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How to choose a coffee grinder for home? | coffee mill

How to choose a coffee grinder for home? | coffee mill

Sooner or later, every lover of quality coffee comes to logically reasoned Conclusion on the need to make the grinder in the economy. A beverage brewed from freshly grains bears no comparison with Those for the manufacture of raw materials Which were used, the prepared beforehand. Following the adoption of the fateful decision that purchase the desired unit Appears naturally only one, but an important question - how to choose a coffee grinder for home?

Let's look at the most important aspects of your future acquisition. So, choose a coffee grinder

Coffee grinder on the type of management

There are only two options: manual and electric. Manual kofemolkaOtlichaetsya compact, stylish appearance and good milling quality. An additional advantage is the relatively low price. On the downside we put the need to exert physical effort grind coffee, as well as the time spent on the process. THUS, it Obtain raw materials for 1 cup of drink, it will take about 1.5-2 minutes of work.

Electric kofemolkaVypolnyaet its main task quickly and without any effort on your part. Good helper in the modern kitchen. Is more expensive than hand-mill, it takes up more space.

In some models it is possible burnout during heavy grinding grains.

If you have time each morning ritual, you can afford a hand grinder. Busy people, as well as fans of the espresso is more Suitable electric device.

types of grinders

Coffee grinders are divided into rotary (blade) and Burr. The former can only be electric, the second type can be manually performed.

The knife grinder is good for its Versatility and low cost. This device will not only grind coffee beans, but also nuts, spices, sugar. The active part of the grinder blades That system rotates at high speed and literally chop everything is on track. The rotary grinder for Those Who do not often indulge themselves with freshly ground coffee, as it is not too good milling quality.

Irregular fragments burnout coffee, unpleasant metallic taste - all this is possible in a rotary grinder.

Burr options are much more protective of the grains. These instruments use proven technology, when the coffee is ground between the two planes. Ready powder is poured into a separate container. This method makes it possible that Obtain an even grind with maximum preservation of all the aromatic properties of the coffee. However, for all the good things it has to pay.

Even manual burr grinder with good millstones can be more expensive than electric rotor.

If you cook coffee from a good, high-quality grains, like monosorta, then you need to pay attention to the millstone grinder. Impact can negate all the benefits of coffee flavor.

manufacturers grinders

Domestic electric coffee grinders produce all the same large companies that Make a variety of techniques for the home. From inexpensive options you definitely caught on store shelves products Saturn, Scarlett, Binatone. They have many ways quite dismissive, meanwhile, small household appliances manufacturers in These very, very bad. If you want to buy, of course, branded thing, then look for grinders Bosch, Kenwood, Philips, Moulinex. These manufacturers have different models, both in price and performance, however, in the hardware store there is hardly more than 1-2 samples from each brand.

These product line of devices from manufacturers with a dry mass is low, and the majority of models of rotary type. In the market there are manufacturers who specialize in the art of coffee. For example, Gaggia That company is known for its professional coffee machines, coffee grinders Burr offers this fantastic beverage.

KofemolkiSaeco also enjoy a good reputation, and Their coffee manufacturer produces equipment for many years. In the segment of hand grinders can be found as the product of small, niche companies and well-known brands. It is quite acceptable balance of quality and price of different models Bekker and Bosch, and from inexpensive Scarlett. We are experts in high esteem hand grinders with millstones, for example, the production company Kornkraft, Which operates in the niche eco-friendly hand mills.

However, its products are worth a lot to find a cheaper model of 100 euros, almost unreal.

When choosing products that better focus on niche That companies specialize in the segment of coffee equipment. For example, Saeco or Gaggia. If, however, confuses the cost, you can appeal to the democratic options, for example, Scarlett, Which produces and electrical and manual coffee grinder.

power grinder

We used to focus on the power when choosing the right appliance. However, a coffee grinder, it is not a vacuum cleaner, or even iron. Motors domestic grinders rarely Exceed the value of 170 watts. The minimum value of 100 watts.

Optimal for daily use is Considered to be set in the 140-170 watt. If you grind the coffee for two to three cups at a time, then you will have enough values ​​in the 120-130 watts. The Power 220 is more common in rotary grinders, Which have different functions and are in need of a good power.

Material millstones grinders

If more or less clear with the rotary tool, since it always knives made of steel, the production versions millstones much more diverse. Metal zhernovaIh to bridge often made of stainless steel or cast iron. The first option Provides a lightweight, durable, relatively inexpensive millstone. They quickly grind, grinder, and needs to be replaced.

Recently, this issue try to solve the coated titanium alloy steel millstones. Indeed, this method greatly Increases the service life of grinder, while Maintaining the strength and lightness, however, seriously Increasing the cost of the final product. Cast iron millstones are very reliable, last longer than stainless steel, durable, low maintenance, they are cheap.

There are also Disadvantages. Cast iron is quite porous material quickly absorbs odors, so That the ground coffee aroma can be felt Earlier pray. Such a millstone quickly worn down, and the smallest metal particles can get into the coffee, giving it an unpleasant metallic taste. IMPORTANT.

Metal millstone should be protected from moisture, since they rapidly oxidize and rust. ZhernovaDovolno fragile ceramic products, Which can crack if dropped. But fine grind grain, have a long service life, easily surviving cast iron and steel. Ceramic millstones grind for a long time and qualitatively.

KamenStrogo speaking, this is not the millstones in the old sense of the word, and ceramic alloy with Corundum. Provide strength, durability and excellent milling quality, Including almost to a powder for espresso. Less can break if dropped from a height.

Optimal material millstones for good and not too expensive grinder is ceramics.

The volume of the grain tank

This index different models ranging from 50 to 500 grams. In order to make the right choice, you can make a simple calculation of the required amount of coffee you want to grind at a time. For example, on a coffee cup of 150 ml capacity Turk need about 10-12 grams of coffee.

Espresso requires the same of 10-12 grams per 50 grams of water. So for two people constantly consume coffee grinder, you will need a capacity for the volume of grains of 25-30 grams. If the two of you are drinking very strong coffee, then take the device, Which is placed 50 grams. It would be enough.

Schematic burr grinder is often Obtained so as to pack into a container placed grain, i.e., 250 grams. Immediately they filled into the cup, and, as Necessary, carry out the required number of Podmol. If you plan to use your grinder is the case, then make sure That grains in the tank with no light reaching different grains will quickly lose flavor and aroma.

Under full load volume make for an even grind, so do not buy coffee grinder with a reserve.

Additional features grinders

Modern appliances include a variety of add-ons, Which are designed that improve our lives and make us shell out extra money. Coffee grinders are no exception, they are also equipped with various useful things, Which range from every season is Increasing, and there is no way to keep up with him. At the same time, a really useful can be called a part of the functions. For example, auto shut off when clogged saves millstone, if they get an unexpected object of stone or piece of wood.

Reinforced insulation is suitable for Those Who get up before the rest of the family, and does not want to disturb the sleeping family. Are comfortable rubberized feet, unlike conventional plastic they Provide a better grip of the device from the desktop surface. As for the really useful features, you should especially pay attention to:


The electric coffee grinder, this parameter is adjusted automatically box. Another question is how many degrees of grinding to be in a good coffee grinder. It would seem That the more the better.

However, most of us rarely use more than 3-5 degrees. For Turks for electric coffee makers for brewing a cup of espresso. That is, the standard 8 degrees of grinding, Which can be found even in the budget version of the grinder, you will be in ordinary life is enough.

Pay more for 16 or Embodiment 24 particle sizes is not very reasonable.


The electric coffee grinder millstones meets two basic types of counters of time. One allows you to set the grinding time in seconds, the second in the number of cups, Which is preparing the ground coffee. A first Embodiment; generally looks more elegant and fashionable, second simpler and easier.

In fact, it's easier just to point out how many cups you are going to cook, and then let the machine measures out himself how much to grind grain, than it calculate the number of seconds That are required in order grind the 5.10 or 25 grams of coffee.


How to choose a coffee grinder for home? For most beverage Connoisseurs worthy goal would burr grinder is a ceramic grindstones, the volume of 30-50 ml capacity, with manual or electric control. In the latter case it will be enough to power the device 140-180 W, 8 degrees of grinding and a timer That shows you the desired number of cups.

This unit is quite meet the usual needs of the family, In Which the coffee drink two adults. As for pricing, it is very serious varies depending on the manufacturer and model, and the place of purchase can Affect this factor. So, grinder, bought in the shop, will cost a little bit cheaper than in the field of real trade.

It is best to buy products manufacturers, specializing in coffee technology.

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