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hair coloring method with coffee

hair coloring method with coffee

Coloring hair with natural methods, and today remains a very popular pastime. Firstly, natural ingredients do not harm the hair or the environment. Secondly, they do not just let you add interesting color and shade of hair, but can also improve and Strengthen the hair.

For a long time, to the rapid development of the chemical industry, the hair is dyed only with the help of folk remedies. One tool you always dry coffee. Today, this product can also be used for hair coloring.

It has two important benefits: safe for the hair and is much cheaper than traditional paint.

That hair, dyed coffee, looked good, enough to carry out dyeing procedure at least once a week. Very good, the method of hair coloring will help to make a richer natural shades of brown and red. Coffee will help in painting the gray hair.

Blonde with coffee should be cautious, but, at the proper dosage of coffee will help the ensure the darker shades.

Hair coloring with the help of coffee. Recipes homemade paints.

Option coffee colors №1.

To make this version of the paint, you need a cup of black coffee. It should be put in the fridge to drink properly chilled. Now, mix two cups of leave-in conditioner and two tablespoons of ground coffee, add cold brewed coffee.

The mixture was mixed thoroughly with a spoon.

Apply paint to the head massage. The hair must be dry. Hold the paint on the hair for an hour.

Remember That the longer will be the paint on the hair, the darker the shade will turn out in the end. Wash off with warm water and coffee. To wash hair.

Option coffee colors №2.

Hair coloring of coffee - it's not just the application of the coffee powder to the hair. There is also important professional approach. In order prepare is this version of the paint, it is Necessary to take half a cup of the unit and add a tablespoon of instant coffee. Mix well to completely dissolve the coffee.

Infuse for five minutes, and applied to the hair. The paint must be carefully applied to the hair. Try to keep it from falling on the scalp or face.

Hair paint package wrap, wrap a towel. Leave the paint on 15-35 minutes, then rinse hair with warm water. Wipe dry with a towel.

Option coffee colors №3.

For the preparation of this paint is Necessary to use organic coffee. Boil it in a pot, to be darker than coffee color, the darker the shade of colored hair on the result. Good hair wash, and then drop into a pot of cold coffee. Drizzle with hair a few dozen times.

You must make sure That all the hair was thoroughly doused. With a comb to distribute the paint over the hair. Roll up your hair with a towel and wait about half an hour.

By the way, coffee is also possible that prepare an effective face mask.

That it is Necessary to know when hair coloring paints on the basis of coffee:

• If the first attempt failed to Achieve the desired result, it is recommended to repeat the painting process;

• For blonde hair coffee should be used very carefully. Because there is a good chance to get a very dark tone heterogeneous;

• Before a full color head to check the skin's reaction is this ingredient. It's enough to put a bit of the Resulting paint on the skin of the hand, wash off after a few minutes. If there is no redness and irritation, it's OK, you can continue the process of hair coloring;

• If you do not like the smell of coffee, the hair can also be painted black tea perfectly.

Hair coloring coffee, some tricks:

1. Each shampooing hair dye on the basis of the coffee will be washed off. The hair will need to touch up every week;

2. The color will be richer and the hold will be greater, the more often you will paint the hair dye based on coffee;

3. Coffee and give hair Certain smell. If it is confusing to get rid of the smell, it is Necessary to wash your hair three times;

4. A color That Can Be Obtained by the hair coloring of coffee depends on your hair color. For example, brown hair will be much darker and richer. The hair will become darker, the more often you will paint them;

hair coloring method using coffee: Are there Disadvantages?

This method of staining, in principle, all good. There is only one small difficulty that you 'encounter: the Resulting shade can simply not be suitable for your hair color.

Coffee does not cause any damage to the hair completely. In general, in the hair color of coffee, there are some advantages With solid. And in order understand it Whether you like the Resulting color, enough to try to paint the hair in such a way at least once.

Coffee can benefit not only the hair, but also the body. For more on this you can read in our article about the coffee massage.

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