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How to care for your nails? Care split, brittle nails

How to care for your nails? Care split, brittle nailsHow to care for your nails? Care split, brittle nails

nails every day are exposed is injuries. Delicate nail plate almost the whole day in contact with detergents, cosmetics and hard objects That damage the surface. If the add to this clumsy or too rare manicures and natural tendencies to break a nail, then the issue can be really serious. Find out how to care for your nails and protect them from damage.

Nails break and rozdwajają Reasons for mana. Thin nails in the genes you inherit, while weak and become damaged due to the use of detergents, poor diet and poor health.

brittle nails They tend to be chipped, split ends, uneven, sometimes hyperpigmentation. They have uneven plate and Their edges very easily broken, "it" on the side. These nails do not have to be thin and weak. People who these strong Their small plate genome also have brittle nails, often Which is Caused by the dishwasher without gloves or a poor diet. Then fragility can only be Observed on the edges and easier to get rid of than the people who naturally have soft nails.

Why nails a break?

nail fragility May be it an unwanted gift after the close - to be genetically determined. Ask parents and grandparents, they look like Their nails to see if anyone else in the family has a problem. With this reason, of course, the hardest fight. Gene's not change, but diet, care and proper use conditioner regularly and closely can Permanently improve the condition of nails.

It will be easier people Whose nails are naturally hard and sometimes only worsens Their condition. In this case, just turn to the menu a few products or discontinue use of harmful detergents nails (varnish remover, strong cleaning agents).

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Which favors the breaking of nails?

  • diet low in zinc, iron, silicon and vitamins of group B,
  • lack of wetting hands and nails - moisture, cold, dry air.
  • frequent changes in temperature,
  • Long soaking the nails in water.
  • use of the degreaser of acetone,
  • washing dishes or cleaning the house without gloves,
  • incompetent sawing nails
  • frequent contact with detergents, chemicals.
  • How to care for your nails? Care split, brittle nails

Improve the condition of nails proper diet

If you've determined the cause of fragility, also for laying entirely new menu. A diet rich in zinc and iron It Affects not only the Strengthening of nails, but it also improve the appearance of skin and hair. You will need vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B3 and B9 manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron and phosphorus. These are all of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. You can buy it Immediately shelled seeds, because they are just as healthy as fresh. Add them is cereal, in a roasting pan or eat handfuls.

Equally useful are sesame and poppy seeds, which probably far you were associated with sweets - sometimes pleasure and Responsibilities him hand in hand. It is this, add dried fruits, preferably non-sulfur. Vitamin B deliver through the consumption of cereals, eggs and legumes. Cocoa drink every day, because it is a great source of magnesium and iron. For dinner, choose lean meat or oily fish. Also, note Whether you drink enough fluids (two liters a day), because your nails be small and desiccated, Therefore the break. With a dose of vitamins will be a visible improvement after one month.


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Breaking the appropriate Return Prevents nail manicure

Regular visits to your manicurist will help Maintain a neat, manicured hands, but then sometimes you have to take care of itself. Remember a few rules:

  • saws nails always in one direction,
  • use a glass nail file or paper,
  • starting from painting conditioners,
  • no urine nail in water for a long time, because it also weakens the plate,
  • preparation for regenerating conditioner or use several times a week.

Hydration and lubrication is very important. With a diet you do it from the inside and from the outside thanks to cosmetics. Will be useful oils and any moisturizing creams, especially in small tubes that always have them with you.

Protect your hands and nails

Make friends with the glove and not just latex. When the temperature begins to fall, you Immediately reach for warm gloves that protect your nails. And instead of freeze, holding the phone in your hand, select the handset speaker. During cleaning and washing Necessarily put latex gloves or other material to be in contact with detergents. Proceed as well as if every day you work with chemicals and corrosive substances.

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What kind of diseases can Provide brittleness of nails?

Actually, you eat, you reach for the cream several times a day and keep all the commandments, and yet your nails continue to break? It May be associated with malabsorption and more serious as dry conditions hormonal disorders, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, diabetes, tinea.


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