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German coffee

German coffeeGermans are known for all its thoroughness and scrupulousness in all respects. They are also high demands put forward, and that The Producers. The Germans never part with Their money, if not 100% convinced That the product quality. As a tester of products serves a world-renowned institute "Stiftung Warentest", Which is trusted by all Unconditionally. The Therefore, the German coffee is famous worldwide for its high quality and natural taste.

In Germany, coffee is highly appreciated, drink it here for the whole day. Traditionally, the average German morning begins with a cup of aromatic coffee and refreshing, Which is accompanied by the freshest pastries. Some people prefer to only espresso, others much more like a cappuccino or latte. Tastes of Their Own, but always agree on the fact That the coffee - it is the perfect drink for the morning.

At lunchtime, you can meet a lot of people sitting on a bench in a park or traveling on business with coffee cups in Their hands. After the work is very popular relaxing coffee with alcohol. If you want to try a really high-quality coffee, then you should try German. This drink will not leave anyone indifferent, as he made According to old recipes using the best technology.

The vast experience and reverent attitude to coffee, as well as strict quality control make the perfect German coffee. The best German coffees are listed below. Content:

Gorilla coffee

coffee imprest

Dallmayr coffee

Marcus Coffee Coffee EXCLUSIVE

coffee Gutenberg

Gorilla coffee

Gorilla - select high-quality coffee beans for bars and restaurants in Germany. It is Composed of the choicest varieties of Arabica and Robusta, roasted and packaged under the strict supervision of the German professionals. Experts argue That this type of coffee is the most prominent representative of German quality.

This coffee has a lasting fragrance, long aftertaste, and the complete absence of acid or bitter. Besides all this, people are Attracted to the bright packaging, corporate identity, and the original name. Gorilla Coffee Introduced to the market The Following varieties Gorilla cream bar - a unique blend of coffee beans collected in the highlands of Colombia and Brazil. 10% content of 90% Arabica and Robusta content makes this coffee is very soft and gentle.

The presence of a creamy foam and persistent flavor are the main Advantages of this type. The cost of packaging is 1 kg Approximately 870 rubles. Gorilla Espresso Cream №1 - choice of high-quality Arabica beans, roasted on special emerging technologies. The taste of this coffee is soft, with hints of hazelnut, Which makes it stand out among the other varieties. The cost of coffee for 1 kg - 945 rubles.

Gorilla Shumla - absolutely new and original coffee, made from 100% Arabica beans. Qualitative and present a delicate flavor and fragrant foam will fall much to Their liking. This is especially good coffee with cream, cinnamon or chocolate.

Price for 1 kg is 930 rubles. Gorilla Super Bar cream - a unique blend of Arabica and Robusta beans in equal proportions. Coffee has a unique flavor and aroma of the tropics, and this attracts attention.

Price for 1 kg-935 rubles.

coffee imprest

Imprest - a relatively new, but already well-established German coffee. The ideal modern production technology and approach Provide Responsible German quality. The range of coffee varieties presented by The Following: imprest Grand Cru - carefully selected Arabica coffee beans dark roast. Soft and pure taste, absence of bitterness and a long smooth finish makes this coffee is very popular.

The cost of 1 kg package is 1,400 rubles. Imprest Espresso Gold - the best Arabica and Robusta beans of medium roast. This blend has a very versatile taste and constantly revealed in different ways.

First, it is light and fresh, then - more dense and thick with notes of acidity in the aftertaste. Cost of packing 200 grams is 450 rubles. Imprest Dekaf - delicious coffee beans that does not contain caffeine.

100% arabica dark roast coffee producing saturated and bright with a delicious flavor. Cost of packing 200 grams is 450 rubles. Imprest Espresso - 100% Kenyan Arabica, Which has a mild taste slightly sour and fragrant creamy foam. The main feature of this blend is fabulously long pleasant aftertaste. Cost of 1 kg of coffee beans is 1,250 rubles.

Imprest Classic - a mixture of arabica and robusta South American dark roast. The mild flavor of coffee felt special spicy notes, Which love for the coffee. It is also a good supplement composition of light velvet foam.

200g pack costs 450 rubles 1000 g - 1100 rubles.

Dallmayr coffee

Dallmayr - German coffee gourmets who appreciate the very best and are used to get the maximum out of life. Exceptionally clean simply impeccable taste and stylish packaging, and have Attracted the attention of a large number of fans. This coffee maker looks very presentable and ideal as a gift.

In the market, this brand is Represented by the Following types of ground coffee: Dallmayr Classic - ground coffee, made from pure Arabica beans are carefully selected and fried to a light golden brown. Strong enough and tight, but at the same time soft and fragrant coffee is low in caffeine. Suitable for brewing in Turku and in preparation kofefarke and coffee machine.

Proposed on the market in 250 g vacuum package costing about 200 rubles. Dallmayr prodomain - select a mixture of high-quality Arabica beans grown in India, Guatemala and Ethiopia. This coffee has a special taste, lacking any bitterness, and persistent fragrance captivates. Dallmayr Zonderklass - pure Arabica, grown wild in the highlands of Ethiopia. Has a unique pure taste, not like the other varieties.

Valued due to the low caffeine content and a pronounced flavor. Dallmayr Kilimanjaro - ground coffee produced from African Arabica. Characterized by the kind of full-bodied and well-balanced taste with light floral notes. Dallmayr Neiva - Colombian arabica grown in the Andes of Colombia and at high altitude. Characterized by the blending of saturated persistent aroma and taste, where you can feel the light citrus notes.

Dallmayr Sul de Minas # 8212; monosortovy Brazilian coffee, Characterized pleasant nutty flavor and aftertaste. Dallmayr Ethiopia - ground coffee and high-quality Ethiopian Arabica. Fresh coffee has an elegant taste and a light scent of flowers. Dallmayr Standard - medium roast ground coffee, devoid of bitterness.

Very similar to the Italian coffee, but has a softer taste.

Marcus Coffee Coffee EXCLUSIVE

Marcus Coffee EXCLUSIVE - exclusive German coffee for gourmets. Characterized by a special spicy flavor and aroma. It is prepared from selected Arabica using the latest technology.

The cost of 250 g package of about 300 rubles.

coffee Gutenberg

Gutenberg - German brand, offers a huge range of different coffees. This coffee is Considered an elite and it is able satisfy even the most demanding gourmet coffee. Relatively high cost of fully Justified by the quality and impeccable taste.

How to make a proper german coffee

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