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Geyser coffee or mocha coffee.

Geyser coffee or mocha coffee.

Geysernaya coffee maker or moka coffee machines of the type in Which the coffee is prepared by Means of steam under pressure. The name "geyser" it was due to Their principle of operation resembles the emission of hot steam (geysers) in miniature.

Table of contents:

Structure and working principle geyser coffee makers

How to make coffee in the coffee maker geyser

Choosing geyser coffee makers

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The earliest geyser coffee makers Appeared in the 19th century. And the design That they have now been developed by Italian Alfonso Bialetti 80 years ago. Geyser coffee makers can be made of aluminum, stainless steel or ceramics.

Structure and working principle geyser coffee makers

Geyser coffee is slightly reminiscent of an hourglass, It consists of two vessels - the lower and upper. In the lower vessel is poured water, and the upper serves for storage of the finished beverage. Filter Receptacles are separated in a funnel shape, Which ground coffee is poured.

After the entire apparatus is held vertically through a tube Which pressurized steam is forced hot water. Upon heating the water in the lower vessel is formed with pressurized steam, it squeezes boiling water upward. Hot water is forced through the ground coffee is saturated and its compounds, Resulting in a finished beverage Which spills out through the tube into the upper container.

Once all the water from the lower to the upper vessel pass, the coffee is ready.

How to make coffee in the coffee maker geyser

For the preparation of coffee in the coffee maker need to pour the hot spring water in the upper vessel is above the safety valve. Pour ground coffee into the filter funnel and fasten the upper portion to the lower. Put the machine on fire, or include it in the network, if it is electric and wait until all the water from the bottom of the vessel does not move to the top.

Please note that it is important that regularly inspect and clean safety valve geyser coffee makers, t. To. The device works under pressure and clogged valve could face an explosive destruction of the coffee maker.

Choosing geyser coffee makers

When choosing a geyser coffee makers Immediately need to decide on the amount of drink that you 'would like to cook for 1 time. Geyser coffee prepares the quantity of coffee on Which it is calculated and when the full tab, it just will not be able to cook and drink. In most cases, the volume of the coffee maker Indicated in the amount of 40 ml cups.

Also, when choosing a geyser coffee makers need to pay attention to the material from Which it is made. Cheap aluminum device can produce specific taste. stainless steel coffee makers heavier, but they allow for washing in the dishwasher.

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