Such cosmetics, treats as a supplement for weight loss and not assigned so many wonderful activities. In fact, our lifestyle, Mainly Affects the appearance of our skin. That it happened the cream came at the right time in my hands when I Decided to lose a little weight. Not every woman is lucky and can enjoy the nice belly after pregnancy. I belong to the people who need to fight a long battle that improve the condition of the skin.

Let's get to the heart, and you will answer the question of Whether this cream works.
His smell DETERMINE it is difficult, it is neither flower nor fruit. I can not compare it to anything, but I can assure you That is pleasant. Escapes an hour after use.
Consistency cream like a little more lotion absorbs quickly. Leaves skin soft touch, no greasy film. It is worth Noting That this cream is compared other weight loss ,, "has no effect either cooling or heating. That I admit it made me very happy, I personally do not like dry bajeru unnecessary.
It's hard to DETERMINE my performance because it Applies only to the abdomen, often twice a day. After three weeks of use, I still have half of the packet. As for me, is a very good result.
The operation and effects of the cream Lipolityczego. The first noticeable effect is determined that improve the firmness of the skin. It is more tense, optically actually on the belly looks slimmer. I see in this regard, a big difference. Stretch marks as they were so they are Their surface is a little more balanced. Here, there is not much improvement, but I am surprised That any. Regarding cellulite, fortunately I do not have a very visible and not utter Whether this angle works.
After a gestation reaching for the many creams and lotions to help restore the appearance of the abdominal skin. Although this cream is not a purely natural composition, However, it is only me who has done visible difference. For a woman who is struggling with this issue as I am. Pendulous belly, contributes to the loss of confidence. Looking for help, you might want to reach for a more modern cosmetics. Its action and pleasure use, is worth the money.

Elixir anti-acne

Price: 66 zł. Availability and information about cosmetic here
My opinion
A little jealous of the current teenager, have a much larger range of cosmetics supporting Eliminating acne. After the potion Decided it, not because of its main activity, I was looking for an effective Means of narrowing far.

Let's start with the use of the potion. consistency has a smooth and watery. Smell pleasing to the nose, slightly creamy. here The application is convenient, thanks to the content of the pipette. Performance very good, bottle quietly enough for 2 treatments. Nothing pinches or cause any discomfort after using the cosmetic. I would add that made sure of sun protection, According to the manufacturer's Recommendations.

I regret that I do not have enough good camera phone to show you the effects of the treatment. Visibly reduced pores. Reduced the number of small white pimples under the skin (subcutaneous blackheads) acne Appeared before the period as always, but not as visible as usual.
Action can DETERMINE the general good, I think this treatment will have better results Young skin with acne problems greater.

Aloe Soothing Gel

Every bit of cosmetics Purlés
Price: 56 zł. Availability and information about cosmetic here

My opinion
Aloe gel is the best of the three cosmetics. It also has the most universal action. The percentage of aloe is admirable. Not all aloe gels, based on dry large Quantities. The upside is absence of alcohol, Which certainly distinguishes this Particular gel from the competition.

fragrance gel It is pleasing to the nose, but it is not permanent. It does not cause any irritation during use. consistency a gel, as the name Implies. This summer, I carry it in your purse, as we have too much sauce on glowing sunshine.

It brings relief, too tanned skin. It is doing well both instead of tonic for the face and the base face masks. I like packaging That is convenient to use. Cosmetic used it in large Quantities and in my case turned out to be efficient medium.
This is definitely my toolbox living room, Which after the desire to reach for again. I will not hunt for promotions because regular price for my wallet is a bit too large.

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