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How to make tea – 10 tips

How to make tea - 10 tipsTea without exaggeration be Considered a cult drink of all time without exception. Besides a nice smell and taste, it has health benefits, due to high content of antioxidants.

Against the background of the coffee to be able to cook it properly also, Tea seems to be quite a simple process. However, here there are secrets and Nuances.

How to cook the most delicious tea

There are the tips on how to cook a delicious tea, Which are very useful to every fan of this drink.

1. The freshness of tea - especially

Essential oils contained in tea, are eroding over time, in large Quantities, Which would adversely Affect its taste. Storage Tea time - up to two years if stored in a cool and dry place. Of course, the tea overdue sick and can not be poisoned, but enjoy the flavor will be much nicer if the tea will be used within six months.

2. Freedom asleep tea leaves

When brewing tea leaves noticeable Increase in volume. So, in order that it enable them to unleash Their full potential, you need to take care of the space. That is, choose a large teapot.

And it is better to give preference is leaf tea.

3. Tasty water - delicious tea

In a cup of tea is greater part of water. And so the taste of the tea Directly depends more on the quality of water than from the teas. That it is clear it is not recommended to use Chlorinated water. But the quality of the water depends on the preferences of each and the place of residence.

For the correct preparation of a tea beverage is better to use filtered water or defend. In any case, this issue should be taken very seriously.

4. Boiling Point

Equally important, is the question of water quality is its temperature. All know exactly what water should simmer well. But, good for brewing tea is not Necessary to bring the water to a rapid boil. Black tea brewing desirably at a temperature of 90 degrees, and the white and green varieties - about 80 degrees. The Therefore, the boiling water must be slightly cool to the desired temperature.

And never boil water used for brewing again and even more so do not mix with water boiled boiled - it is very much Affect the quality of the brewed tea!

5. Everything is good in moderation

When brewing should adhere to the norms of one and a half is two spoons of tea is one cup of water for tea leaf, green and herbal varieties. Moreover, for most varieties of black teas are more compact and have a longer drying time, it will be enough and one teaspoon. And for a more robust and fragrant drink, you can add tea, but do not Increase the time of the infusion beverage.

6. Tea is much more pleasant to drink from the right dishes

Of great importance for the quality tea is tea purely use, proper utensils. The best option for that - ceramic tableware. And for good reason, because the tea triumphal march around the world accompanied by the fashion for pottery and porcelain. Modern industry produces a wide variety of usage of glass teapots for brewing tea, Which is also quite Suitable.

The main thing to remember - you can not get good tea, brewing it in a metal bowl.

7. Look at the clock

When tea is brewed stagnate, then there is too bitter taste. It came from the tea tannins. This "perezavarenny" tea is not a health hazardous, but this delicious liquid called just really can not.

For the perfect black tea need to brew it about three to five minutes, and green and white - two or three minutes.

8. Not a drop of milk

In some countries, love to drink tea with milk, for example, in England. In our country, this option is not very common. And it's just wonderful!

After a small dairy proteins be contacted with beneficial tea solids and thereby reduce its healing effect on the body.

9. A bit of lemon

Lemon added to tea, it Increases its antioxidant properties. Vitamin C in our body Creates an acidic environment for catechins, and makes them more accessible in our intestines for absorption. The addition of citrus (orange, grapefruit and the like. D.) Makes a delicious tea, interrupting THUS some bitterness.

10. Drink to your health!

In Conclusion, Regardless of compliance with the strict rules of tea or a completely frivolous attitude should remember them That tea - is not just a food product, but an entire cultural tea ceremony associated with socializing and recreation. After all, even the most simple kind of tea surrounded by lovely pleasant companions will be fabulously delicious. It turns out That the main secret - how to make a tasty tea is not in the culinary field.

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