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Gray hair – care and coloring. How to care for gray hair?

Gray hair - care and coloring. How to care for gray hair?Gray hair - care and coloring. How to care for gray hair?
some women White hair only add to the beauty. But not all of us feel good with gray. The ladies who do not want to correct nature, suggest in how to care for gray hair, and the rest in advise you how to get back to the natural color or dye securely.

How to dye your gray hair?

Keratin, the basic building blocks of our hair is beige and white. Brown, black or red gives them only melanin - dye produced in the melanocytes. When melanocytes cease this function properly, the melanin in the hair is less and less. The Therefore, the time they take the color of keratin, Which become white or beige.

What answer for graying hair?

The most important of These is, of course, age. - graying This physiological process, Which begins approx. 30 years - says dr. n. med. Anna Wojas - Pelc head of the Department of Dermatology of the University Jagiellonian in Krakow. - Production of the dye is stimulated to Certain enzymes found in the body. When Their activity weakens, for example. In relation to age, it decreases the amount of melanin. This is the age at Which reduces the production of dye, Mainly depends on Certain genetic predisposition. If so parents osiwieli early, there is a high probability That Their children will meet it, too. This does not mean, however, that nothing depends on us. Graying speeds also unhealthy lifestyles, Including poor diet, drugs, and most of all the stress. - melanocytes are the cells derived from the nervous system - Explains Dr. Anna Wojas-Pelc. - so react to stimuli received him. That life in constant stress accelerates graying hair, confirmed by scientific research.

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graying not always the result of age - Appears also in the course of various diseases, for example. vitiligo. If the fire bielacze are on the scalp, cakes gray hair Can Occur even in children. Sometimes the gray hairs accompanied by some diseases associated with metabolism. The graying of the same is not dieting. For it can be Considered only if there is a team of clinical symptoms.

Gray hair can be beautiful

Do you like it myself with silver hair? That's great, just remember That they do not desiccata. Apply conditioner and do not go crazy with hair. - Contrary appearances this White hair does not require any complicated procedures - Explains Agnieszka Płusa, stylist of the Institute of Cosmetology XXI Century Dermika in Warsaw. - They are thicker and less prone to damage than dark. Unfortunately, there are too rigid, and difficult to lay THUS. It should try it White hair They have a nice shine. It will help you in Obtaining shampoos for colored hair. Also especially good shampoo for gray blue. They give it a slightly gray color and not very nice Eliminate the yellow hue.

Coloring gray hair

White hair dyed already two thousand years ago. As recently discovered - they used for this purpose, lead sulfide, or rather its nanocrystals (particles as small as a few billionths of a meter). Potion prepared from it, which was covered with hair. Nanocrystals it penetrate the hair shaft and zabarwiały it dark. Similarly, the many modern paints, although they do not contain lead.

Gray hair - care and coloring. How to care for gray hair?They decide on the coloration and brunettes usually we szatynki, Whose gray threads are much more visible than blondes. If you want to dye your hair at home, Let 's get the paint, and not a temporary Means for coloring. The latter poorly cover gray hair. Color goes brighter than the natural ranges and faster rinse it. CONTAIN paints an amount of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, Which allows the dye to enter the interior of the hair. The product, however, you have to stick on my head for quite a while. - keratin sheath gray hair is thick and difficult to break through to the dye - says Agnieszka Płusa. - So if you color at home, compliance time for the resistant hair coloration. Not all paint colors are suitable for gray. Best with Blondy and browns. Shades of red should be avoided - will be too intense or pink. Carefully rinse podchodźmy also a herbal - can give the hair a greenish tint. It is a safer dye your hair at the hairdresser's, especially when there is more gray than dark or gray hair when Appear in clusters. It is more difficult then to get a uniform color target.

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Odsiwianie hair

Odsiwianie is an alternative dyeing. In the shops you will find preparations with a precursor of melanin. Substance penetrates inside the hair and reacts with oxygen in the air. Oxidation of precursor formed is identical natural pigments. Gradually recover hair color, and not Immediately after the paint. When you get the right color every few weeks barwimy offshoots. The formulations are small only be applied to the hair from the mid-blond is a medium brown. But the market is also after shave products for every hair color. The manufacturer Shall That the ensure the measure does not leave suckers. When we cease to be used, the color goes back to the onion. After shave products especially suited for men who shameful Consider coloring. Gradually Appears color and is close to the natural man does not so shocked by the sudden change of appearance.