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How to take care of feet in the fall? Home Foot Care

How to take care of feet in the fall? Home Foot CareHow to take care of feet in the fall? Home Foot Care

When it rains, wet feet and easily catch a cold. Sitting at work in warm boots, foot overheating and the heat and humidity are conducive ringworm. How to regenerate the feet after the summer and take care of the good condition of the fall?

Feet after the summer are ugly and painful. Continuous sunbathing, walking in flip-flops and bathing in salt water damage the skin of the feet.

feet in autumn They change Becomes Their skin thicker and drier. Changes in temperature and wearing built-up shoes that are not conducive foot health. Our skin is provided with thermoreceptors cold and heat, react Which is the ambient conditions. Points sensitive to the cold is approx. 250,000, the heat only approx. 30,000. Most sensitive is the changes in temperature are fingertips, chest, nose, hands and feet. Even at an air temperature of 10 ° C by a heat loss rate is four times greater than the whole body. The Therefore it is important to wear shoes appropriate Return autumn:

  • a larger number, because that does not impede blood flow, Which Promotes odmrożeniom insulating thick-soled feet from the ground, you can further Top Increase it, wearing a felt pad so you can try it.
  • Thermal pads - after breaking a small plaque inside the insert heats up.

It is also important not to put the soaked shoes. The Therefore, after returning home, you need to dry them well, but not at a strong heat source (eg. Radiator). Let dry naturally, in a ventilated area. This shoe is not deformed, should add to them a special regulation or crumpled newspaper, Which also absorbs moisture from the inside. In this dry shoes rozsznurowane Increase air circulation.

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Autumn feet sweating

When we sit at work many hours in warm kozaczkach, excessively sweaty feet. So it is best to change shoes in the office, and wherever possible, to give freedom to the feet: wear flip flops or go barefoot. Our feet are in fact too often "dressed", making it difficult to breathe Promotes skin and excessive perspiration. Leather, Which are made boots, absorbs moisture from the feet So THAT is the need evaporat up to 24 hours. The Therefore it is better not to use the same shoes day after day. What to do this Prevent excessive sweating feet?

  • Wash them twice each day, draining thoroughly between your fingers.
  • Value Antiperspirants use sticks, creme or spray, excessive sweating and chafing Prevent or talcs and Deodorants.
  • A common foot ailment that too rarely "breathe" are cracked heels. That Prevent this, during each washing feet wipe the hard skin grater, and after surgery rub preparations for the care of cracking heels. It also helps soaking feet in a slurry of ground flaxseed.
  • Foot perspiration can be prevented by wearing socks of natural fibers (wool and cotton).
  • How to take care of feet in the fall? Home Foot Care

Moisture and heat promote fungal infection, Which is driven too long to walk in the shoes airtight and wet feet. Ringworm treatment begins with skin lubrication antifungal preparations ointment, gel or cream (eg. Hautschutz und Nagel-Creme, Acerin Fungi, Lamisilatt) or liquids (eg. Daktarin). These formulations are applied are for 2-4 weeks. If the changes are larger, you have to go to the doctor.


Beware of frostbite

Feet very easy to freeze. Prolonged exposure is low temperatures Causes disorders of sensory receptors in the skin. After some time, "pinch" block receptors and do not feel That something is wrong. When the foot is warm up at room temperature, there are signs of frostbite: redness, itching, burning and pain.

Warming bath for the feet

with light hypothermia feet Alternating baths are good, once cool, once in hot water with borax.

  1. bring relief bath in broth with herbs1 tablespoon sage, 1 tablespoon of oak bark, 2 cups of water. Herbs heated for about 10 minutes, leave to strain for 5 minutes and poured into a bowl of warm water alloys steep for 10 minutes.
  2. with easy freezing feet should soak them in hot infusion of oak, horsetail and nettle (herb mix in equal parts. The glass of water, take 1 tablespoon).
  3. After frostbite foot bath is recommended 1 kg of potato peals it simmer for 15 minutes, decanted, and the broth is poured into a bowl. We soak feet for 15 minutes 2 times a week.
  4. There are also effective baths with starch boiled with 01.02 kg of flour and several liters of water.
  5. well done swimming in warm water with sea salt, or food (2 tablespoons of water to the bowl). Alloys steep for 5-10 minutes.

Soothing foot massage

That improve blood circulation feet, Which were cold, foot massage each finger in a circular motion, and at the end Pull the big toe is several times each other. Sole massage fist from the heel to point fingers or thumb. In the case of hyperhidrosis and the problems of dried skin and skin on the heels of the rupturable gives good results massage with essential oils, for example. Cypress, rosemary, sandalwood, orange, camphor.


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foot care

Autumn regeneration feet

Home regeneration feet after the summer

Once or twice a week, urine feet in warm water with olives or special formulation feet. Then, use a grater feet covered with abrasive paper - one side of the grater should be stronger and the other weaker. Home abrade the skin on the heels of a thick grater and finally gently smoothes the skin to get rid of burrs. Gently rub or a foot sides and the salts of the entire foot. If you react badly to the curb to the feet, buy a special scrub - the effect is not as spectacular, but frequent exfoliation will help get rid of dead skin and impurities.

Then thoroughly dry the feet, move the towel peel and apply on your nails olive. The whole foot pan with a thick layer of fat cream and wear thin socks. You'll see how quickly the cream soaks into the skin. If after some time you will notice that the excess cream is on the skin, you can change it to a lighter or just put it less.

All rescue feet ritual perform in the evening, even before bedtime. After the treatments, foot care need rest. Lie in bed or on the couch and pillow feet substrates that improve circulation, reduce swelling of the feet.

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