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Green tea for weight loss: what to choose for the result?

Green tea for weight loss: what to choose for the result?Nutritionists often include green tea in a letter of products used in the weight correction. This happens because the healing drink from the tea leaf that has the ability significantly accelerate metabolic processes. And the value and effectiveness of any weight loss diet is just based on the Possibility that Increase the metabolism.

Eating green tea before taking the main courses to be included in the diet, we can hope for tangible weight loss.

What is the use of diet on green tea

Diuretic action allows the beverage is remove waste and toxins toxic compound. We can not leave aside the question of the most valuable qualities of tea. It is extremely rich composition of minerals. These include: • iron; • zinc; • Selenium; • magnesium; • potassium. Fermentation sheet Enables visiting a tea antioxidant groups That Actively oppose the free radicals, in the cells, and do not allow the body is wear and aging quickly.

Nutritionists paid interested attention to green tea also because the beverage Creates a powerful choleretic effect. Accelerated clearance of the bile ducts of the liver cleanses, protects vessels from the formation of elevated cholesterol levels, Increases intestinal peristalsis, freeing it from toxins.

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Which tea is better to buy?

In order that green tea had a Significant effect on the body and help to lose weight, you need to learn how to rationally choose it. Not a whole range of teas, presented on the shelves of specialty departments, can be attributed to the medicinal category. It is not difficult.

What to look for

It should focus on the acquisition of leaf tea. That it makes it possible to get a drink rich in vitamins and trace elements. Y of sliced ​​raw tea dry properties there.

By making a purchase, you need to look carefully at the packaging. If it has holes where air enters, then this package is better to return back on the shelf. Green tea Loses properties when exposed to air.

Those manufacturers who value the buyer, usually we offer a special green tea in airtight containers.

Useful supplements for weight loss

Cinnamon and raisins. Add one serving tea leaf, a few grams of cinnamon and a pinch of raisins. The same recipe can be finely chopped apple.

It will complement the taste of the drink. Ginger. Green tea with ginger is also perfect for the diet.

Ginger root in powdered form, add in a drink. Especially great benefits you get in the cold season. Lemon. 1-2 slices of the fruit in tea mildly lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, add vitamin C dose, energy and give additional strength. Milk.

Judging by the reviews on forums, some women are able to lose up to five kilograms of weight by drinking 5-6 servings of green tea with milk for a week. Very useful is add dried herbs (mint, chamomile, jasmine), berries and fruit (raspberries, cranberries, currants, blackberries).

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Green tea for weight loss: what to choose for the result?
What You Should Know

That improve the body while dieting on green tea, to drink no need to put sugar, and you can add a spoonful or two of honey. THUS it is better to abandon the usual food. And in the main meals to eat fruits, vegetables and salads with the addition of vegetable oils.

When brewing undesirably steep boiling apply: fermented sheet suffers, lost its therapeutic properties.

In addition this tea at least one liter of clean water you need to drink during the day.

Do not drink before bedtime, as in the morning, you can get the swelling under the eyes. If the evening feel the thirst, the liquid can be replaced with fruit or vegetables. For example, apples, oranges, cucumbers, tomatoes.

When the green tea diet designed for weight loss, for six is ​​seven days you can lose up to five kilograms. This result is Considered to be a nutritionist a very good indicator of the effectiveness of the product.

Green tea is combined with the use of a wide variety of diets: kefir, Mediterranean, drinking, cheese, rice.

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss


Best Green Tea for Weight Loss