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How to make coffee CORRECTLY

How to make coffee CORRECTLY

A cup of your favorite coffee in the morning helps it finally wake up and tune into a working harmony. But if coffee is prepared incorrectly, the bracing effect is not the same, and the taste of the coffee will not complete. How can properly prepare the coffee Obtain this is a delicious aroma and taste That energize you for a long time?

How to make coffee CORRECTLY
The best option - is brewing coffee in Turku, although it takes more time and attention in the cooking process than in a coffee machine. Coffee beans are recommended to grind just before brewing, and then the flavor and aroma of the finished beverage will be richer. In general, the ground coffee is stored a week without loss of palatability, so better to buy coffee beans instead of ground.

Traditionally, the prescription of the coffee - and 2 teaspoons per 100 ml of water. On a gas stove coffee brewed on a small fire, and electrical, for the power minimum. As soon as the foam will begin this rise, you can turn off. No need to boil for coffee by boiling volatile substances begin to break down. 90-95S - this is the temperature at Which the coffee fully bridge gives your taste.

After the coffee is cooked, cover with a saucer Turk - let it configure themselves for 3 minutes. Then you can add in your coffee a little bit of cold boiled water (just a couple of drops), in order that precipitate the grounds. Pour into a cup. It is worth Noting That the coffee grains still remain osazhennye, Which gives it its characteristic bitter taste. Try to pour the drink through a fine strainer, taste a little change - will become softer.

After drinking coffee Necessarily Immediately wash Turk and a cup, try not to use detergents That do not smell them Remained in the pan. It is best to wash dishes with soap for coffee or soda.