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How to make hair conditioner? Recipe for home-conditioner

How to make hair conditioner? Recipe for home-conditionerHow to make hair conditioner? Recipe for home-conditioner

Recipe for home hair conditioner once knew all women. The mixture of vinegar, eggs and beer is long known natural cosmetic for hair care. If the hair after washing your skin is itchy and irritated, you should set aside the specifics of shops and try out the recipe for hair treatment and nourishment. It is also cheap and fast method of care.

Homely conditioner know our mothers and grandmothers. It is a mixture of beer and eggs once saved women's hair before drying and duality

Traditional (shop), hair conditioners usually we are very greasy hair and weight. Almost every once had a problem with the exact hair washing after using one of the magical supplements. except tłuszczenia loading and hair conditioners have one drawback - too exorbitant price. For the '' good '' nutrient-known companies have to pay several tens or even gold.

Nourish hair, clear case. Consider, however, how to do it cheaply, quickly and very natural. Best to prepare your own conditioner with natural ingredients, Which for many years are known for Their care properties. Why grandmothers could take care of her hair cheaply and well, and we have a bother with the expensive (often annoying) specifics? Home conditioner It works great on both hair and skin. If you suffer from itching and irritation of the scalp, this preparation is for you.

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Why head after washing itches?

That Believe anything you put on the skin and hair, is not a direct impact. If the scalp is very oily or dry and baked, it gives you probably understand is that you 'treat her badly. Apply cosmetic detox and observe the condition of the scalp and hair Improves alone. stop completely wash hair and use of all cosmetic styling (Even if badly will it Affect your mood and appearance). Wait a few days and start cleanse the hair in a natural way - using soap hair natural origin, pet shampoos and conditioners, vinegar for cleaning.

Here are a few ingredients of hair care products That can irritate the skin:

  • Formaldehyde (Hair gels, shampoos),
  • Plastics and Plasticizers (shampoos and hair conditioners)
  • How to make hair conditioner? Recipe for home-conditioner

  • Lead (hair dyes)
  • Coal tar (hair dyes and shampoos).

How to Make a conditioner?

Dietary Ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar,
  • 1 egg,
  • ½ cup beer (you can use aloe juice).

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix them thoroughly with a whisk. Apply to the entire head, then wrap the hair with a towel in a turban and stay for 30 minutes or Cover the rest of them in the bath and rinse at the end. Do not use hot water, because the conditioner will turn into scrambled eggs.

Why use natural ingredients?

  • Beer - it is full of B vitamins, repairing damaged hair, and adds to the volume.
  • eggs - fatty acids were incorporated that moisturize the hair and Strengthen.
  • Apple vinegar - gives shine and cleans the scalp.

The article is a fragment of book development Adina Grigore '' Happy skin '', ed. Galaxy (2015).


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