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Hair coloring step by step

Hair coloring step by stepHair coloring step by step
Do you want to change your look? She dyes her hair. You do not have to radically alter the tone right away - just a few tones przyciemnisz or brighten them. We advise how to perform the procedure hair dye, to the effect you successful.

Hair dyeing you can perform in a hair salon or yourself - at home. Before you decide, read our tutorial on how to dye hair step by step.

Hair Coloring - what product to use

Searching coloring agents unstable, semi-permanent and permanent. In this first slogan conceals preparations falling on the surface of the hair, leaving them only a very delicate reflections. Color washes out after 6-8 washes. The second group includes preparations Which penetrate near the surface of the hair. The effect is more pronounced, but only lasts about seven weeks. If you depend on a durable effect, buy hair dye, Which operates in the middle of the hair. Ammonia (or safer for hair, but slightly less effective monoethanolamine) opens her large scales forming a protective coating, and THUS Enables enters the inside of the oxidant and based dye. When the base is Oxidized, there is the pigment That gives hair color.

Hair Coloring - choose color

You have to match it to your skin, eye color, eyebrows, and is his personality. This is how you will feel it, you can evaluate, applying it to the face colored streaks of pallets delivered by the manufacturers of coloring. When choosing paint, be sure to check that what hair color is the intended output. Usually it is hard to say Whether we are on the head of dark blond or light brown can. The Therefore, at the earliest opportunity podpytaj your hairdresser about it or again use the probes taught at the drugstore. Remember to use a sampler Belonging to the paint you intend to use.

Purpose of hair dye: dimming

During this procedure, you need to evenly apply the preparation on the entire length of hair, because otherwise arise ugly dark spots. If the dark color you want to dye your hair previously lightened, first, apply paint to the middle and ends, and leave at the end of suckers.
Isolated can only slightly dimmed hairstyle. If the blond hair dye you are going on a very dark color, select a better haircut. In home conditions Imposed on the brown light blonde can gain a greenish tint and mahogany become very bright.

Or pigmentation ...

Remember That require special treatment White hair. They are resistant coloring it, so if you have a lot of them, you must also use the services of a professional. It probably will carry out the treatment of pigmentation. First carry by itself - no hydrogen peroxide - and after a few minutes impose a mixture of water and an oxidant. A good way to the gray preparations restoring the original color. At the head is applied a cream containing a synthetic precursor of melanin produced. When it penetrates the cortex of the hair under the influence of oxygen in the air begins to process the dye. The effect is visible after a few days and, if Necessary, the application can be repeated. Preparation should not be applied is dyed hair, because it can unpredictably change the color, but after surgery can be freely hair dye.

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Hair coloring step by step

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