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How to choose the real tea

How to choose the real tea

Tea is a drink Considered most people. It's so nice to talk with loved ones over a cup of flavored drink, especially in chilly and damp winter weather. In summer it is best to quench the thirst for cold tea with lemon.

Tea - this is one of the oldest beverages, Which is more than five thousand years. Modern tea production gives tea lovers a wide variety of grades and types, so let's look at how to choose a CORRECTLY quality and genuine product.

Do not buy tea, packed in bags, as most are within the usual tea dust, Which leaves a lot of processing real tea leaves.
How to choose the real tea
If possible, open the box and look at the contents carefully - if at the bottom of the package has a black dust, then it is you buy in bags instead of tea leaves. If the bottom of the box is clean, you can safely buy - it does not produce waste, but real shredded leaves. We do not recommend to get Involved in packaged tea, and for a different reason: as a rule, unscrupulous manufacturers add in a tea dyes, Which Explains its instant brew.

Pay attention to the tea producer, because real quality product produced only a few countries: Sri Lanka, China, India, Japan, Georgia, Indonesia, Azerbaijan. If you are holding a pack of Chinese tea, pay attention to the presence of the inscription: National export-import company "- it is the only company in the country, Which is permitted to engage in the export of tea products. Also on the packaging of the Chinese tea Necessarily should indicate the province, Which has become a supplier of products: Sichuan, Fujian, Yunnan and ones as the Humans.

Fake, most likely, will be tea, he Which of the package simply Stated That it is made in China.

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