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French-press coffee Cooking French-press

French-press coffee Cooking French-press

French-press (piston coffee maker) - a device for making coffee by infusion and extraction. Its name is the piston coffee maker is obliged to the French companies "Melior" Which at the beginning of the last century has developed its production. That it is believed the French-press maximizes disclose taste aromatic properties of coffee, Particularly if the beverage preparation machine used elite varieties. For brewing coffee is Necessary to use a rough grinding.

That despite the fact the French press is focused on the preparation of the coffee, it is also possible to make tea, herbal infusions and cocoa.

Table of contents:

The advantage of French-press

Disadvantages of French-press

French-press apparatus

Making coffee in the French-Press

The process of making coffee in French-Press

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The advantage of French-press

Tea of ​​this type has no restrictions on coffees.

Speed ​​of coffee.

The use of French-press is convenient and does not require special skills.

Very convenient and fast way to get your favorite beverage without the coffee maker or the Turks.

Using wholemeal allow even handle an inexpensive coffee grinder.

If you prefer coffee with spices, you can add them Immediately in Turku.

Lack of tea leaves brewed in tea or coffee grounds in.

Disadvantages of French-press

French press to be used for the preparation of fresh drink only, but not to store on the "later". The remaining coffee will continue to insist, even when the piston is lowered, Which can lead is an unpleasant bitterness. In addition, if you ever leave the drink in the coffee machine, its walls covered with bloom, Which will lead to a loss of palatability of the beverage to be prepared.

After using the coffee maker be sure to wash it thoroughly.

Vulnerability glass flask.

French-press apparatus

French-press device is simple, like all brilliant, so not particularly changed since the early 20th century. French-press Consists of a vessel (glass, plastic or stainless steel) and piston (plunger) with a filter cover. The volume of the small vessel be different - from 0. 33 l. Is 1 liter.

Making coffee in the French-Press
French-press coffee Cooking French-press
The cooking process is very simple, but it Comply with Certain conditions for a really tasty and fragrant drink:

Coffee must be fresh. Ideally - from the moment of roasting coffee beans must be not more than 1 month.

Coffee should be equally rough grinding.

Use high quality water.

The process of making coffee in French-Press

Grind coffee. The degree of grinding - rough.

To boil water.

Pour ground coffee in french press and slowly fill it with boiling water from the kettle, Achieving complete wetting. The recommended ratio of water to coffee - 1:16. For example, for 500 ml. coffee makers need 30 grams. ground coffee.

Pour up the middle, wait 1 minute and pour completely. Cover and let stand for another 3 minutes.

Slowly lower piston. If the piston is tight - it says that too fine selected. Here we must be careful.

Do not try to lower the piston with full force in order to avoid burns. In this case, it is Necessary to raise the piston and try again lowered to the bottom with an average effort.

Let stand for 3 minutes to precipitate goes. Coffee ready.

Note that since the Gulf of boiling water to lower the piston must pass 4 minutes. This is the optimal time for a coffee. Although no one stops this experiment with time in either direction.

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