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gourmet coffee

gourmet coffeeIn rare exotic coffees have a large number of loyal fans. And Those who are just going to try it, be sure appreciate it. These drinks are very easy to become a favorite, after Which Those no other coffee is not Considered worthy.

Some people prefer to drink it in the mood for is a divine thing commonplace. Obvious Fact That an expensive gourmet coffee does not leave anyone indifferent to it want to return again and again. The range of this coffee is quite wide, so very easy to pick up a unique flavor that each individual. The distinctive features of high-end coffee are a limited number, stable flavor and aroma, as well as the high price.

Buy green coffee beans at harvest on the plantations, there is Carried out processing and calibration. Dealers themselves produce the export of coffee, Which Guarantees the highest quality. Content:

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Kopi Luwak

Old Java

Kenya AA Ruiruiru

yellow Bourbon

Yemen Matari

Ecuador Vilcabamba

Specialty Kofi

aged coffee

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Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaica Blue Mountain - the world famous type of coffee, Exclusively Which grows in the plantations of Jamaica. On the famous Blue Mountain, at an altitude of over 1,200 meters above sea level just created ideal conditions for growing coffee. There's literally all that accompanies from rich volcanic soil and a balanced mix of rainy and sunny days.

Many professionals from all over the world believe That this is the best grade of coffee. This royal drink has a very balanced taste That combines the acidity, bitterness and sweetness, and flavor with special floral and chocolate notes. True gourmets also trace the tobacco flavor and spicy pepper.

Coffee always has the same quality, stable flavor. By the way, this is the only variety That is delivered in wooden barrels. Blue Mountain coffee range is quite wide and includes dry types:

Coffee beans of medium roast - perfect for any brewing method. Its cost 1600 rubles per 200 grams.

Green coffee beans - a natural environmentally friendly premium coffee. It not only gives the highest pleasure, but also helps fight obesity. Its cost 4000 rubles per 1 kg.

Roasted coffee beans dark roast - perfect grade natural espresso. Price per 200 grams - 1600 rubles.

Blue Mountain for brewing in a cup - superfine grinding coffee. It is offered in packs of 10 bags. Cost - 600 rubles.

Instant coffee - has recently Appeared on the market but has already become very popular. For 170 grams glass jar manufacturers want is 2500 rubles.

Grinding for the Turks - Premium extra fine grind coffee. Suitable for coffee in Turku. Its price is 1,700 rubles per 200 grams.

Freshly roasted coffee in a barrel - 2500 rubles per 200 grams.

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak - one of the most expensive coffee in the world, due it its unusual way of processing. Indonesian Luwak animal is very fond of ripe fruit and coffee. Moreover, it selects only fully ripe, but not perespevshie grain. They pass through its digestive system unchanged. Thereafter, they are collected, washed, dried and fried.

After this treatment, the taste of coffee varies greatly and Becomes a light caramel-chocolate flavor and delicate aroma. In taste and feel a little bitterness shade and butter, nougat and honey aftertaste has a very long and stable. Price for 1 kg - about 300 dollars.

Old Java

Old Java - a unique coffee is due techniques of artificial aging, Which is produced in Indonesia. Selective ripe berry dried, and purified Collapsible bags. Keep it from two to six years at A Certain temperature range.

The consistency of the drink thicker and dense, it tastes sweet and optional extra flavor.


Galapagos - Luxury organic coffee grown in the Galapagos Islands, where the use of any chemicals. Growing conditions significantly affected its taste and aroma. It is Characterized by high saturation and rich taste with a light walnut tone. Soft drink has a high acidity and bitterness.

Price per 250 grams is 1,500 rubles.

Kenya AA Ruiruiru

Kenya AA Ruiruiru - gourmet coffee from Kenya, grown on plantations, Which put forward a very severe Requirements. Kenyan coffee stands distinct acidity and hints of lemon, orange and different berries. A distinctive feature is the layered scent - as soon as you start to drink coffee, you hear the sweet smell of caramel, then it starts to taste bitter and feel the taste of spices, cherries and cocoa.

This coffee Connoisseurs can buy at auction, where the price reaches a very large size.

yellow Bourbon

Yellow Bourbon - a rare variety of Brazilian coffee, Which is grown only a few plantations with a Suitable climate. Coffee has a unique flavor and an unusual taste, Which blends in well with the acidity and bitterness of the sweet notes of chocolate and nuts. A rich long finish will give you a distinct taste of tobacco and wood.

You can feel and taste of rye bread, Which gives a natural processing of grains in the sun.

Yemen Matari

Yemen Matari - That coffee is going on in Yemen plantations at an altitude of 1000-2000 meters above sea level. Unusual taste due to the fact That the coffee trees are growing in the mountains of volcanic ash. It is also often called the "Coffee of Lords." He has a sharp taste of the rich taste of chocolate flavor - fruity wine with a hint of smoke.

Soft and juicy taste of the drink is Caused by a unique sour. It can be Purchased beans in packs of 100, 250, 350 and 1000 grams, and also in the form of a hammer weighing 100 and 250 grams. Price per 350 grams is about 600 rubles.

Australia Skayberri

Australia Skayberri - relatively inexpensive sort of gourmet coffee. He has a pronounced fruity taste, pleasant aftertaste and moderate fortress without bitterness. Cost per 100 grams is 250 rubles.

Ecuador Vilcabamba

Vilcabamba, Ecuador - South American coffee, Which are harvested by hand at an altitude of over 1,500 meters. This coffee is appreciated for its fresh fruity taste and a very intense aroma. Introduced to the market in small, medium and coarse grinding, Which Ensures its preparation in different ways.

Price for 1 kg is 2700 rubles.

Specialty Kofi

Kofi specialty - coffee, Which brings together only in a package the same size of grain harvested from a plantation. This coffee 10 passes the selection stages and delivered to the customer within 2 days after roasting.

aged coffee

Aged coffee - coffee, Which had been stored in special bags for several years (1 to 10). It should be noted That the humidity has a large value and warehouse temperatures, ventilation bags. All this is done to ensure code That the coffee has acquired rich taste, aroma and a special color. He also finds an interesting density and denser consistency.

Coffee with a five-year delay is called eydzhed coffee, but with a longer - vintage coffee. Once discovering gourmet coffee, true Connoisseurs and gourmets will not accept regular coffee. Due to the high price not everyone can afford such a luxury.

But, if you really love coffee, then indulge in a little fun on holidays.

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