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How to clean the kettle from scale vinegar and other ways

How to clean the kettle from scale vinegar and other waysNo matter what company you kettle, no matter it is made and how this material carefully what you do not exploit it, still there will be formed therein, and her need to fight. Why is formed scale, and how to clean the kettle from scale and lime deposits will consider later in this article.

Why is formed scale in the kettle

Plaque on the walls of dishes formed due salts Which are included in drinking water. Their number depends on the hardness. The higher the stiffness, the higher the salt concentration, the more intense will Appear scum.

Due to the occurrence of plaque at best distorted taste of your favorite beverage. In the worst - have small health problems. In Particular manifesto renal disease.

When the scum Settles on the heating element of the kettle, then at least for water heating and consumes more power, and as a maximum, and a small kettle does break.

How to clean the kettle

We recently looked at cleaning the coffee machine from scale. The cleaning process is a bit similar kettle and it May be Carried out in the home a few simple and affordable ways.

1. Cleaning with vinegar

The most accessible and cheap way. Adding 200 ml of normal vinegar to 2 liters of water. Boil about 15 minutes.

Periodically, looking inside of our kettle. Depending on the amount of accumulated deposits, is adjustable while boiling higher or lower. This method is suitable for beginners, made of metal.

2. Shoe citric acid

This method is suitable for any type of dishes. Even for electric kettles made of plastic. Adding a sachet of citric acid for 1 - 2 liters of water and bring to boil.

After That give solution to stand in the kettle is dissolve all evil.

3. Cleaning soda

This method is suitable for metal and enamel pots. It is Necessary to fill a tablespoon of baking soda in one quart of water. Boil the solution until Dissolution plaque.

4. Cleaning of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola, Fanta and Pepsi - a powerful weapon against various contaminants. These energy drinks even washed carburetors in automobiles. of cleaning Achieved effect is due to the presence in the composition of soda all the same citric acid.

Remove this scum Via Cola must first release the gas from the beverage. Pour sugar water into the kettle is about half or more. Boil.

You can give a little eyebrow. Do not use this method for plastic kettles. Drinks can stain plastic.

5. Cleaning potato peels, lemon and fruit waste
How to clean the kettle from scale vinegar and other ways
It is also a good method of cleansing the people's household utensils. Do not dispose of waste or potato peel apples. They can be folded into a pot, cover with water and let simmer a bit. Such a method is suitable for gentle cleaning of weak contamination.

 You can also use sliced ​​lemon and its juice.

6. Purification brine

The brine from pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, too, can wash kettle from scale and plaque. Why do good to disappear? Due to the presence of citric acid or vinegar Whether in its composition, you can see the sheer brilliance on the walls of the kettle.

Drain the remainder of the brine boil in a kettle and the solution for several minutes.

7. Specialized tools

The stores also possible to pick up a universal Means of scaling. The choice of chemicals and great for the price and composition. Recently, more and more manufacturers Began a focus on the organic composition of dry funds.

Cleaning utensils should be Carried out, adhering's instructions on the package.

8. Mixed

If no methods of cleaning and care do not help, then you can "hit the ceiling" and to make an explosive mixture. That is in turn used to claim. 1, 2 and 3. And then everything That is not soluble and does not fall off in the process of boiling, it is Necessary to try to scrape it off the brush. This cardinal method suitable for the old and very polluted dishes made of metal. Struggle with scale and lime deposits in the kettle should be Carried out regularly. The higher the water hardness, the more Necessary to carry out the cleaning of manipulation.

This scale is formed less need to use household filters, defend or bottled water.

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