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Hair loss – what are the Causes of the poor condition of the hair?

Hair loss - what are the Causes of the poor condition of the hair?Hair loss - what are the Causes of the poor condition of the hair?

Condition your hair says a lot about your health and excessive hair loss small indicate disease. Every day you lose about 100 hairs and it is quite normal. In place of the one who fell, another grows. However, if losses are greater, it is worth checking what can be cause of hair loss.

Excessive hair loss It is usually we Caused by hormonal disorders. Loss of hormonal It Affects men 40-50. years of age, women menopause, childbirth or discontinuation of Oral Contraceptives. The essence of hormonal hair loss is fast decrease in the hair follicle, combined with shortening growth phase. To the influence androgens, hormones, Which include testosterone. When the balance is upset testosterone production, is a convert to the active molecule (DHT) relentlessly destroying hair follicles. In women stems from overproduction of androgens ovarian diseases, adrenal or expiration of Their activity during menopause.

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Thyroid diseases Affect Hair Loss

Both overactive thyroid, and hypothyroidism Affect the appearance of hair.

  • With hypothyroidism, they are thin, dry and tight thinning.
  • When hyperthyroidism Appears so. alopecia areata or generalized.

Diseases Damaging the hair should also be Graves' disease. When you develop, the thyroid gland is stimulated it produce specific immunoglobulins, Which greatly speeds up the metabolic processes, and the Therefore also the aging of the hair. Just take the basic disease specialist treatment will improve the condition of hair. During treatment, do not use rubber bands or hair clips strengths. Use a brush and comb the hair, because it is softer than plastic or metal.

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specialist in dermatology, Piotr Szlęzak

Unfavorable processes occurring in the body of both men and women can make the collagen sheath around hair root is fibrosis. Oppressed root is nourished less and less attached to the scalp. Produced by his hair it gets thinner, falls out, and after some time ceases to grow back. Begins the process of baldness. That Prevent this, you need to work twice: fix the root of the hair in the scalp and Stimulate its reconstruction, providing nutrients.

Vitamin deficiency Causes of hair loss

Malnutrition, in Particular protein deficiency, amino acids and iron deficiency and zinc, can cause hair loss over the entire surface of the head. This is called. diffuse alopecia. They do not suffer from most people making a sharp weight loss cures That limit daily calories intake is 700-1000. Dangerous for the hair are also known. Diet-component (monodiety), eg. low protein, meat-like. deficiency of iron and zinc, but is the cause of hair loss is not Necessarily Appear in the form of anemia.

Hair loss - what are the Causes of the poor condition of the hair?

  • Do not use without consulting your doctor miraculous weight loss diets. If you want to lose some weight, limit eating sweets, eat a lot of vegetables, calisthenics, gymnastics, come on walks, etc. From early spring accept multivitamin That equalize deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.

Poisoning can cause baldness

It Applies to persons who are dealing with chemicals. Alopecia revealed poisoning, for example. Thallium ( 's trutce rat), arsenic, mercury, bismuth, boric acid and gold (rheumatism drops). Symptoms do not Occur suddenly, it is often just a general malaise. After approx. 2 weeks all the hair fall out, grow back after approx. 6-8 weeks.

  • Working with chemicals, use of protective masks and follow health and safety regulations. At home the chemicals that you 'use in the garden or DIY, keep in closed cabinets are inaccessible children. If you suspect poisoning, Immediately go to the hospital. The Earlier you will be given an antidote, the poison will do less damage.


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Stress Contribute and psyche is hair loss

Stress Situations enhance secretion prolactin, Which Causes excessive hair loss. Their small weakness also be the result of uncontrolled nervous scratching his head, usually we Which has a psychological basis.

  • Learn to relax, come for walking, calisthenics, gymnastics or subscribe is relaxing activities, for example. Yoga. If it begins daily stress overwhelm you, look for specialist help. Do not be shy, go to the psychotherapist. You can also take herbal preparations sedative (lemon balm, valerian, chamomile).

Errors in care cause hair loss

In most healthy people over the age of 25 hair Becomes thinner, more of them than we lose grows new ones. Hair to fall harder when they are not properly cared for - dried sun, wind and sea water. Adversely Affect Their health is also reflected treatments interfering with the structure of the hair - coloring, perm. If it did not Strengthen them, using carefully selected cosmetics, head of hair starts is thin.

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