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How many times a day you can drink coffee without harm to the body

How many times a day you can drink coffee without harm to the bodyCoffee Coffee! Oh # 8230; How nice to begin the arduous working day with a cup of strong, hot coffee. Then you can skip 3-4 cups at work, get a colleague of coffee, and of course a cup of inspiration!


What is caffeine poisoning

Paracelsus said more to himself: # 171; All the world - is a poison and a medicine. Only the dose determines both # 187;. These words characterize well the effect of coffee on our body, because if you drink coffee in moderation, then take out the large mass of useful substances, but if overused will earn health problems.

Excessive consumption of the drink caffeine can cause poisoning.

Symptoms of poisoning coffee

It is Characterized by the Following symptoms:


great nervousness


panic attacks


hand shake

To avoid negative Consequences, the coffee beverage is better not to use for people who have diseases of the cardiovascular system. Since the caffeine in coffee can be a powerful stimulant That Can Increase blood pressure, significantly enhance the blood circulation and Increase the load on the heart. If you have too excitable nervous system, you also better to avoid drinking coffee, however, as well as people with an ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, and diabetes.

If there are problems with the kidneys, is also cautiously Referred to-drink coffee. We must also remember That coffee is a diuretic.

How many times a day you can drink coffee

A safe dose is not dependent on the amount of alcohol consumed and the amount of caffeine contained in coffee. After all, others prefer to drink strong espresso, but someone more to Their liking Diluted US. Specialists safe dose is calculated from the Fact That at one time in our body should not be exposed is more than 200 milligrams of caffeine. For reference. A cup (30 mL) of the espresso, which was prepared in a professional coffee machine contains about 40-70 mg of caffeine.

A coffee cup (200 ml) was prepared in Turk comprises about 200 mg. Espresso Decaf still contains caffeine. It there for about 15 mg of caffeine. Caffeine is used in medicine.

It is used in the manufacture of Certain medications. For example, in the composition of assets of a headache. This drug is called "Tsitramon." His mana know.

On the basis of caffeine is produced tools Increase physical endurance, it Eliminate Manifestations of weakness and lethargy as a cardiac stimulant. Lethal dose is Considered to be 80 - 100 cups of coffee per day. But it is not Necessary to carry out the experiments! The day is recommended to drink no more than three cups of coffee, then the drink will not cause any harm to your body.

Indeed, in small dawek, caffeine can help the body with Certain ailments. CONCLUSION. It should be borne in mind That every body - is unique.

And how much can you drink coffee for each of us is dependent on this individuality.

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