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HAIR update

HAIR updateHAIR update

Description of care and effects
My Hair Care still looks like for several months. They change a little cosmetics that I use for hair care. And still bravely impose oil on your hair and try to be in this systematic. The hair has hardly changed, I still have in my opinion very well. Visible most amazing for my hair re-growth and already look ridiculous in comparison to the bright highlights ends (residue after last year's Ombre). So far, I'm not going to do anything with the color of hair, I wonder just over hair color with the natural alignment.
However, the decision to leave next spring. And so now it does not make sense, practically czapkowy season has already started and now easily hide hair color.
Recently, very often I go in the queue, I'm in the back and somehow easier for me to tame my hair. However, I am looking for another hairstyle for a night - if you suggest something besides Dissolved braid and the Snowman? None of these styles to the end of the night is not conducive to me, although as yet braid does best

Top of his head practically all my color

HAIR update

Last month and today - Comparing lengths

Cosmetics have been using this month

  • Hair oil Agafii ,, Strengthening. "- Frankly already bored me hard this oil, stubbornly fighting to wear it to the end. Action is good, but the smell of oil in the long run it gets tired. Review here
  • Herbal Care Shampoo Łopianowy - another anti-dandruff shampoo, Which consumes a shame because discarded. It is mediocre, but its advantage is trouble-free wash oil. Bottle it likes to pranks and shampoo almost always poured in too large Quantities.
  • Serum Goodbay Damage from Garnier -Powolutku ends, still cares just as well for my hair tips
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo Classic - Sorry again quickly struck bottom in the queue waiting for a new dry shampoos. Is someone wants to compare 3 different dry shampoos ?
  • Isana Professional hair conditioner Curls- Pure Conditioner is very cool, but can not compete with the Oil Care of the same series

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