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How to rejuvenate makeup? Everyday makeup for mature women

How to rejuvenate makeup? Everyday makeup for mature womenHow to rejuvenate makeup? Everyday makeup for mature women
Good makeup can work wonders. Accordingly, the applied undercoat, well-chosen lipstick or mascara can subtract a woman even 10 years. Learn the tricks of professional make-up artists, Which instantly rejuvenate your face.

Make rejuvenating. How to rejuvenate makeup?

The most important is the mask, Which adds years, and so wrinkles and discoloration. The second important rule when doing makeup behavior of moderation. Do not overdo the amount of cosmetics or nor with the intensity of colors. Otherwise, the effect will be unnatural. The idea is to face looked rested, fresh and well-groomed. How to Achieve this?

Start make-up of smooth leather

Before you begin to paint, liftingującym lubricate the face cream, Which will stretch the skin Immediately. Then take the mask of wrinkles between the eyebrows, crow's feet and Those around the mouth. Stretch them gently with your fingertips and let a little bit of an equalizer, highlighting the brighter tone of the skin. Zatuszuj equalizer pink discoloration and dark circles under the eyes yellow. Then apply a primer facelift. If you have very dry skin, the best will be the consistency of the fluid - most easily spread it on his face. The ideal would be fluid in skin color, but will also work with the lighter tone - in line with the principle of clear rejuvenates - the dark ages.

You can add color skin icing brązującym - flick the cheekbones. It should be loose and slightly brightening, because the mats featuring the dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles. Choose powders with ground pearl uterus or a small amount of mikki That leave skin shimmering haze - THUS reflect light and hide wrinkles. You can also choose a powder in a shade of peach-pink. Superimposed on the forehead, nose, chin and cheek bones optically it looks fresh and rejuvenates the skin alive.

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underline the eye

The Safest way is to choose shades in natural colors - ecru, beige and slightly pearly. If you can not imagine without dark makeup line, do it gently stretching the outer corner of the eye. In this way, for a moment you rozprasujesz wrinkles and cosmetic skin evenly stained. You can use a soft pencil, and then rub the line. Better is a darker shade, because the line made with a pencil looks too sharp and checks at the evening makeup.

How to rejuvenate makeup? Everyday makeup for mature womenif you have drooping eyelids, put in the shade darker outer corner and rub it upwards. Then lead the line in the collapse of the eyelid and rub it up - a triangle formation, optically Which raises the corners of the eyes. Ink color adapts to the type of beauty, not to the age. Women with bright-rimmed eyes look better in dark brown mascara. Blondes, Which are tied after all is a classic black, graphite ink should try. Just remember not to impose too much mascara and carefully separate the lashes. When you take a moment makeup eyebrows. With age, they usually we thinning, but they can be hard to emphasize, well-sharpened pencil. Draw some lines are imitating Italian and then lightly rub.

It will be useful to you

make synchronous That is, they Performed That is in one color. Usually they used to just pink - pink with a paler skin, the darker różowobeżowego. It must be applied to the cheekbones and a little under the eyebrow. The center then eyelids painted a brighter shade of tone and disguises lashes. Makeup is very natural, and at the same time rejuvenating because roses mimics the color of young skin.

painting paragraph

Mature ladies usually we choose lipstick, because it gives a clearer effect. But it is not worth completely give up lip gloss, Which visually enlarges lips and more importantly - adds to the youthful freshness. The best use of both cosmetic. First coat the mouth with lipstick and then apply to the center of a small amount of lip gloss. Be sure to buy a liner. With her lipstick does not go beyond the mouth and does not get to the surrounding wrinkles. However, you should carefully choose the color crayons - can not be much darker than the lipstick, because it's a very look older. Best to choose the One That is close to the natural color of the mouth.

creative makeup

If you do not have time or do not like it can not paint, apply economical version of makeup. Its execution is easy and takes only a moment, and the effect is visible Immediately. Apply primer, wytuszuj lightly underline eyelashes and lips. Avoid dark brown lipstick, mustard or plum color because you add consecutive years. Better colors are delicate or red - raspberry in colder complexion, the warmer classic. In such a face makeup does not look like painted, but it is not completely sauté.

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