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How to choose a coffee machine

How to choose a coffee machineBefore you buy, each thinks, how to choose a coffee machine and choose a quality product. First, the should start from the apparatus cost. Consider if on the type of coffee machine filler, Which cost $ 200-2000, they are more suitable for home or office with a small number of staff.

And in large offices or cafes with a Significant flow of visitors, it is Necessary to put the device a little bit stronger and better with a fixed water connection. Content:

Determining factors of the price

A bit of history

Useful tips on choosing

Choosing a coffee machine for the office

Gourmet Coffee machine

Choosing a coffee machine for home

video recipe

Determining factors of the price

The main factors That Affect the price of the coffee machine:

a built-in LCD display That it allows you monitor the operation of the machine and INFORMS the user about all operating modes of the system.

built-in quick steam, thanks to which you can quickly make a cappuccino.

The presence of several boilers. Then you can cook at the same time and cappuccino, and espresso.

Embedded system programming various functions.

The pre-soaking, making coffee turns more fragrant.

how productive coffee - it Concerns the volume of the container for the water tank and used coffee capsules.

Whether there is a coffee machine stand That pre-heats the cup.

If you buy cheap espresso machine, Which will cost somewhere in the $ 70-100, then cook them in a real Italian espresso almost does not work, because the foam will not completely. The taste of coffee is like in a regular drip coffee maker. In These cheap coffee makers water brought to a boil, but the authentic espresso can not cook with this water - it is contrary to the espresso.

Preparing a drink somewhere 1-2 minutes under pressure of 2-5 bar, in professional coffee machines using the pressure of 9 bar. These coffee machines in the coffee too hot and prepares the low pressure, so it turns liquid and without foam. This is not an espresso coffee machine, because espresso is preparing a pressure of 15 bar and CONSIST of a pump, boiler and horn.

The water temperature should not Exceed 85-90 degrees, the only way to get a real espresso crema. As for the cost, the carob will cost between $ 130-500, and automatic and does $ 400-2000. The main feature is a characteristic of espresso brown foam, Which should cover the entire surface of the cup.

Of course, the quality of the drink will also Affect the quality of water and coffee beans. If you are using fresh, high-quality seed, and coffee will be more tasty and fragrant. Espresso is also better to take purified water, but not mineralized. Even prices for the coffee maker will vary depending on a variety of devices that Make cooking more pleasant coffee and simplify the process.

Choose a coffee machine for the home is very simple, because Their range is very wide, and now for the office or a coffee shop, range is limited.

A bit of history

Coffee machines - it tops kofevareniya. In contrast to the usual coffee maker, espresso machine - this is a fully automated technique That can be as grind the coffee beans and brew them, having prepared an amazing drink. For the first time such a device, Which uses the power of steam, was manufactured in 1843. It was a very big machine that was able to make a large number of cups of coffee. However, such a device was not only a huge amount, uncomfortable, but explosive.

Only 50 years later there was a coffee machine, which was able this supply steam under pressure and brew coffee grounds. In 1901 it was registered the patent for the improvement of the steam espresso machine. She already is compact and practical enough to use.

Coffee machine - an automated device That saves time is the Therefore Particularly suitable for busy people.

Useful tips on choosing

If you decide to buy a coffee machine, it is better to take the One That is more easy to operate. The Therefore, if you want to drink a natural quality espresso at home or at work, it is better to use the automatic coffee machine as:

this coffee machine is very easy to use - you need only press a button and the machine will work Independently;

quickly prepare aromatic espresso with crema - in just 25 seconds with a cup of coffee on the table.

self-cleaned by removing the used coffee into a special container.

Those who only drink espresso, you can buy espresso makers. This machine is brewing one or two cups of coffee at a time. For dry ground coffee maker is used. Although the best choice would be an automatic espresso coffee machine, Which can also grind the coffee beans and brew coffee right away, as the finished drink yourself poured into the cup.

These coffee machines in the brewing process is fully automated. Many automatic coffee machines have the function of pre-soaking of coffee before brewing.

Choosing a coffee machine for the office

If you choose a coffee machine for the office, you should follow These rules:

it should be practical to use;

large containers for coffee, water and coffee waste;

It should work as a hammer, and the grain of coffee.

For home coffee machine is to choose a few other options:

it should be simple to operate;

Beautiful design to fit the interior of your kitchen;

compact, so as not to take up much space.

Now become very popular with espresso machine Touch-screen technology. It is very convenient, as is often the case that you 'have to press the buttons with dirty hands and they get clogged and are difficult to clean up afterwards. If you tap the screen, then it can simply wipe with a damp cloth, and he Shall be clean again.

Gourmet Coffee machine

True Connoisseurs of coffee knows how important fresh grind, because only freshly ground coffee retains all the aroma and taste of coffee. The Therefore, it is important that the grind just before brewing the required amount of coffee. If you grind the coffee in a conventional grinder, they almost erased dust, losing a lot of nutrients, and the best coffee is Obtained from dry milling of grains as it retain small crystals.

Provides dry grinding burr grinder, Which is built in almost every espresso coffee machine. Coffee drinkers also appreciate just such a grind coffee. Manufacturers by producing new models of coffee machines, are equipped with the most amazing Their ceramic millstones. Pottery, in turn, is prolonging the service of the device, Increasing food security and makes the coffee maker near-silent operation.

Due ceramics are also improved palatability of the beverage. There are many recipes for coffee drinks in addition is an espresso, but more and more people prefer cappuccino. This cappuccino - it's not coffee from a bag and strong espresso with milk foam. It's coffee for gourmets. More recently, a cappuccino at home to cook was almost impossible, but with the advent of coffee machines on the technology market - it Became possible.

If you have an espresso machine or the coffee machine, you can easily prepare a cappuccino. For this need only whole milk chilled. Once in the espresso machine, the milk is Transferred by Means of steam in a foam state.

Especially good whisk milk nozzle "Pannarello". A good coffee machine, steam is circulated That so the milk is easily and quickly whisking. After that you 'need to brew espresso from fresh coffee beans and combining, it to the milk foam, will get a great cappuccino.

Cappuccino can be decorated, if this wish. Fit as decorations cinnamon or grated chocolate. Professional coffee machines are equipped with special Cappuccino, Which is much faster and better than manual whisk milk "Pannarello". In such a device, you can quickly and easily prepare a lot of cups of cappuccino, Which is convenient if you often many guests.

No one secret to the quality of the drink Affect grain quality. It is important to look at the production date on the package, and the package with the grains must have vent, through Which a long time the taste quality of the coffee is stored. If the grains have a characteristic luster, It Means That they have survived dry valuable essential oils.

Good grain should not be chipped or have a minimum Their number. On the taste of the drink is also Influenced by the degree of roasting beans.

Choosing a coffee machine for home

So how do you choose the coffee machine to choose for the house - a conventional coffee maker or professional coffee machines? It is believed That coffee - a beverage aesthetes, because it warms the soul and body. Coffee gives bliss, sharpens the senses, Which is why it is often worth more than a good wine. Many people do love to cook coffee. And if even just grind Necessary for single-dose use of coffee, the drink will be more fragrant.

Sugar is better not to add, in the extreme case, cane, Which will give the drink a caramel color. If your home has good coffee, the coffee shop, you can not go, because the houses make an excellent flavored drink That can be enjoyed at any time. Coffee lovers know That putting in the coffee maker should be coffee, Which has just milled, because minutes later a 15-minute aroma will fade. Now more and more Began to use professional coffee machines for brewing a drink, and the Turks and drip coffee makers go far back in time. Of course, this coffee maker is able to save not only precious time, but also the number of operations.

Due to the touch of a button only, you can get in a matter of seconds fragrant, fresh coffee. If you have a drip coffee maker or espresso machine, it is very good, but the automatic coffee machine is better because of the beverage brewing is done automatically box. Coffee machine does almost everything herself: grinds grain eyebrow cleared them.

You just need to set the desired parameters and all. In the market there are many different coffee machines. Manufacturers make them in such a variety of designs and functionality That can be difficult to choose the best. If you bought the coffee machine, then its convenience it will not be a long time to get used to.

Becomes first it incomprehensible and amazing how a few seconds turns espresso or cappuccino, but when you come and visit for a few minutes to get your coffee, you will be very happy to have saved so much time. That the more so even a large company, you can drink a delicious, aromatic drink as coffee machines are designed is 1.5-2 liters of water and half a kilo of ground coffee. The uniqueness of the coffee machine is also in the fact That it fulfills all the desires of coffee.

You can set the degree of grinding, strength of the drink, and even DETERMINE the serving size.