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Hair mask with coffee and brandy: reviews and homemade recipes

Hair mask with coffee and brandy: reviews and homemade recipesHair mask with coffee and brandy Refers to the recent Invention, the fair half of mankind. This Means resorted to after long unsuccessful search for a Suitable product in stores. Despite the short period of existence, this way of grooming has proved its effectiveness.

Benefits of cognac with coffee mask for hair

Raising the question of the use of this product, it should be noted That it has a complex effect on the hair follicles. Effectively while also recovering Their structure. besides:

Actively grow new hair, because brandy warms the skin and Increases the blood flow.

Hair stronger, and reduced hair loss.

Nutrients are in a coffee Contribute improvement of the hair throughout the structure.

Because of the effect of dry composition, Becomes the hair shiny and get a nice dark shade.

The recipe for dry and damaged hair

Half cup olive oil slightly warmed in a water bath. It is this oil you added three Art. Stirred coffee spoon and a Obtain a homogeneous mixture. The Resulting mass is divided into two parts. They applied to the skin and roots, and the other on the hair. In the mixture, Which is the intended for skin, 10 grams of cognac.

Hair wrapped in plastic wrap and wrap a towel. An hour later, all carefully rinsed.

It must prepare the masks take the grain ground coffee.

Mask with coffee, brandy and egg

It is a Suitable owners of all types of hair. After withdrawal dry hair will be healthy, thick and shiny. 10 g of coffee is poured and 20 g of boiling water zaparivayut three minutes. Then 15 g of brandy is poured and triturated two yolk. At the end is poured a teaspoon of castor oil.

The entire mixture is thoroughly Stirred and uniformly applied on the hair. Wash tool 30 minutes.

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The recipe for hair loss

This remedy is rich in vitamins and has a nourishing effect. It is not difficult to prepare at home. After the treatment the hair cease to crumble and grow well.

15 grams of cognac mixed with 30 g of honey and 15 grams of coffee brewed. The Resulting mixture is distributed evenly on the head. Wrap your hair with cling film and a towel.

Wash off all 30 minutes.

For hair growth with honey and table salt

It prepare 10 grams of cognac mixed with 20 g of liquid honey. To the mixture was added two teaspoons of salt, and 20g of coffee. Everything again thoroughly mixed and set aside in the refrigerator.

There must be a Means to settle 14 days, only then it can be used. This mask is applied to the roots first, and then distributed to the rest of the hair. The head is wrapped up warm towel and wash off all possible in 30 minutes.

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Brandy mask at night

Very simple recipe that does not require a lot of time. Take a small amount of the ridge (2-3 teaspoons) and rub into the roots of the hair before going to bed. You can go to bed rest until the morning.

In the morning you need to wash your hair in a familiar way. If you feel any discomfort, then the head will have to wash off before. This method is suitable for the care of greasy hair.

For dry, you can add a teaspoon of olive oil and egg yolk.

Features of the application

Any coffee mask is advised to use no more than one or two times a week. It must be applied before washing the head and hold for 30 to 60 minutes. The only exceptions are Those Which funds are Prescribed in the recipe the other Recommendations.

Masks, having in its composition of coffee designed for brunettes. The Thing Is That The ground coffee has a strong coloring effect. On dark hair is seen the emergence of spicy coffee hues and mirrors.

But, blond hair it can have very unpredictable effects: they can buy a dirty shade can darken, etc. The Therefore, blondes, if they do not want to change its color, it is better to opt for masks That without the coffee ...

Reviews of cognac and coffee mask

As practice shows, These two ingredients are ideal for hair care. Both product Effectively strengthens the hair, and in tandem they double Their strength. Hair does not only become effective and healthy glow, they grow well, and hair loss is minimized.

The result of dry treatment significantly over a short period of time, and it really is amazing.

Photos before and after the application of brandy and coffee maskiMnogochislennye positive feedback from women's forums effectiveness of dry masks fully confirm the Internet. With great delight users of all ages celebrate coffee with honey mask. She has helped restore mana even running and the problem of falling hair. Significant Disadvantages in this tool virtually none. The only inconvenience - it "fluidity" of the mask and the need for thorough rinsing at the end of the procedure.

But, for the sake of beauty, say many women are willing to suffer the inconvenience. After all, the coffee with brandy hair gives a stunning result.

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