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HAIR CARE: how to regenerate hair in the winter?

HAIR CARE: how to regenerate hair in the winter?HAIR CARE: how to regenerate hair in the winter?

After the frosts of winter, frequent temperature changes, our hair needs a strong recovery. Hair Care after winter must be intensive and depends on the issue That in the face. Fortunately, there are many ways this is the hair to regain its vitality.

They weaken the hair in winter, and a large part of Their falls. In the spring you should take care not only about the condition of hair, but also about adequate oxygenation and hydration of the scalp.

Hair do not like winter, Of ​​That there is no doubt. Wearing hats, frost, wind and air conditioning make hair become brittle, lose Their luster and elasticity. Many of us are also struggling with the issue greasy hair. The Therefore, with the first rays of spring sun should think about our hair is restored to life. With the help they come to our beauty products That improve the condition of hair, Liquidate defects in its structure and improve the condition of the scalp.

Thanks to the essential amino acids. keratin and thermal oligoelements, Composed of regenerating preparations, Gradually we can regenerate damaged parts of the hair. Regenerating treatments make hair regain fitness, flexibility and gloss as well as resistance is mechanical damage. Proper hydration is important, because even oily hair are dried after the winter.

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Problems hair after winter


Split ends

One of the most common problems faced by our hair after the winter, are split ends. Pressed a scarf or pulled by the wind they have no chance it survive until spring in perfect condition. Various mechanical injuries Damage Caused That was the intercellular bond connecting the scales of the hair. To this scales are longer adhere perfectly each other, Resulting in lost hair smoothness, Became erratic and doubled up. This remedy this, each wash use shampoos dry and damaged, and later the same Apply conditioner - or leaving it flush on his head.

  • Once or twice a week Treat hair intensive care. After washing and drying with a towel, apply a mask regenerating. Cosmetic rub the entire length of hair, and most carefully in the damaged areas. After a few minutes rinse with warm water.

Warning: If, despite intensive care, hair condition is not Improving, best to go to the hairdresser, Which will shorten the hair. That the hair grows back will be strong and full of light.

Greasy hair

Dermatologists bridge is of the opinion That the hair should be washed as needed, or when they are constantly. If this happens every two or three days, you can use shampoos oily hair a. If you require daily cleaning mop, definitely better suited to a mild shampoo with a neutral pH bought at the pharmacy. Oily scalp always requires very careful care, because fat is excess conducive to the emergence of dandruff. Remember, however, that despite intensive sebum hair ends can be very desiccated - hair superfat Their only at the base, the remainder is usually we dry and brittle. Their appearance reflects a winter diet, usually we more deficient in vitamins and minerals.

The cause of oily hair is also wearing a winter cap. Under the cap scalp overheating and sebaceous glands are working very hard, so fast superfat hair and static electricity. Not so rezygnujmy of nutrients, but remember to choose Those designed for oily hair and rub them just the tip without touching the scalp. We can also use a spray supplements, Which are less burdensome for the hair.

  • That improve the condition of the scalp can be used decoctions spirits of birch or nettle (can be used to change), Which are available in herbal stores. Before washing the head with a cotton swab into the scalp rub a small amount of broth and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

warningIf, despite all our efforts do not reduce sebum (wash hair in the morning and the evening are already constantly), be sure to go to a Dermatologist because it could be the beginning seborrheic dermatitis.

HAIR CARE: how to regenerate hair in the winter?recommend

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hair types

hair loss

Every day we lose dozens of hair and it is quite normal. Winter and spring loss typically worsens. Although frost is not a direct threat to the hair, it is not indifferent to the scalp. The cold sebaceous glands work more slowly, so the hair is deprived of the protective film sebum - more dry, brittle, prone is a failure. May unduly weaken and fall out, because it narrows blood vessels and into the hair follicle reaches less nutrients. Then the best use of cosmetics and hair Strengthening Their roots. In pharmacies and drugstores get shampoos, tonics, ampoules and dry fortifiers action. It should be a winter diets usually we That is deficient in vitamins and minerals.

warningIf you notice that the brush or comb after each remain combing long strands of hair or hair loss extended period, be sure to go to a Dermatologist - May it be a sign of poor Functioning of the endocrine system, or problems with thyroid.

Desiccated and electrifying hair

When dry hair They rub against each other, at Their ends generated electric charges. Because the same charges repel, the hair begin a swagger. When they get closer to the subject of opposite charge, for example. Comb, and they shoot Immediately adjacent to it.

Such hair you need to treat solid moisturizing treatment in the form of conditioner after washing and mask once a week. You can also buy in a drugstore Spray for use after drying hair, and a unique position in this discipline them, touching very lightly buttered hands, hair conditioner. Remember That electrified hair more if you touch the clothes of artificial fabrics.

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