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How to make coffee in Turku

How to make coffee in Turku

Many people ask about how to make coffee in Turku. After all, when you order the drink in restaurants, it turns out very tasty, and the taste of home is completely different.

Let's step by step look at how to make coffee in Turku.

First we need to put a blank Turk on fire in order to warm up the bottom.

Keeping it at low heat for about 2 minutes. Next we need to fill in the preheated Turk coffee. Let's cook in Turku coffee grounds.

100 grams of water were poured 2 teaspoons of ground coffee.

Many people add sugar at the end of cooking, but experts advise to throw the sugar with the coffee. The number at your discretion.

We turn to the most important step. Pour cold water into Turk. Water should be just enough to keep her level of income to the Narrowest portion of the neck. This is done in order that contact with the air is minimized.

When dry an amount of water, drink coffee aroma maximally saturated.

Set on the stove and put the small fire on the surface of the Turk.

Cook until the surface starts until it forms a small crust. At this point, the fire set to a minimum, and all Subsequent steps are doing it at the same temperature.

How to make coffee in Turku
Many people ask how to make coffee in Turku.

The biggest mistake is when the hostess distracted and drink escapes. Then you have to start all over again. Once there was a crust, the water begins to boil at the surface. THUS crust rises. At this point, Immediately remove from heat Turk.

Make Sure That the crust has not collapsed. That is, it is not Necessary to bring coffee to rapid boil. After a little crust on the surface, this is a defense mechanism That contributes to the rich taste and aroma.

Half a minute later, the return to the Turk back to the fire and repeat all the previous steps. So you need to do at least 3 times. Before serving, it is Necessary That the coffee stood for a moment, then drink fragrance opens brighter.

Turk coffee ready. Now you will learn how to cook at home, the coffee in Turku.