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How to get rid of acne – facts and myths about home treatment of pimples

How to get rid of acne - facts and myths about home treatment of pimplesHow to get rid of acne - facts and myths about home treatment of pimples
Everyone has his own theory about pimples and blackheads, But how to fight with them arrives. Why? Because over the years they have grown only myths about acne. Find out what really works and what is not worth believing. Meet 8 myths about acne and acne skin care.

Squeezing pimples, tanning in a solarium, dryness pustules spirit - These are some of the homemade acne treatments. Most popular treatments for pimples exacerbated considerably the skin condition.

Acne until recently was the bane of teenagers. More than 80 percent. Young people have a problem with the complexion (to a lesser or greater extent). The main cause of acne is hormonal storm That Appears in adolescence. Relatively new (but very common) is mature acne in people. Dermatologists are watching more and more frequent occurrence of acne in people who have long hormonal storm is over. The cause of acne in older people Mainly use hormonal contraception, deep life in stress, work in air-conditioned indoor air pollution.

Acne can exacerbate poor skin care - skin care evil, inadequately chosen cosmetics, Chlorinated water, high protein diets, medication with steroids. How many people, so many theories about acne treatments. Time to break streak once and for all dispel the myths about the fight against pimples. What theories are the most common acne treatment?

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Acne is a disease of teenagers

Until recently, it seemed even Dermatologists That Acne is a disease of adolescence. In part this is true, because it usually we Occurs in people aged 13 - 25 years, but rarely and then disappears. In the beginning, patients hear that "goes with age." Even if with a little luck it will be, if left untreated acne leaves permanent traces in the form of scars and dark spots. For young people can also be a cause for shame, because skin problems better not ignore and go from a teenager to a trusted Dermatologist. Keep in mind That Appears acne with hormonal disorders, and antibacterial gel to the face from the top shelf will not cure it without the support of the relevant | drugs.

Acne skin is oily

Acne Appears also on the skin dry and mixed, so notorious combination of two These terms is misleading. On the other hand, even every second person with oily skin type thinks he has acne skin. Directly although acne is related to seborrhea and malfunction of the glands, it is much more serious than the problem of small pimples on oily skin. And above all - is a disease. oily skin this tends blackheads, but properly treated can never be a state in Which the skin is acne. Not worth the strain of her condition strong preparations and drugs that combat acne true.


Acne skin - characteristics and care. How to recognize a skin acne?

acne complexion can cause problems. First, it is difficult to diagnose, because acne is sometimes confused with oily complexion. When the end is ...

skin types

The sun will cure acne

UV rays slow down the sebaceous glands, so in the early days of sun a person sees a Significant improvement in acne. This does not mean, unfortunately, that the issue has been removed. after stopping sunbathing everything is back with a vengeance. That skin for a Certain period was dried by the sun, trying to quickly hydrate and "make up" losses by producing more sebum. You have to admit, however, that the dark complexion any skin changes are simply less visible.

Blackheads can squeeze yourself

During dry difficult surgery appliances Maintain proper hygiene. Among other things, so squeezing pimples Causes of the spread of pathogenic bacteria all over your face, but also in other areas, In Which move germs. Most pimples located deep in the dermis, under the skin layer. On the other hand, during the extrusion we have only access to the epidermis, so it is technically impossible to remove completely change purulent. Incompetent remove blackhead squeezing instead, it goes deeper, and ultimately worsens acne. In addition, easy to tear this place, creating a scar That is much more visible than normal blackhead.

How to get rid of acne - facts and myths about home treatment of pimples

Blackheads can squeeze beautician

For These Reasons, you should also limit manual cleaning of the skin in cosmetic surgery. If you will go is an experienced beautician, you can at least count on professional service. Worse, when someone who knows weak job will try to fight our acne on the skin and leave ugly red spots. Manual cleansing should always be consulted with a doctor and Performed no more than once every three months.


Homemade solutions for facial cleansing. Face cleansing step by step

Facial cleansing home remedies is an excellent alternative to the drugstore cosmetics. Lotion homemade tonic made from herbal decoction and ...

face care

Pimples have to disinfect with alcohol

This is another "drying" to overthrow the myth. A group of people believe That after squeezing pimples need to rinse with alcohol as perfume, alcohol or tonic. Others try to combat That just created pimples. Thereby making the skin of his enormous damage. Alcohol has strong drying properties, and the Therefore worsens the condition of the skin and slows the healing of scars. Krostkach wound should be well hydrated - this will improve skin elasticity, will be able Which is better adapt to the changed texture of a place. Alcohol in any form to inhibit this process.

Every day you need to use antibacterial cosmetics

Acne is a disease Caused by hormonal changes, not Directly to bacteria. Skin treatment must be done from the inside first, and only then can support and cleansing formulations are delicate. Unfortunately, antibacterial lines of cosmetics for young people are still very popular among teenagers and Their parents. Morning gel based antibacterial soap, then mattifying cream, night antibacterial scrub with alcohol and emulsion - for acne prone skin there is nothing worse than such a connection. Glands receive a signal with excessive drying and beginning to work even harder. Gel for washing the face in 20 seconds to penetrate the dermis, but they peel the skin is the limit. In the worst case, dry methods override good performance hormonal treatment.

No makeup improve the appearance of skin

People affected by acne do not have to completely give up the painting. opaque makeup It is suitable for acne skin, if It consists of a maximum of two layers. Just stick to the agreed rules: use light sleepers matting, use niekomedogennych powders (preferably loose) and clean it regularly makeup applicators. Then we hide acne, without blocking the pores.

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