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How to take care of your skin before marriage? Wedding makeup and care

How to take care of your skin before marriage? Wedding makeup and careHow to take care of your skin before marriage? Wedding makeup and care
Appropriate skin care before the wedding preparation is the key. Beautiful and smooth complexion Guarantees That will make even the simplest elegantly presented. In order is properly take care of your skin, it's best to start preparing now for a month before the wedding. Learn also how it should look classic wedding makeup.

The best look of the skin care already a month before the wedding. Also, wedding makeup should follow a few weeks Earlier, the effect it meets expectations.

Wedding preparations should start early. If you want to have flawless skin, Consider That rebuilds the skin within approx. 28 days. This is the minimum That Remains on the changes to the external appearance. Two months before the wedding Usually everything is buttoned up the last button. It is also the last call to prepare the skin for that special day. Everything depends of course on the condition of the skin.

If every day, your skin is properly nurtured month is certainly enough time for treatments, so That It That Day you will look special. The plan should Consider a visit to the beauty salon and home care.

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Wedding makeup matched to the skin type

A month before the wedding should be Performed makeup trial. Perfect wedding makeup should cover imperfections, the ensure durability throughout the day and night, and at the same time look natural. Yes this is possible.

Wedding makeup oily or combination skin

If your skin is mixed or oily select connection CC cream (Color&Correct) and pressed mineral powder. The first is a moisturizing cream coloring with a light texture and fat-free formula, Which not only moisturize, but also reduces inflammation. Pressed Mineral Powder will cover imperfections, leave the skin matte and protect against the sun.

If you like illumination light cream coloring, add a few drops of base illuminating or use multifunctional bronzer- rozświetlacz. Each of These products can be applied to the entire body them shine.

Wedding makeup dry skin

down dry skin use strong moisturizing and nourishing underlay or multifunctional BB cream (Beauty Balm). An alternative be small base nawilżająco- smoothing. As a result, the skin will be perfectly hydrated and fresh. Do not forget to matt skin using pressed mineral powder. In order that emphasize the cheekbones, apply roses, and contouring bronzer.

Wedding makeup eyes and lips

The standards eye makeup wedding dominate beiges and browns. If you decide that traditional smoky eyes, paint the lips lipstick dirty pink or nude. Color lipsticks can be combined with accents of dress or wedding bouquet. These are some useful tips you should consult with a makeup artist.

Watch a video on how to make the classic makeup and hairstyle for the wedding:

Source: Magdalena Pieczonka / youtube

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What should be in your purse on your wedding day?

Wedding bag has a much less able than the one you wear every day. Bring only the essentials, namely pressed powder, sponges, tissue paper matting, lipstick or lip gloss and a mirror.

And skin care treatments before the wedding

How to take care of your skin before marriage? Wedding makeup and careMakeup approved? The next step will be to visit a beautician. A month before the wedding is the last moment for a light exfoliation of the epidermis. Ask at his office on scrub with lactic acid. Lactic acid at a low concentration allows for gentle exfoliation of the stratum corneum without Causing any damage of the skin. Perfectly stimulates the skin that produce collagen and makes the outer layer of the skin are properly Supplied with blood and the skin smooth and cohesive. It also reduces discoloration.

For the second surgery two weeks before the wedding. This time, attitudes are deep hydration. The treatment should take into account moisturizing cosmetics preparations hyaluronic acid and peptides and Strengthen Their action using the sono and iontophoresis.

It is very important for a month before the wedding to choose the appropriate Return home care. Some cosmetic companies have on offer so-called. cosmetics banquet. They come in the form of capsules or masks. Evens, nourish the skin, as well as retain water in the skin, so the skin looks rested and illuminated.

On the day of the application, be sure it sunscreen. regulation eyebrows follow the latest two days before the wedding Reducing the risk of redness. Yes scheduled monthly care program will cause your skin will be moisturized, smooth, radiant. Makeup made on the skin will look fresh and naturally persist much longer.


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Good to know

Skin-cycle dependent

Appearance of the skin changes during the menstrual cycle. Women who have trouble with the complexion, complain to the tightening of problems just before menstruation. With the Increasing level of progesterone small Appear on the skin of pimples and pustules painful - often noticeable changes are in the ovulation period (approx. 14 day cycle).

In the second half of the cycle raises estrogen levels, they Appear swelling of the face and chest. In contrast, the skin Appears then prettier and better moisturized. Shortly after menstruation (approx. 7 day cycle) is the least sensitive skin, heals well and looks beautiful.

If the date falls on a wedding moment when the skin can look unsightly, you ask your doctor for help. Some women taking vitamin B6 helps in the second half of the cycle (about the benefits of Adopting and dosage can tell the doctor). Preferably the skin also Affect hormonal preparations containing estrogen.

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