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HAIR – care. How to care for your hair? A comprehensive guide

HAIR - care. How to care for your hair? A comprehensive guideHAIR - care. How to care for your hair? A comprehensive guide
How do they look hair and Whether they are healthy Affects not only diet and health, but also adequate care. How to take care of every day to be beautiful and healthy? Learn the basic, universal Principles hair care.

The hair need to take care of every day. Repeating the cardinal sins results in the deterioration of Their appearance, and then the home treatments are no longer effective. How easily cherish his hair?

Bad hair day This determination, Which the American women use when the current condition and appearance of hair leave much to be desired. Not without reason - shiny, thick, strong and well-groomed hair is the pride and the pride of every woman, neglected and not only make it look worse, but worse in feel.

This is the condition of the hair depends on many factors - hormones, diet, health problems, weather conditions. Even normal healthy hair and scalp at some point in life begin a small superfat, become weakened, dry and even fall out. The Therefore, as in the case of skin, take some time to look at them carefully in the mirror it assess if he was time to change the toiletries - for help in Their selection, you can also ask the barber on the occasion of the next visit . But while small you need to change the cosmetics, it rules of hair care They are universal. For the health and appearance of hair worth to learn and use every day.

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Proper washing your hair - how to wash, then wash?

There are women who have wash your hair every day, and Those That can do it once every few days. In both cases, the procedure is correct, because the hair should be washed when they require it - look constantly, or scalp is oily. Use for washing shampoo selected to the scalp (it is a mistake to matching hair type). Shampoo is first and foremost, clean the skin, wash off the remnants of styling, and in the event of a problem (eg. dandruff) It help get rid of it.

Remember, all of the '' universal '' rules of hair care products suited for most people. Treat advice as a hint, not a necessity. Always keep in mind only Their needs and carefully observe your hair and body.

It is important for hair washing technique. Shampoo we try to wash the scalp only. Just fingertips Imposed on them with shampoo gently massaged it. The error That harms the hair, the whole hair shampooing, and by the way, jerking and rubbing them. Wet hair has tilted the scales, Which damages the strong friction. Then formed plica, Which then difficult to comb. This remove impurities from the hair, just the foam That forms when washing the skin. We collect it in his hands, and then move the entire length of the hair from the root tip is. Hair should be washed twice prewash loosens particles of dirt, wash thoroughly cleanse the skin essential. Water should be moderately heat - either cool or too warm can irritate the scalp and destroy the hair shaft, and also Stimulate the sebaceous glands.

How to choose and apply hair conditioner?

Conditioner to adjust the type and condition of the hair. Improve Their condition, moisturize, regenerate, but above all will close the husks parted when washing your hair will reflect light beautifully. We use it during each wash - we put on a damp but not wet hair in the direction from root is the tip, gently rubbing. With long hair, massage the conditioner just over 2/3 of length, because the higher the hair is strong. After a few minutes, the rinse it thoroughly. It's very important, because the remnants of cosmetics, Which will be on the hair, spoil, can charge the hair and irritate the scalp, Which will be itching and flaking.

The heat damages hair - styling hot

For most women, hair straightener and are indispensable elements of daily care. However, it is worth applying them to follow Certain rules and do not overheat hair - otherwise degrade, and will be dull desiccated. Hair hold at least 20 cm from the head, and dried starting from the lowest temperature. To dry your hair safely and Effectively, the dryer must not keep for a long time in one place. Dry hair is best parties, one after the other, starting with Those That are on the bottom and drying in the direction of growth, starting from the base.

For healthier hair is natural drying. If you do not have to leave home, leave the hair to dry. Just remember to drain water from well before them and do not wear a towel on his head.

HAIR - care. How to care for your hair? A comprehensive guideIf your hair is long, Their condition leaves much to be desired styling or treatment will take time due to the planned effect, it is worth before drying the damp and combed hair apply cosmetics termoochronny That will protect them from thermal damage. They usually we have a little refresher properties, because after Their application no longer need to apply foam or varnish. If the dryer has the option to adjust the temperature at the end of the drying it is worthwhile to set coolest supply to shut the flow of cold air hair cuticles. If you use a curling iron or a straightening, prior to use hair must be dry (not burned in contact with the hot metal). Modeled band worth spray cosmetic termoochronnym. And straightener and curling iron, move the hair from the root toward the tip (maximum two per stall modeled strand).

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Masks - nourishment for hair

Conditioner for hair is what skin makeup - beautifies and Improves Their condition temporarily. The mask is something more: penetrates deep into the hair, and sometimes even into the hair follicle, providing there Necessary ingredients for proper Functioning. So you should use them if the hair when something annoys. But not every day (recommended twice a week) and always in Accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Some masks are applied after washing for half an hour, the other - before washing, holding for several hours.

How to care for your hair in the winter?

Cool months of the year are not conducive a hair - frost, tight-fitting hats and heated indoor air przesuszają them, Which can electrify, are weaker, have no gloss and faster scalp oiliness. To avoid These problems, the cap should be made of fabric and be loose enough so as not to adhere to the head. Long hair should tie a rubber band - then it will electrify and do not lose shape hairstyle.

Recessing ends - centimeter makes a difference

Nothing unsightly hair, as split ends, especially in the case of long hair. The only way to improve Their appearance is undercut ends. Forked hair will destroy more and more, sometimes reminding of hay. It's a myth That undercutting the ends of the hair growth accelerates, it is true, it too That Improves Their appearance, also makes them look better (hair then do not break, nor crumbling from the end).

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Ways to home hair care

Twice a week nutrients can support home care. If the hair Becomes weak start to fall, it is rubbed into the scalp castor oil, juice of black velcro or pulp of finely chopped onion, and after two or three hours wash your hair as usual. Desiccated, too electrifying hair it is also possible with oil, i.e. not rubbed into the oil, both Products (dry as olive oil or sunflower oil) and cosmetics (eg. coconut, argan oil, avocado) or premixed available in hair salons. The hair must be moistened with water, and then applied to the oil not (May be blended with conditioner in a ratio of 1: 3) for half an hour before washing. Then we wash your hair as usual.

Basic Haircare Guide for Growing Healthy, Strong, Beautiful Hair (with scientific citations)