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How to care for skin with nails?

How to care for skin with nails?How to care for skin with nails?

Skins around the nails are subjected is a constant injuries, they often break up and lift up. The delicate skin around the nail is damaged in the course of excessive cutting, drying and treatment with detergents. Cultivate hand skin regularly to avoid the formation of painful wounds with nails. Most helpful in the fight against barbs homemade baths, scrubs and wraps healing.

Cracking and cocking the skins Causes pain and discomfort. The Therefore, it is important that regularly soften the skin around the nails.

Dry, peeling of the skin around the nails have a small multiple Causes. There is often a result of systematic abandonment of hand care and manicures too aggressive. It can also cause incorrect performing manicure or too frequent and deep cutting cuticles. Mess up the skins is also the result of nail biting.

Often they begin to dry out skin and mess as a result of exposing the hand to harmful environmental factors. This Refers to the chemical detergents That in use at home or work, as well as exposure is extreme temperatures and strong winds. In some people it May be a natural tendency to dry skin, allergies or skin diseases as dry atopic dermatitis Whether eczema. Throwing the skins can also be a symptom of deficiency of vitamins A, E or group B.

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How to care for skin nails, they would not be turning Their?

  • Diet - the basis for a healthy condition and appearance of the skin is a balanced diet and hydration of the body from the inside, so you have to remember to drink water and eat large amounts of vegetables full of vitamins.
  • Regular creaming hand - in contact with water weakens the natural hydro-lipid mantle of the skin. after each washing hands brush them light moisturizing cream. At night apply on a more meaty hands nourishing cream with urea.
  • How to care for skin with nails?

  • Securing your hand during cleaning - detergents contained in a plant for cleaning, the liquid dishwashing violate the natural layer of fat That protects the skin from drying hands in front of her. When possible, limiting hand contact with detergents - cleaning and washing wear rubber gloves.
  • Hand protection against atmospheric conditions - intense sun, frost and wind dry out the skin and can Contribute to the zadzierania skins. In winter always wear gloves when you go outside.
  • Regular manicures - Which make about 10 days manicure. If you have a problem with it zadzierającymi opt out of Their skins cut cążkami. Softening them with a special fluid or disregard of the olives and a wooden stick.
  • From time to time, make a concise nutritional mask - Mix a spoonful of cream favorite, sweet almond oil and honey. Apply the mixture on your hands for 20 minutes, then wash without soap. For best results, apply on your hands, cotton gloves or wrap them in aluminum foil. Generated in this way will Strengthen the effect of heat nutrients.

expert opinion

Joanna Kaczorowska - nail stylist

As nourish the nails and remove the peel?

My nails are awful. Skins are dry and very white, and the nails themselves still hard to rozdwajają. As long as I use good paint coating, it can not be seen, but very rarely paint the nails. What should I do to my nails were nice? Is there any help for this nutrient?

Joanna Kaczorowska: First of all, once a week, soak them for approx. 5-10 minutes in lukewarm water. Then apply a skin preparation for removing the skins (available at most beauty shops), and a softened (in approx. 2 minutes), slide it stick. If the softening preparations will not be effective, must be cut peel cążkami. Opiłuj nails in its discretion salts (preferably glass nail file or stone). The ideal would be the removal and softening cuticles Imposition of olives, Which allows the nail is Strengthen and become gloss. Olive should be well massaged into the skin and nails, and the residue wiped eg. Tissue. Then apply the nail conditioner - in your case this splitting nails. Always on the nail should be a reinforcement primer. Only after a dry treatment, we can put any selected color, or stay with the same nutrient. Once a month, use the so-called treatments. "Oil". It involves zagrzaniu small amount of sunflower oil or olive oil and soaking in the nail - about 15 minutes (oil can not be hot). Due to the above treatments Gradually nails should return to balance.

How to cultivate and upturned dry skin?

When problems arise with skins, you must first enter the intensive care That will help them heal. Do not underestimate this problem of compromised because the skin can easily go into inflammation. The key will be greasing and moisturizing damaged skin. You should buy a good, intensive moisturizing cream urea olive and nail. During the day, as often rubbed olive skin and hands cremated. With the help will come home-treatments, as soaking dry hands for 10-15 minutes in a preheated oil, for example. olive oil, jojoba oil Whether coconut oil. You can also dip your hands in a moisturizing, smoothing a bath of warmed milk with the addition of honey.

Brush the skin colorless moisturizing lipstick, if you do not have a specialist on hand cream.

Take care of your skin during the night. A thick layer of cream or apply oil on your hands and then not wear cotton gloves on. Upturned skin will begin to heal thanks, and hand skin will be smooth and moisturized. In a situation where upturned peel Confer an a lot of pain and a long time to heal, the night should wear a dressing That protects the skin from mechanical dredging morning.

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