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Greasy hair – care. Why the hair superfat?

Greasy hair - care. Why the hair superfat?Greasy hair - care. Why the hair superfat?

greasy hair like solid hydration, and instead are drying Permanently. It apr also commit this error? Learn how proper care should look like oily scalp. We checked, why should this type of hair oiled and how to do it.

The first reaction of the oily hair is dryness of hair and scalp. This is the basic error in care. Greasy hair should moisturize and nourish.

Why the hair superfat?

The scalp is provided in the sebaceous glands, as well as the rest of the body. Like the glands located on the face, on the head of the amount they produce sebum depending on many factors. The easiest way to compare it to oily skin, the degree of small greasy Increase or decrease in the diet and cosmetics. Overproduction of sebum can be hereditary and inscribed in our body, Which is why oily likes to go hand in hand with przetłuszczającymi her hair.

but if complexion is normal and we did not notice this issue at home, and the hair is oily, it apr indicate improper care of the scalp. Superfat bridge if the scalp hair is excessively dry and forces glands to work harder. High Impact is also too frequent mechanical stimulation of glands and the transfer of germs from dirty hands and headgear. Greasy hair often accompanied by hormonal changes, eg. During the period of puberty in adolescents and during the menopause in older women. If you are not Concerned and hair, despite proper care, superfat to talk to your doctor. May be this one of the symptoms impaired hormonal.

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How to recognize and greasy hair?

  • Characterized by a gloss on the scalp and sometimes even a stick.
  • They are flat, oklapnięte and often clustered in pods.
  • They can have dry ends.
  • They force for daily cleaning because otherwise unsightly head.
  • After touching the scalp dry finger or a piece of tracing paper notice greasy, sticky reaction, Which small or small not be combined with the smell of tallow.


Which Increases the work of the sebaceous glands?

Greasy hair - care. Why the hair superfat?Sebaceous glands, among others, intensify spicy food, stress, Certain diseases (Mainly neurological, overactive thyroid gland), and hormones (eg. During puberty, androgen excess in women, testosterone in men). Oily hair also Increases Chlorinated water, as desiccating the scalp, Causes excessive secretion of sebum.

What to do to your hair will not przetłuszczały?

  1. The first step to rebalance sebum production is the limit wash your hair. You have to do it as infrequently as possible. If you wash your head every day, giving a signal to the glands work "from the beginning". In the beginning, try to wash your hair every other day, and if you see improvement quickly, add another day without washing. During this time, you can use talcum powder, dry shampoo or rinse with Soapwort, Which removed through extra shine on this day. Find a hairstyle greasy hair hiding this therapy does not become a cause for shame - it could be for example. Braid, bun.
  2. Instead, strong hair desiccata shampoo SLS, select natural herbal cosmetics. The ingredients useful in the treatment of greasy hair: black radish, nettle, aloe, burdock, soap root, turnip, mint. The more neutral shampoo, the less interference with his glands, THUS regain a chance to calm down.
  3. Maintain hygiene and limit That the germs can get on the scalp. At least once a month to clean the brush hair with soap or shampoo every two weeks replace the towels and bed linen. Do not forget to wash hair straightener or other equipment, Which Directly touch the hair.
  4. Comb hair in the morning and evening, but during the day, leave them alone. Stop improve them with dirty hands and do not play with wisps. If, after leaving the house forcibly trying to add a volume of hair using your fingers, it's time to stop. In this way, it only awaken mechanically glands that produce sebum. With the volume of the thread, and the next day you still have to get up early to catch again wash my hair.
  5. Dry your hair with cold air at a distance of 20 cm from the head.
  6. Rinse your hair with cool or lukewarm water, as hot Increased contributes to the amount of sebum on the head.
  7. Try detox diets or herbal treatments. Many people detox reduces oily skin face and head.


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Care oily hair

The greasy hair care all make the same mistake - a limited cleaning and moisturizing give up for fear of more greasy. The treated hair moisturize try themselves, and help them with the glands produce more sebum. Effect? Counterproductive. Shampoo herbal shampoo, and moisturise the delicate tip of the mask is rinse or conditioner, avoiding the scalp. Check for your skin gone oiling hair (Oil Can and łopianowy jojoba). Rub them once a week, and then wash with shampoo.

Homemade solutions for greasy hair

lemon lotion

Squeeze small half lemons, Mix two tablespoons of vinegar and combine it with three glasses of warm water. At the end of washing hair pour mouthwash.

Lotion of fennel

Pour two cups of boiling water fennel (One bag per cup), and eyebrow covered for 15 minutes. After cooling, the liquid rinse hair.

Herbal infusion-acetic acid

Choose three of the following herbs: chamomile, lavender, calendula, sage or mint. Place in a bowl on one's purse or each table spoon, then pour boiling water and brew covered for 20 minutes. After cooling, add a tablespoon apple cider vinegar and apply at the end of washing hair.

  • If the smell of vinegar bothers you, you can wash rinse with cool water.

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