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How to brew coffee in the Turk at the plate

How to brew coffee in the Turk at the plate

Brew coffee on the stove in Turku - the most popular and accessible to many home-cooking method divine drink. With this method of cooking is important to know how to choose the right amount of ingredients. This also Applies to regular coffee, and options when preparing a drink with milk.

We offer a closer look into the issue of how to brew coffee in the Turk at the plate. If you once learn this sacrament, and to know all the stages of the process, the drink will always turn out delicious and fragrant. But here it is important to take into account a lot of Nuances.

It is often brewed coffee with sugar, cinnamon, ginger or other specific spices.

To make coffee in Turku, except for the coffee and water will also require a Turk. That it is important the coffee has been ground is prepare the beverage in the vessel. Moreover, it is best to cook in Turku coffee is also very thin or, as they say, fine grinding.

What you need (for two servings of black coffee)

• Five teaspoons of ground coffee;

• Five teaspoons of sugar (there is already at its discretion, can prepare a drink without sugar);

• Gender liters of water;

• Turk and special long spoon (you can use an ordinary teaspoon or tablespoon, but it is not as convenient);

First of all, you need to put in dry Turk himself coffee and sugar. If a person loves coffee rather weak, it is enough that they be heaped teaspoons per 100 ml of water.

Tip! For the preparation of the Turk should choose such a volume That when filled with water, it was filled it its very narrow space. So it will be easy and convenient to watch the boiling process, Which is fundamental.

Further, the process of how to make coffee

in the Turk at the plate with the foam need cold water. To make it easier is a measure of the amount of water it can first be poured into the cup, and then pour into the Turk. Mix everything and only then put the container on the cooking zone, Including the maximum heating mode.

Now you can not move away from the drink: you have to watch him.

It is important that define the process before the start of the boil. Because, properly brewed coffee in Turku - is the one that was removed for a few seconds before the drink Began to boil. Visually it can be determined as follows: the foam rises, the noise of heated water subsides.

Turk remove from heat at this point and leave for five minutes to drink a little cold. Further stir again for coffee taste richer.

When the coffee has cooled and infusions, you will need to re-Turk put on the fire, but on the average. Repeat the heating step and the infusion should be a few more times. Only then pour the finished drink into the mugs and enjoy its wonderful taste.

Coffee with milk

The most popular additive to coffee - is, of course, milk. When cooking beverage in Turk at the plate, it is possible add milk is not at the end, and in the process of preparing a beverage. Let us Consider how to brew coffee in the Turk at the plate with milk.

method №1

What you need (one serving):

• Two teaspoons of natural ground coffee;

• 50 ml milk;

Pour into a Turk as much milk as commonly used water. Heat the milk to 50 degrees. Then pour the coffee and warm up everything once again, bringing a drink to a boil.

A few minutes Turk, remove from heat, and then the heating and cooling process is repeated two more times. This option will make the preparation of coffee like hot chocolate. If you do not like, what color - exactly.

method №2

Can be first in the preparation of coffee with milk beverage powder pour into the Turk and to hold a minute on low heat. Separately, heat the milk to 30 degrees and pour it into the Turk in the form of heat to the coffee That has frizzled. All bring to a boil, cook for a few minutes.

Then remove and allow to cool a little, then twice repeated heating.

Interesting! If you prepare a drink at the recipe, then he will faint, but the original shade of coconut color. Taste will also be the same as the best coffee with milk at the nearest café.

This is the most common recipes with photos, how to brew coffee in the Turk at the plate. As you can see, absolutely no difficulties in the process of not, but, in contrast to the traditional brewing in a mug, this method of cooking requires time and even some experience. It is important to remember That in the preparation of classic black coffee in a Turk can not give it to boil!

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