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Hair removal sugar paste. Advantages and Disadvantages of Sugaring hair removal

Hair removal sugar paste. Advantages and Disadvantages of Sugaring hair removalHair removal sugar paste. Advantages and Disadvantages of Sugaring hair removal

Sugar paste for hair removal It was used in the Middle East for centuries. We also, this method of hair removal is becoming the most amazing crowd of supporters. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sugaring hair removal? How to carry out depilation sugar paste at home?

Advantages and Disadvantages of hair removal sugar paste. Removal of cold and hot

sugar paste used for centuries by Arab women, a Which depilation used the caramel (melted sugar). In the Middle East paste for hair removal it is called halaweh. Today used a special mass That contains sugar except lemon juice and blend of herbs mitigation, although some of us prefer to own sugar paste done at home. Depilation sugar paste It provides peace of mind for 2-3 weeks and is an ideal method of hair removal for Allergy Sufferers and people struggling with the problem of varicose veins, bursting blood vessels.

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The Advantages of Sugaring hair removal

sugar paste does not stick to the skin, and only glued Italian, Which already reduces pain (does not irritate the skin). Cold paste also excludes burns or skin irritation. Depilation sugar paste You can be Carried out, even if the Italian are very short (they have 1-2 millimeters). This allows you remove them so that on a regular basis, without waiting until it grows back. The remnants of paste is washed off with warm water, without rubbing the skin. This method of hair removal also requires the use of chemical needed to clean the skin, for example. Synthetic wax depilatories.

Irritation after depilation sugar paste is negligible, usually we longer they disappear on the same day. Using this form of hair removal you can quickly see how weak and bright hair grow back. Epilation regularly can completely get rid of the hair in some areas of the body. The first depilation is best done in a beauty salon. For Those niewprawionych depilation paste can be troublesome Primarily due to the calculation of the proportion and the skillful application of the paste on the skin.

Sugaring hair removal methods

Sugaring hair removal in the cold. It apply this method of hair removal tear off a piece of foil with a paste (the paste is ready if the product Purchased in the store) or download a little paste with domestic resources (pot, bowl). Deposited excess paste on the paper, and a small amount of crushed in his hands as plasticine. The paste should be knead until it starts to stick in her hands - should then have a golden color. If the paste is too hard, we can put for a while in a warm water bath.

The kneaded paste should be extended on a portion of the skin forms is approx. 3-4 cm layer. After laying the paste should be vigorously Immediately tear. Detached paste can be re-crushed in his hands and put them on another piece of skin, it is very efficient. these ball Sugaring You can wydepilować entire calf. Instead pluck paste hands we can use this strip of material - paste sticks to the canvas and go away from the skin evenly.

Sugaring hair removal in the cold is a safe method for people suffering from varicose veins and breaking blood vessels, allergic reactions and irritation.

Hair removal sugar paste. Advantages and Disadvantages of Sugaring hair removalHair removal sugar paste for heat. Depilation should start by placing a bowl of paste in a hot water bath. As long as the paste will dissolve, prepare yourself thin strips of material that you 'will need to tear paste. When the paste is completely Dissolved make sure it is not too hot, and then fool the small amount of a wooden or plastic spatula. Spread the paste on the selected portion of the body. Top lubricate paste small areas of the body, just drag the spatula is paste the form of a small rectangle. Then stick a strip of cloth, gently press your fingers, break energetic movement. Other remnants of paste you can also remove the strip of material by pushing it gently.

sugar paste available in shops usually we are placed in a special applicator in the form of a roll. Such applicator along with Storage also heated in a water bath, but then it is easier to distribute the paste. Just cross roller after the selected portion of the body, Including during the paste itself is released from the container and do not have to dirty your hands sticky goo.


How to Prevent ingrown hairs after hair removal?

Depilated, because you want to have smooth body. Unfortunately, often already Immediately after hair removal there are problems - pimples, inflammation ...


How to prepare your skin for hair removal sugar paste?

The day before the scheduled epilation make accurate peeling. You can do sugar scrub, salt scrub, scrub enzyme - is important as perform massage and scrub, rub in a circular motion preparation. With the peeling remove the dead skin That will not sugar paste from adhering. Italian also pick up and stretch Those rooted in the skin. At night, use a moisturizing mask. Just before epilation degrease the skin or talcum powder. This simple procedure will make the pasta will stick to the skin better.

How to nurture your skin after hair removal sugar paste?

after depilation irritations arise. It quickly get rid of them, wipe the skin with lemon juice, gentle tonic (no alcohol) or rosewater. Depilated place you can lubricate delicate olive after depilation, Which will relieve pain and soothe reddened skin, and also adds its splendor. Remember it regularly scrub. Only regular wear skin will help Prevent ingrown hairs after epilation.

Disadvantages of epilation Sugaring

  • Depilation sugar paste The method is not perfect and like any hair removal method has its drawbacks. Sugar paste is sometimes unbearable, and the preparation of its problematic - you need to know a good recipe and appropriately selected proportions, and this requires a real skill. Before you learn how to mix the ingredients in the right proportions several small portions of paste end up in the trash.
  • Depilation paste is very effective in bikini mustache on his face, armpit hair removal. While the depilated calves and forearms paste May be too time consuming and too painful. In addition, the hair (Well That they can stick to the paste) should have at least a centimeter in length, and let down the hair on your legs or underarms is not the most comfortable.
  • One of defects in hair removal sugar paste It is also brightening the skin. Lemon juice can brighten skin tone Visibly, Which often is not desirable in the summer. Sugar paste can also burn. Bad idea bottling paste on the skin. Best to check its temperature by performing the test, Which is imposing its small amount to clean skin.

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