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How does the Russian tea party?

How does the Russian tea party?Tea - this is one of the most unique types of drink That can even compete with the coffee in its diversity. In addition, the tea drinking not only in Asia, According to many people, but also in Russia, this is evidenced by the history, as well as the rest of the compulsory subjects of tea drinking, Including the main tool for preparing a beverage - a samovar.

But, let's take a closer look at exactly how the process of tea in Those days.

A brief history

Of course, the tea time appearance in Russia is not Precisely known, as many sources claim That tea has delivered it was Peter I, though, if you dig a little deeper, it Becomes aware of the fact That about tea known as early as 1567 , long before the birth of such a well-known person. THUS, the Cossack chieftains, who returned this Chinese territory, described his fellow Russian traditional drink strange, unknown previously.

Incidentally, during the reign of Catherine II, Russian Began to use tea in large Quantities, which was unusual before. However, the Tea Party still do not overtake on popularity primordially Russian beverages as dry mead, fruit drink.

How does the Russian tea party?
Samovar is a unique vessel, which was used for making tea. And not only in Russia but also in other countries, Including Iran, Japan, China, Archaeologists have discovered traces of a samovar, even in ancient Rome! However, in the case of Russia, Peter I (which was mentioned just above) brought a samovar from Holland, after the vessel Which Began produce it in our country.

If you also want to Maintain this tradition and history, then we strongly recommend you to visit this site, because here you can buy high quality samovar, Which will give you the opportunity to enjoy a delicious tea. But, do not forget to invite your friends together to experience its part in the pursuit of our culture, though on a historical level, Encouraged by the fact That samovars are acceptable amount of money, and in return you get a device That fits perfectly into the interior of the house or apartment.

It should be noted That Those days in the time samovar also performs not only a practical issue, but also a demonstration: This device gave a special kind, art. Also, with the development of humanity, of all the new ways to use the samovar, for example, initially, they warmed themselves by using coal, wood, then came the era of kerosene copies, and even later - electrical devices.


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