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Greek coffee and Greek coffee

Greek coffee and Greek coffeeContents: A drink That came to us from distant Greece What sort of Greek coffee is better Arabica or Robusta ground coffee Can substitute secret of soluble coffee in a coffee grecheskiRetsepty grecheskiLegenda about cold kofeKofe Greek "Greek" - a recipe !? dolgoletiyaTraditsionny Greek kofeGustoy Greek "clotted cream" Coffee with cream foam, in grecheskiGretsiya in a coffee cup

Here are collected the most interesting ways that prepare Greek coffee. Bon kofepitiya.

The drink, which came to us from distant Greece!

The true coffee drinkers know a lot not only in varieties of grain, but in the recipe of this wonderful drink, giving us courage, warmth and good humor. Today, there are many ways this brew coffee, one of the most popular - Greek coffee from freshly ground beans.

What sort of Greek coffee is better Arabica or Robusta coffee?

That to say the quality of the coffee taste depends solely on the manner in Which it was brewed - it Means To Mislead readers. The aroma and taste of the drink and Defines the type of coffee. That Fit prepare Greek coffee and arabica and robusta; but especially aromatic beverage is brewed from a mixture of These varieties.

You can use ready-ground coffee, but better - to buy the grain and grind them just before brewing the drink!

Is it possible that replace the soluble coffee bean?

Classic Greek coffee prepared Exclusively from the ground beans. The main feature of its preparation Consists Precisely in the fact That it can not brew a cup of boiling water - it is only brewed in Turku and at a very, very small flame or hot coals or sand, put on fire. The exception is the Greek iced coffee - here it is just what is made from instant coffee, plain boiled water, sugar and ice cubes and, of course, fire.

preparing a secret Greek coffee

You never get a real Greek coffee, if you are in a hurry. The familiar phrase "make coffee" in a literal translation from Greek means "oven coffee", that is to cook it very slowly! Typically, the water in Turku, set on the burner, boil a few minutes.

How to slow down the process, if the house is no dedicated fryer for coffee? Several ways:

Turk put on plamyarassekatel.

In normal frying pan pour a layer of sand two to three centimeters; you put on a small fire; in well-warmed sand to put Turk with all the ingredients.

The longer preparing boiled Greek coffee - the better it is!

Recipes for Greek coffee

Usually, the first question That interests wanting to make a drink - the ratio of proportions of coffee, water and sugar. The best option - a full two teaspoons per cup of water. However, at a dose of coffee desired, you can either Increase or decrease: it all depends on what kind of drink you prefer fortress. Brew coffee as follows:

In turochku pour a teaspoon of sugar, two - coffee, pour all the glass of water. Cook on low heat until the formation of foam.

Pour in the water Turk, put it on the fire and bring the water to a boil, remove from heat Turk. The steep boiling water pour sugar and coffee was put in Turk plamyarassekatel or brazier and coffee is brewing and foam.

Whether sugar is required?

Prescription - yes. However, you can move some of the recipe, if you prefer absolutely bitter coffee.

Legend about the cold Greek coffee

According they version of this recipe coffee it came quite by accident and only thanks to the fact That one of the guests of a big event in Greece was unable to find the boiling water and a cup of coffee and sugar poured cold water - the drink was very tasty! Later, the recipe was perfected today Greek iced coffee can be prepared as follows:

Freeze cubes at the rate of 100-150 g

The plastic bottle of 0.5 liter or less Pour 1-2 teaspoons of sugar, a teaspoon of instant coffee is 50 Kholodny pour boiled water and to throw pieces of ice: the bottle tightly close the lid and shake well - So THAT the whipped coffee. And although the rules of the Greek iced coffee is made from water, you can experiment by adding milk instead of water.

It did not disappoint drink: a few tips

For preparing coffee is Necessary to watch - he can escape not so scary That have to wipe the plate, what a pity fragrant foam.

It turned thicker foam possible before it bring coffee boiling, cooking it several times suspend the process of removing the coffee plate.

If the coffee is ready for a few cups, bottle it is not a Necessary Alternately Simultaneously and in all capacities - So THAT the foam fell into each cup.

It is not Necessary to filter the coffee through the strainer without prior coordination with the guests: many like coffee grounds.

As the ingredients are not very convenient sugar and sugar cubes - it is not Necessary this measure, it is impossible to scatter over the stove.

It is important to know not only how to brew coffee, but also apply: the drink is bottled only in the special coffee cups!

And a few more recipes and ways of preparing coffee Greek coffee from the gourmet

Coffee "in Greek" - the recipe of longevity

Ingredients (1 serving)

100 ml of water;

. 1 tsp melkomolotogo coffee (in the original variety "Robustas", it is desirable to take a freshly ground coffee);

sugar to taste.


1. Add water to Turk (preferably copper) and put on a small fire (fire slower than, the better the foam in the beverage), then add sugar and coffee (to avoid lumps stir the coffee and sugar in a small amount of hot water). Turku is better to take the high and narrow. High-quality foam in a Turk was due to uniform temperature distribution. Cook for a few minutes, wait until it starts to boil coffee, and foam begins this rise, it is possible a couple of times to raise the Turk over the fire, it will slow down the formation of foam.

Coffee can not bring to a boil, otherwise it will have to be poured down the sink.

2. It is best to spill into the cups to hold the finished coffee in Turku for about one minute. Then you can pour the drink into cups. If you cook several dishes at once - do not fill them all at once, first pour foam cups and then top up with coffee in them.

That it is important skin was soft, lush and thick. According to the rules - when filing Greek coffee must also file a glass of cold water with a few ice cubes.

Traditional Greek coffee

Water: 1 cup of coffee

Sugar (optional). If sweet coffee spoons 4, if semi-sweet coffee 1 teaspoon sugar

Coffee (preferably freshly grains - for fans thin mouthfeel) is a strong 3 teaspoons

Preparation: the main secrets

The Turk or Greek "Brick" (which in Greek -Small kofeynichek), pour the water and wait until it warms up well. There is no need, as before putting it in hot ashes or sand box. Today comes to the rescue stove gas or electric.

Turku is desirable that select a high, but not very wide. It is the ideal option would be a Turk with a Gradually narrowing throat. Then the temperature is distributed evenly, and get high-quality foam.

Thick Greek "clotted cream"

When the water is hot, you can add sugar and coffee and stir well. Heating up, the coffee will rise. And here's the secret, Which requires special attention. In good traditional Greek coffee must exist beautiful froth. Save it can be if in time to remove from the heat and Prevent the boiling process.

Having done such a "trick" once, it must be repeated several more. From this procedure protrudes coffee oil, forming the "color" of the air balls in the thick coffee foam. In this Greek coffee will always be clotted cream! (From the Greek Ident. Foam). This coffee drink is not it end, as is Necessarily thick precipitate on the bottom.

Adhering to the basic rules, you can cook it with the wonderful aroma of coffee, Which today is inhaled in a traditional Greek cafes. Of course, there is no need to translate all the subtleties of winemaking in daily use. Actually- but it is a very delicate process, Which can take up to half an hour of time!

But the taste and wonderful fragrance surpass all expectations! To some extent the small taste depend on the grain, Their degree of roasting and proportions Which May be Observed when the mixing of the coffee. After all, today it is just a huge choice!

But Remember That the correct choice will depend on the desired taste and delicate bouquet of fine flavor!

Coffee with cream foam, Greek


cold water, 1 cup of about 70 ml;

Brazilian ground coffee and teaspoon with the top;

sugar, a teaspoon without top.

In addition, you will need:

special spoon for coffee brewing, with a long handle;

Turk with a wide bottom and a narrow neck, copper;

hot sand or, in its absence, the gas burner;

1 cup cold water.

The process for the preparation of

In Turk pour cold water, and then fill the ground coffee and sugar. All mix thoroughly, lightly beat with a spoon. Put Turk with coffee or hot sand put on a gas burner with an average fire.

After a while, when the surface begins to fill with bubbles, ready to closely monitor how the foam is formed and rises, brimming with coffee cream.

It is important not to miss a moment of the formation of bubbles and foam appearance. After the foam rise for the first time, part of it quickly drain into the cup, and then again placed in the hot sand Turk or a gas burner; 1-2 seconds the foam will rise again, some of this foam in drain cup again. The third time, it's the same for the remaining coffee and pour it slowly into the cup.

Greek coffee with cream foam is ready!

Without this foam is no real Greek coffee. In this foam Obtaining the whole point, that's why it is called the cream or cream, the way it is. Coffee drink carefully with cold water, so near to a cup put a cup of cold water.

Greece in a coffee cup


80 ml of cold water

A teaspoon of finely ground coffee, sometimes use a mixture of two different grades,

white sugar to taste,

two ice cubes.

How to prepare the drink:

Turk copper pour into cold water, set on low heat. The slower the water is heated, the coffee will be tastier. At the time when the water warms need to add coffee and sugar. Some Of These ingredients are mixed until smooth and add to the Turk.

Greek coffee Sometimes sugar is added. Now the coffee you need to constantly interfere. Take care So THAT no lumps. For more slow heating raise the Turk over the fire 2-3 times. This will slow down the formation of foam. When the skin Becomes lush and high need Turk remove from heat.

Be careful if you bring to a boil, then drink will be spoiled, it will have to be poured down the sink. Before use, leave the coffee in Turku for one minute. Not at all, do not add milk to drink!

If you are preparing coffee for a few people and it spreads different cups, you must first pour foam, and only then pour the rest. Greek coffee is typically fed with a glass of water with ice. Now you can enjoy the wonderful taste of Greek coffee.

How to make Greek coffee

How to make Greek coffee

Greek Coffee !! episode 1