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How to make coffee in Turku

How to make coffee in TurkuTurk - this is the oldest vessel for making coffee. Regardless of the fact That now a lot of different machines for this purpose, the Turk still enjoys great popularity. Most often in Turku preparing coffee in the eastern, because it is saturated, dense and flavorful.

What is the secret? The fact That, thanks to this method, coffee is not filtered and grounds remains in the beverage. Because of this, the coffee retains its nutrients, Which are available in coffee beans.

Turk - a vessel with a wide bottom, long handle and a narrow neck. It can be any size, but the shape is always maintained. Turku is Considered the best One That has Particularly narrow neck. With regard to the material, the best Turk - is copper with silver plating inside.

It is in such a Turk boil classic coffee in the east. You can also select the Turk by volume. The manufacturer puts at the bottom of the figure, Which indicates the number of cups. Content:

Terms of cooking in Turku

Little tricks

What kind of coffee is better to choose

Cooking together in Turku

video recipe

Terms of cooking in Turku

There are some rules for making coffee in Turku:

Coffee must be finely ground.

The water will pour into the Turk should be cold, and best of all ice.

First you need to warm up the water in Turku, and then pour the coffee there.

If you want some supplements, you can add them to the Turk. The small beige additives spices and sugar Which can be added to taste.

While the coffee is brewed, the cup from Which to drink coffee, you need to warm up a bit. You can simply pour boiling water into it, and before pouring the coffee into the cup, pour the water.

During the heating process the coffee on the surface will Appear bright foam. This scum should be removed and spread into cups.

When the coffee in Turku will begin this rise, the last time it should be mixed and Immediately pour into cups.

When properly prepared, in Turku, in each plate is a thin light foam, Which will cover the entire surface. Keep in mind That coffee, under any Circumstances can not be boiled. People often ask how to make coffee, if you drink instant just been tired. Natural coffee - is the fruit of the coffee tree, Which grows in the tropics.

This coffee has a very pleasant taste. Nowadays, many coffee prove harm, but in fact it is not. That scientists say the drink is a great stimulator of brain activity and Increases stresoustoychivost. It properly make coffee in Turku, you first need to choose the right equipment itself. Coffee must be freshly ground and best of all finely ground.

So it will be more fragrant and delicious. To make coffee with milk in Turku, you just need to make coffee According to all the rules and when a spill coffee cups, pour some milk cool.

Little tricks

Coffee back in 1555 was brought from Syria this Istanbul, where he Began a brew coffee in Turku, Which is called in Turkish. It prepare a coffee, you must only use finely ground coffee and add dry spices as cardamom, anise, cinnamon and cloves. But, how to make coffee in Turku, if you do not ever do that?

This requires that the correct prepare Turk Which will correspond to the number of prepared pieces, stove, Which can be heated and coffee-ground very finely. For high-quality fresh roasted coffee beans need. It should be remembered That the roasted beans is not stored for a long time, since losing Their extraordinary flavor and taste.

These grind grains must be just before cooking, because the best coffee is derived from beans That are just milled. Grinding must be very carefully Achieve is the most finely ground. If the coffee is fine, the drink is brewed quickly and formed a large froth Which preserved under all the nutrients, divine taste and the aroma of fresh coffee.

To give the coffee a milder flavor, can be in the Turk put a pinch of salt. It is also important to know the Turk That should not be placed over the ground coffee than one or two teaspoons per cup of coffee. It will be bad for your health, and excessive bitterness will kill the real aroma and taste of coffee.

Water should be raw coffee. Boil coffee can not be, because the foam collapses and the entire cooking process goes awry. When preparing coffee, you need to constantly be around the plate, not to be distracted, but only spoil the coffee and get dirty plate.

When the coffee is ready, you can add a little cold water, then quickly Settles grounds. Do you think that if the taste of coffee depends on the brand, then you are grossly mistaken. It is important to buy coffee beans and to pay attention to the cultivation of the country. Do not buy coffee from India or Indonesia.

It is best to buy coffee grown in Central and South America. This coffee is always tasty and fragrant. If you see That the coffee beans are very dry and the flavor of Their weak, it is not Necessary to buy a coffee.

Most likely it's very old. Also take a look on the grains it was not the slightest trace of mold, that happens very often. Good fresh coffee beans must be of the same size and color.

How to make coffee in Turku
What kind of coffee is better to choose

As for variety, it is best to take Arabica Which is more fragrant and rather large grain and oily. But if you like strong coffee, then take Robusta, but it should be Diluted with Arabica, so it will be tastier, and caffeine will be slightly smaller. It prepare coffee in Turku with the foam need to first warm up a little Turk, and then pour the coffee and also a little heated.

Pour sugar and only crude pour cold water in a ratio of 100 ml of water for 2 h. L. coffee. Coffee should be cooked over low heat, as soon as the foam's rise, it is Necessary to turn off the coffee. Thereafter, this procedure can be repeated several times.

The amount depends on the boiling Turks size less than Turk, the lower boiling required. The main thing That foam is not broke, otherwise spoil the aroma of coffee. If you do not want to refill the cold water, you can simply hit the Turk on the table, then settle the grounds.

The color of coffee will be walnut color with a light foam. While coffee is brewed cups need to pour over boiling water, so That they are warm, then pour them into the finished coffee. East Necessarily brewed coffee with dense foam, it is because if the file Considered a coffee without foam guests, THUS insulted him.

There is another secret you need to make coffee slowly, because if you do not, the coffee will be bitter and even sweet and bitter. The best foam is Obtained from finely ground coffee. It is because of this it turns out. Coffee must be heated for a long time. The best assistant in the sugar acts.

In general, sugar slows down the heating process, as Appears not the best conductor of heat. The Therefore it is very important that prepare coffee in Turku. Sugar also helps to get a better crema. If you see in the finished coffee fines, It Means That the coffee is brewed less time.

So do not speed up the process of making coffee.

Cooking together in Turku

Practice shows eyebrow That coffee is better in small portions, because the Turks large with plenty of water for coffee Obtained undercooked, or vice versa, overcooked. In order to make coffee in Turku need simple ingredients:

freshly ground coffee - 2 tsp ..

sugar - if Necessary

Crude cold water - 100 ml

Turk with a narrow neck

Turku is Necessary before cooking is put on the stove and heat, but do not overdo it, so it does not overheat. Then add the coffee and also a little bit to warm up, to give coffee its flavor Turk. After that you 'want to add sugar, stir, and only then pour tap water.

As for the water temperature, some believe That only need hot water, while others on the contrary - cold. Brew coffee is better at the small fire, so it is good eyebrow. When the foam starts this form and rise up, you need to make sure That it did not go away from the Turks. When it rises to the top, remove from heat Turk.

Foam plugs the neck of the Turks and does not give the flavor of coffee to leave the dishes. The process of boiling is better to repeat 1-2 times. When the coffee is ready, knock on a few times by the Turks on the table and add a teaspoon of cold water to grounds quickly settled. Ready drink must be prepared and pour the warmed cups and you can enjoy the fragrant and delicious coffee. Before drinking the coffee, it is Necessary to have it in the cups stood for a few minutes.

If you drink coffee right away, grounds fall into the mouth, and it is Necessary That it has settled.

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