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How to prepare a cappuccino at home

How to prepare a cappuccino at homeCappuccino - the magic potion all over the world gave Italy. This coffee has pleased millions of people in different countries. His book in elite restaurants and roadside cafes.

His drink of expensive dishes in upscale homes and plastic cups on the run. And in, too, can cook our favorite cappuccino at home themselves.

One cup connected and covered with thick foam two flavors - the taste of strong coffee in the morning and a gentle taste of milk. Let's look at my simple recipe for making this coffee with milk. Ingredients

The main ingredient of this drink - coffee. So you need to get a good grade custard or instant coffee. That it were better coffee beans.

The dairy component. If you make a cappuccino on the classic recipe, you will need to ordinary milk. But it can be replaced by ice cream or cream.

Cinnamon or chocolate chips.



How to prepare a cappuccino at home
Brew epresso familiar way for you

Beat milk. Adding the foam in its proportions: 1 part coffee, two parts milk.

Sprinkle chocolate chips and cinnamon and add sugar to taste.

We insert the tube, drink and enjoy the taste of Italian life!