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How to take care of your hair during pregnancy? Beauty and grooming

How to take care of your hair during pregnancy? Beauty and groomingHow to take care of your hair during pregnancy? Beauty and grooming
Pregnancy is a period in Which the hair falls out less and are more dense, but still Their care can cause many problems. Is expectant mother can straighten and dye your hair? What to do when you get dandruff or dry ends? Learn how to care for pregnant hair.

Expectant mother can choose to lounge on a moisturizing treatment, dandruff, tips or undercut delicate coloration.

hair pregnant become stronger and more dense. this is due estrogen, Which of the level is elevated in pregnancy. Estrogen stimulates the hair follicles and more work in the future shag gets more abundant. Good condition of the hair, Their faster growth and greater volume, tend to use the treatments in the salon. treatments dyeing, Hair straightening or nutrition are not prohibited in pregnancy. If you use them in moderation and good hairdresser retains all the safety rules, procedures you can perform on a regular basis.

Pregnant women also do not have to give up home hair care. Pregnancy does not preclude the application of professional cosmetics, as far as Their chemical composition is not dangerous for the skin. This is due to the fact That the skin in pregnancy (also skin of head) During pregnancy is a very delicate and is susceptible allergies and irritations. So try to save your skin, choose a delicate That beauty products nourish the scalp and hair.

Add glare matte hair during pregnancy

Hair during pregnancy; generally have better than usual. But there are times when improper care or too aggressive styling aggravate Their condition. Good condition of the hair during pregnancy is not the rule, some women complain about Their appearance. When the hair is dull, It Means That they are either destroyed or desiccated - Their scales are parted Which unevenly reflect light.

The fastest will add the glow of Strengthening and smoothing mask. It should be applied 2-3 times a week on freshly washed, damp hair. It is good then wrap a hot towel head - because heat accelerates the penetration of nutrients into the hair. Such masks you buy in stores or professional hair salons. To the hairdresser you go to touch up split ends. Barber also carry out small treatment nourishes the hair, apply a moisturizing mask and smoothing. If you previously uprzedzisz barber about his condition, he will choose safe treatments and preparations.

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Straighten your hair during pregnancy

Theoretically, there is no impediment that straighten hair at the hairdresser's, ie. keratin hair straightening. In practice it happen That the small agents used during surgery righting irritate the scalp. Future mom can also upset Their scent. If you do decide on a treatment, you must tell the hairdresser that you 'are pregnant. Ask the stylist to it before the surgery attempt allergic - then avoid any surprises. Completely safe in pregnancy while straightener. But it has a serious drawback: too frequent use dries her hair.

Hair coloring in pregnancy

How to take care of your hair during pregnancy? Beauty and groomingFor this treatment has no contraindications. Contrary is often what you read on the Internet, included in paints ingredients do not penetrate into the bloodstream, do not harm the mother and not harm the fetus. It should, however, take into account That Becomes pregnant skin more sensitive, and it can irritate the constituents of hair dyes. So let's use the delicate coloring preparations, dry That to not contain ammonia, and do not smell too hard.

The pregnancy is advised against using henna - pregnancy hormones can make the coloring effect will be difficult to predict.

Barber, who will perform coloration small attempt to carry out Sensitization in a small area of ​​the skin. Very often hairdressers ask pregnant women to come forward to perform an allergy test the day before surgery. Such a period of time DETERMINE Sufficient is the potential threat. Whether pay attention to the living room is proper ventilation or ask to sit by an open window. Paint fumes and odors and hydrogen peroxide are hard to resist.

The fight against dandruff pregnant

Dandruff I have in the future is often the result of seborrheic dermatitis. Heavily bolstered dandruff requires the intervention of a Dermatologist, who will assess Whether it is a dry dandruff, or fat, advise and safe treatment. If white flakes Appear sporadically and are not burdensome, the best buy in the pharmacy Anti-dandruff shampoo and apply it as often as the manufacturer recommends.


Hair after childbirth

Hair loss It is normal after birth, and it is Caused by hormonal changes taking place in the puerperium. Usually falls a lot of them - a woman Loses all the hair, Which as a result of elevated estrogen levels do not fall out of her nine months of pregnancy.

Postpartum alopecia is the result of a decrease in estrogen levels. Hair loss is also a strong effect postpartum stress. May Raise Concerns, but such a response does not mean That the hair is weakened. Young mother can not worry comb as before, using the same styling cosmetics. With one exception - if the pregnancy has changed the shape of the face and hairstyle old no longer adorned, head to the barber stylist who will advise the appropriate Return hairstyle and cut off her hair.