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How to choose the coffee beans to the Turks

How to choose the coffee beans to the Turks

To cook a delicious coffee in Turku, it is Necessary to choose the right coffee beans. Excellent when there is a shop That offers a wide range of dry goods.

My favorite way of brewing coffee - is the use of good old and so simple Turks. I taught everyone in the family to make coffee for me in this way: husband and children, and parents. Recently, there was only one, but the most important question: what kind of coffee to choose from.

My old coffee, so beloved for many years, were not satisfied. Then I went to the site "Delikateska" store, and there was a great selection of coffee beans.

I want to note that the store had a lot of new and unknown to me Earlier marks the coffee, which I just have not seen in conventional supermarkets. As a lover not just drink a delicious drink, brewed in Turku, but also a person who is looking for a new taste, I Began to try each of the options grains. Honestly, I liked many varieties and today I, as a regular customer of this Particular store, keep experimenting, and just can not bring myself to buy something old, if I see That there were more new varieties of coffee, which I have not tried .

Of all the varieties and flavors that I have tried, I especially want to mention "Kimba" and "Gmoka", but it does not mean That others are not worth trying: they are also great! Now, I want to tell you, dear readers, how CORRECTLY you need to make coffee in Turku. For this process if you do not know even the most delicious and expensive small grain be irrevocably corrupted.

Classic coffee in Turku

It prepare a tasty coffee is using the Turks, the drink you need to buy only the original beans. Then the grain before the preparation of the coffee grind. You will also need quality Turk.

Important! The finer the coffee grind, the more saturated will

final taste of the beverage.

How to choose the coffee beans to the Turks
First you need to put Turk on the stove to make it slightly warmed. If you ignore this step, the ground coffee can maximize reveal Their flavor water. But it is important not to overdo it, so as not to spoil the very Turk.

Now fill two teaspoons of coffee per hundred grams of water, add sugar and pour the cold water if desired. You need to make sure That the water has reached With the Narrowest point of the neck Turks: the seeds must during cooking is minimal contact with air. Brewing coffee is Necessary maximize a low heat (of course, if you're really in a hurry, the fire can be Increased).

As soon as the water Began a crust forms of coffee - a sure sign That the fire should be reduced to the barest minimum. Because, properly prepared coffee in the Turk should not boil or escape. Soon, bubbles will Appear on the edges - this indicates a speedy process of boiling, so the Turk That is already possible remove it from the heat.

Some say small That it is extremely simple and classic recipe as coffee brewing: the way it really is. But for this method of preparation will be able to get the most fragrant and delicious beverage. I hope you will find your grain, or, as I will constantly experiment with new brands to the tastes of each cup of coffee is not repeated opportunities.

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