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How to wash your hands? Manual washing hands

How to wash your hands? Manual washing handsHow to wash your hands? Manual washing hands

Look at your hands. Do you think that you are clean? It's an illusion! Studies have shown That 95 per cent. of us I wash my hands too short, not removing them from pathogenic Microorganisms. And you can get rid of them in 20 seconds. Just follow the rules proper hand washing.

Wash your hands for approx. 20 seconds. That's enough to get rid of dirt and germs.

Every inch of skin on the hands exists even 5 million bacteria. Of course, some of them are called. physiological microflora. But easy to find here pathogenic bacteria, parasites and fungi, Which can include coli bacteria, salmonella, eggs pinworms Whether tapeworm. Hands to touch because of various surfaces, of Which the "raking" pathogens. Researchers from Michigan State University and conducted a Study That Showed that up to 15 percent. of men and 7 percent. women do not wash Their hands after using the restroom. Those who wash them, they do it for a short time, do not use soap.

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How to wash your hands? Instruction

It is important that remove before washing watch, bracelets and rings. First, you need soap when washing both hands to not forget the wrists. You have to pay attention to the area between the fingers and the nails. It is in These places to hide like bacteria (which can be determined by checking the purity under special fluorescent lamp - lit places not washed in blue). At the end of hands thoroughly dry it (like bacteria and moisture).

20 seconds - just enough to thoroughly wash your hands

It turns out That each of us wash Their hands an average of 5 seconds. It's too short! Hand hygiene need to spend 20 seconds. Research has shown That already in the first 15 seconds lost 90 percent. bacteria, much more do you need to get rid of all germs.

How to wash your hands? Manual washing hands

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How many times a day you need to wash your hands?

There's a lot: every time after using the restroom, after playing (or contact) with the animal Necessarily before eating or just touching food (especially raw meat or fish), and after contact with someone who (absolutely after visiting the hospital). Hands should also be washed after sneezing or coughing. Not to dry the skin once a day need to be greased moisturizing cream.

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