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Hair removal cream – how to apply? Is hair removal cream is safe?

Hair removal cream - how to apply? Is hair removal cream is safe?Hair removal cream - how to apply? Is hair removal cream is safe?

depilatory creams They are safe and effective. Their use does not require any skill or threatening complications. What you should know about hair removal creams for the skin?

Hair removal cream is safe for skin and health, so they can use it, even pregnant women

Although the season depilation Continues throughout the year, the depilatory creams We reach for most often in the summer, when it comes time to reveal the body. Unlike other methods of removing unwanted hair Their use is not associated with the risk of skin damage (as happens in the case of leg shaving razor), it is painless, fast and with few exceptions available to everyone. You should know how to operate as dry creams and choose the best.

What's included and how the hair removal cream?

The composition of depilatory creams substances dissolving hair keratin, e.g.,. Thioglycolic Acid (Thioglycolic Acid). This strong component when applied to the skin penetrates the Italian and Dissolved located in the base keratin bridges. It works only on the surface: its molecules are large enough That they do not penetrate the skin and reach the hair follicles. The Therefore, after a few days of hair removal Italian start to grow back.

Since the active substances dissolve the hair shaft are strong enough to minimize the risk of irritation, creams are also added moisturizing and soothing ingredients: glycerine, aloe extract, chamomile, urea, Whether liquid paraffin. The disadvantage of depilatory creams is quite unpleasant smell. It minimize it, some creams also have the addition of fragrances.

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Types of hair removal creams

Italian at various points of the body have different thickness and the skin - sensitivity. Manufacturers have taken this into account, because depilatory creams You can be distinguished both by skin type, and According to the destination. The stores are available for hair removal creams with normal skin, dry and sensitive, and it also facial hair removal, armpits, hands and bikini (Or simply it remove hair from sensitive sites).

This is what distinguishes them is Primarily a slightly different contents of active ingredients That dissolve keratin - the creams sensitive skin depilatories and sensitive areas they are less than for normal skin Those depilatory products. Another is also the content of additives. In cosmetics for depilatories dry skin It is more moisturizing ingredients (eg. Urea) in the skin sensitive or delicate body parts - more soothing substances and to avoid possible irritation, dry as Aloe Vera.

How to use hair removal cream?

Hair Removal Cream It is not difficult, and the owner is always on the packaging.

Hair removal cream - how to apply? Is hair removal cream is safe?

  1. A portion of the preparation you need to apply a thick layer on the skin (do not rub) and leave for the time recommended by the manufacturer. Depending on the cream is from 4 up to 10 minutes (but do not hold the cream for longer than fifteen minutes).
  2. When this time expires, the cream along with the need to collect hairs from the skin using the spatula. It does not matter if we do it "with the hair" or "against the grain" because both methods are equally effective.
  3. Then depilated skin need to wash with lukewarm water without the addition of soap and apply moisturizer after hair removal, hair regrowth delay, or a regular moisturizing lotion.


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Contraindications for hair removal cream

depilatory creams are safe for pregnant women, as well as for allergy Sufferers - In These cases, however, before the first Test Performed using strictly allergic, due to the fact That depilatory creams can irritate the skin. You have to remember her well, if the skin is very sensitive.

  • A small amount of cosmetic applied on the skin around the wrist - after 48 hours everything will be clear. If after That time will not Occur any allergic reaction or irritation, cream can be applied without fear, if you get a rash or irritation is a sign That the product is not suitable.

When applying the cream on the skin should steer clear of These places, Which are sores or cuts. Cream melted scab, and underneath it and forming new tissue can irritate (which revealed a strong burning and redness). Epilation intimate surroundings you have to remember not to accidentally put the cream on the mucous membrane - is allowed only external parts bikini hair removal.

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