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How to care for skin of all ages? Beauty depends on age

How to care for skin of all ages? Beauty depends on ageHow to care for skin of all ages? Beauty depends on age

How to cultivate the skin at the age of 20, 30 ... 60 years? Taking care of your facial skin should be age-dependent, because each of us is struggling with other problems beauty. Appropriate care is essential to avoid quickly emerging wrinkles and loss of firmness. Learn how to cultivate a Certain Age your skin and what treatments used to restore its former glory.

Skin care should not depend only on age, but on the needs of the skin.

What is a smear creams what we eat, how long sleep in, from Which We use in aesthetic medicine treatments - all this will Affect our skin in the future. Of course, the passage of time is inevitable, like the appearance of wrinkles. This does not mean, however, that we can not slow down the effects of aging and look attractive at any age. According to the results of the Eurobarometer survey Active Aging European Commission, the age limit is 42 years, when we cease to be Considered "young people" (in Poland, even 38-39 years) and Affects us "syndrome of middle age."

Unfortunately, often in Their forties throughout the body reflects many years already poor diet, deprivation, stress, ill-chosen cosmetics, etc. And over the years, only worse. The good news in Is That always "be something to do with myself," and the sooner the act, the better. Develop a strategy for the perfect skin for years.

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Skin Care at age 20

One of the main problems encountered by the young skin every day is acne. How to fight it? First it should be properly cleaned daily and exfoliate the skin. Once a month you can do pyruvic acid peeling recommended for people with acne in active phase, rosacea, or pigmentation disorders acne scars.

Peeling It works on three levels: the epidermis, the dermis and hair follicle. Not only exfoliates, but heals the skin. regulates the secretion sebum, antibacterial and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. It should also go on a proper diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins, as well as reduce the consumption of spicy food.

It's not przesuszyć skin in winter (because it results in enhancing the work of the sebaceous glands), the day should use vanishing cream or fat instead of moisturizer, Which can freeze the skin. But above all, at the age of 20 years do not forget about the everyday, exact makeup Remover.
- Observing young girls notice a trend. It seems That is them Now that they are young, it is always the will - says Urszula Brumer from the Warsaw clinic Dr. Urszula Brumer Medicine Beauty. - Of course this is not true. Every reaches the aging process, except That it would be better it happened sooner than later. On the faces of twenty will not be a trace of a sleepless night, smoking cigarettes or neglect makeup remover, but after years of These signs certainly give its toll in the form of clear lines and wrinkles. And we'll wonder why you look much older than our peers.


Skin care for the night. What to do is wake up even more beautiful?

At night, our skin regenerates intensively. Just then it's worth it to take special care - creams are very effective in a lot of the night ...

cleanning face

Skin Care at age 30

For many people, it Becomes thirty of magic abroad in many ways: private life, career and beauty. It is most common in this age see in the first wrinkles. According to the researchers face is shrinking day about 15 thousand. times, Which results in the formation and perpetuation of lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead. At the same time it worsens our tolerance of stress and loss of collagen in the skin Causes it to dryness, lack of smoothness and radiance.

In everyday home skin care early thirties Becomes the most important protection, the use of protective creams with UV filters That and substances act against free radicals, Day and prevention, the use of anti-wrinkle creams for night. They should CONTAIN of the compounds for stimulating bone collagen (derivatives of vitamin A, C and E, alpha-hydroxy acids).

It also set the regular care in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine cabinet. For years, leading to surgery is leveling wrinkles botulinum toxin, Botox differently. Like many other toxins it exerts both harmful and healing. Her muscle paralysis "wyprasowuje" wrinkles for at least several months. Smoothing effect is visible a few days after the injection and lasts for about half a year. Many people are worried That the Botox will destroy the natural expression of Their faces, leading to the so-called ugly effect. "Frozen" face.

According Dr. Urszuli Brumer is everything depends on the experience and skilful hand of a doctor who is subjected is a treatment only for Responsible muscle wrinkles, not your muscles with its neighbors. Then the natural expression will be Retained.

Another problem with which you struggle thirties are small skin scars. This is a very common issue in both women and men. Proposed is often a very deep exfoliation or laser treatments, for example. Fraxel. Both methods are good, but more as a supportive treatment. Acne scars are in fact the bridge of atrophic scars, Which Means That they are below the full thickness of the skin. It is not possible so all deep peeling of the skin and its restoration to the normal thickness, as the scar is still below its level. THUS, the best effects in the treatment of acne scars Obtained using combination therapy using a variety of methods and Means adapted to the individual needs of the patient.

Skin Care at age 40

We Are Exceeding forts in women in the elderly? But then life has Just Begun! As it is known, youthful state of mind does not always go hand in hand with changes occurring on the face.

-90% of patients presenting to my office want to stop the signs of aging. After this statement I often hear from them, "But I am afraid." Parent That is the fear after the surgery small look worse or become caricatures of themselves. Unnecessarily. We do not have to grow old quickly or look artificial. There is a third option - natural rejuvenation - says Dr. Urszula Brumer.

Skin after the age of 40 Affects many problems at once. Settled wrinkles, nasolabial furrows, loss of skin firmness, "drooping" oval face. Exchange can be long, so the more important is a comprehensive "hit" all the signs of aging. One of the latest trends in aesthetic medicine treatments are autologous preparations, that is, Those That use our own cells and tissues.

How to care for skin of all ages? Beauty depends on ageThese include, among others, mesotherapy plasma bogatopłyktowym. The treatment Consists of local anesthetic cream face and vacuum taking a small amount of blood into a test tube. Then, in order Obtain a platelet-rich plasma, blood is subjected is Centrifugation. The concentrate can be called the "elixir of youth" or "nutritional bombs" due to the strong regenerative and nourishing. It is pulled into the syringe has been injected and the skin of the face and neck of the patient at intervals of approx. 1 cm to a depth of approx. 2 mm. This procedure is especially good for the forties, because they see in the most spectacular rejuvenation effect. In 80% of patients clear reduction in wrinkles is already visible after the first treatment. Plasma anti-inflammatory and clearly goes back the clock on our face is the one from five years.


Types of skin - how to nurture and recognize the skin oily, dry, mixed?

Skin type is genetically determined basic skin condition. Proper diagnosis of this will allow us to choosing the appropriate Return care. What are the types of ...

skin types

Skin Care at age 50

When choosing a method of rejuvenation fifties important is not the only issue in want to overcome (wrinkles, loss of skin density, "drooping" oval face, clear complexion covered with network of wrinkles), but individual preferences of the patient and her habits.

- If you have not used the woman aesthetic medicine treatments, for starters, I propose that treatments with the laser treatment with platelet-rich plasma or treatment with stem cells - says Dr. Urszula Brumer.

Fifties Becomes thinner skin and Loses its elasticity, and in addition can also Occur problems with rzedniejącymi, thin and gray hair. The immediate antidote will be dietary supplements available in pharmacies, but they are not always safe for the body and sufficiently effective. Sometimes, the use of unprocessed formulation gives a completely opposite effect than expected.

The average person Loses about 100 hairs every day. It is a natural process, Which we do not have to worry. However, if hair loss it is apparent rescue a small beige Mesotherapy scalp. The treatment is for both the Indicated alopecia areata, and with hair extremely weak, Requiring exceedingly high nutrition. In this case, I have been injected in the scalp area called plasma. "Clearances". The concentrate will Stimulate follicles that produce new hair. However, on the effect you have to wait a bit, because the new hair regrowth process takes three months.

Skin Care at age 60

The skin after the age of 60 is much less than the previously Supplied with blood, and the Therefore less well nourished and oxygenated. This results in the appearance of various types discoloration and proliferative lesions (fibromas, warts). This is not conducive is excessive exposure to the sun or being in a smoky environment.

According Dr. Urszuli Brumer is worth sixties Oxygenating use vitamin preparations and preparation. Preferred are also vitamins A, E and C because rejuvenating lubricating operation Their nutritional and cosmetic care about the lipid layer of the skin (eg. Argan oil).

As for the aesthetic medicine treatments, in this age, in principle, everyone will have a positive effect on the skin. Starting from the laser treatment (which Improves skin tension closes porozszerzane cell, Removes stains) to medical scrubs having stimulant-therapeutic (which apr also be supported by a filler in order that improve the contour of the face), the treatment with his own plasma boatopłytkowego or stem cells. The latter have strong regenerative and restorative properties, and at the very long duration of action. Rejuvenation Process Occurs slowly, but steadily. The end result is the rejuvenation of 10 years or more - both the skin and the subcutaneous tissue.

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