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How to care for fine hair? Ways to give hair volume

How to care for fine hair? Ways to give hair volumeHow to care for fine hair? Ways to give hair volume

For many women, thin hair They are a real nuisance. It's hard to put them and often look unattractive. However, Their proper care as well as the selection of a Suitable hairstyle will get the right volume. Find out how in a few simple steps to get a lush hair.

Hair after winter are weak, dull, and often fall electrify it. In the spring time take care of the condition of hair and scalp

Thin hair They usually we are more lightweight, and the Therefore do not create the desired head, lush mane. Hair thickness and amount thereof is mostly genetically determined, and we do not have much effect. Women who have thin hair must devote more time to Their styling, care and care for the fragile hair. However, sometimes it is enough to apply a few simple tricks to Which hair will gain volume and shine.

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This diet Strengthen the hair

Healthy eating is important not only for our bodies, but also for the hair. In this connection it is worth paying attention to Those That are foods rich in protein, vitamins dry as B12, B6, E and fatty acids omega-3. Remember, too, that during the day to drink a lot of water.

Then wash thin hair?

thin hair they need proper care. Whether You wash your hair every day or once every few days, to try to wash Their use shampoos, That Will Increase Their volume and will give hair fluffiness. When it comes to hair conditioner here is best to avoid Those without rinsing, because they can charge for very thin hair. Ideally, you should reach for the nutrients in the liquid.

  • Remember, never Apply conditioner to the scalp, only the length of the hair.

How to care for fine hair? Ways to give hair volumerecommend

How often do you wash your hair?

Whether wash your hair every day it really is a very bad idea? But just to wash them every day shampoos specially created ...

hair care

Shearing give lightness and volume

Not only adequate treatment and care can give your hair volume and thin. Skillful haircut make your hair will look for light, but also That there are more. Take the proven hair stylists who will advise the best solution.

What color for thin hair?

Another way, Which can make the hair seem thicker and denser and it is exaggeration. However, the decision is coloring should first consult with the Zohan, Which selects appropriate Return for your hair color and face shape. If you have thin hair and a small number of them, do not choose dark colors, because dark colors with contrasting color of the hair of the scalp. Also beware of exaggerated Their lightening, forget platinum blondach, because aggressive coloring weakens and so thin and weak hair.

Styling and modeling of thin hair

Thin hair is best to dry hair with a diffuser. Why? As the diffuser will raise the hair from the root. However, this effect can not keep up all day, so small you want to reach for cosmetics, they give hair volume include. powder. In Directly we apply the powder to the scalp and massaged into the scalp Directly at the base.