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Hyperhidrosis is your problem? Find the right antiperspirant

Hyperhidrosis is your problem? Find the right antiperspirantHyperhidrosis is your problem? Find the right antiperspirant
If you want even in the heat you feel comfortable - reach for the right deodorant or antiperspirant. In the choice can help you test the results of our journalists. Yes loose summer growing problem with excessive sweating.

Sweat This secretion of sweat glands. You sweat all the time, even when you do not notice it at all. In normal isolated human approx. 800 ml of sweat during hot weather, fever or effort considerably, even several liters per day. That is the operation mechanism of regulating the natural body temperature - moisture evaporating from the skin, it is cooled and flows into the blood of the skin, Preventing overheating of the body. However, it does not always run smoothly.

Excessive sweating is embarrassing

Some people, for various Reasons, sweat very intensively. Adolescents Usually happens in adolescence, because the storm hormone Increases the sensitivity of the nervous system Responsible for the secretion of sweat. excessive sweating Occurs also frequently during menopause, when diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cancer. Not infrequently, excessive sweating Affects Certain sites only. Concerns usually we psychiatric sweating hands, feet, armpits, groin and face, and usually we Occurs under the influence of even the smallest emotional stimuli. Increased perspiration can also Occur in Those regions of the body, the player is a disease process, for example. Intestinal or leg ulcers. There is also the so-called. sweating taste, appearing after eating hot or spicy foods - you can see beads of sweat on his nose, forehead, above the upper lip. And sometimes the reason for dry sweating is damage to the nervous system - then the time instead of chewing salivary glands are stimulated sweat glands.

Excessive sweating - water, soap, deodorant good

Sweat itself is almost odorless, it is only as a result of decomposition by bacteria That live on the skin begins to smell bad. The Therefore, the water and soap are the first allies in the fight with the smell of sweat, because the wash bacteria from the skin. However, they do not remove them completely, because they are also in the pores and hair follicles. They are especially sensitive place underarm hair - accumulating them sweat gland secretion is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Shave armpits so it is worth not only for aesthetic Reasons, but also hygienic. Unpleasant smell of sweat very Effectively Eliminate Deodorants and Antiperspirants - each of These cosmetics should be applied is freshly cleansed, dry and best depilated skin. Deodorants containing compounds Which inhibit the growth of bacteria degrading perspiration (e.g.,. Aluminum chloride) Which act for several hours. They are also fragrances won Relevancy unpleasant sweat. These cosmetics do not, however, release Prevent its Antiperspirants this task. Contain compounds (eg. Alkaline aluminum salts) Which, under the influence of temperature and moisture change in gel tapered mouth of the sweat glands. It is also often talk to them - dries the skin, Reducing The Possibility of bacterial growth. Action Antiperspirants usually we lasts for 48 hours, and That is why they should not be used on large areas of skin, because it can interfere with the body's Thermoregulation system. On the night so you have to wash off cosmetics to the skin to breathe freely. It is best to use interchangeably with anti-perspirant deodorant, every 2 days.

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Sweating - Botox

Dr. Krzysztof Miracki certified doctor of aesthetic medicine, BeautyMed in Warsaw

Currently, the most commonly Performed injections of botulinum toxin (Botox), Which blocks the nerve endings Responsible for the secretion of sweat. Before surgery, you should do so. Minor test. It consists in the fact That the place where the bridge of the patient sweats - armpits, feet, hands - lubricated with iodine, and then buries starch. Where the skin is stained hardest, with the most hyperactive sweat glands. This allows the physician has an excellent indication That the place has ostrzyknąć. Then it lubricates the skin anesthetic preparation, and then gives Botox - usually we Performed 20-30 punctures thin, short needle. The treatment is completely safe, you can Immediately after the return to normal activities. Treatment price is approx. 1.5 thousand. zł, and its effect lasts for nearly a year.

Doctors are struggling with excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis is your problem? Find the right antiperspirantThere are Situations even when slightly damp skin Causing discomfort and embarrassment, let alone when you literally sweat it flows, so usually we in addition connects to more odor. For people suffering from excessive sweating this ailment is extremely cumbersome, because even the meticulous attention to hygiene and perfect beauty only briefly remove the problem. And then with the help of medicine can come. In some cases, the doctor and the formulation of small PRESCRIBE inhibitors activity of the sweat glands, for example. Backfill or solution comprising of spreads, for example. Boric acid or formalin. Shall also sedatives, from the group of beta-blockers, acupuncture, psychotherapy. Sometimes it is sometimes helpful iontophoresis - a treatment using direct current applied to the hands and feet. Sometimes, however, that we have to resort is more radical methods. In Certain cases (eg. Sweat on the back or other large areas of the body) is used so. sympathectomy. This procedure Involving the intersection of the nerves Responsible for the operation of sweat glands in a given area of ​​the body. Although this method is effective, but it is associated with the risk of various complications. That's why more and more commonly used newer techniques are known aesthetic medicine.
The laser Provides a lasting effect - Dr. says. med. Marcin Bienkowski, a specialist in general surgery and aesthetic medicine, Esteticmed in Bydgoszcz. In the novel method of treating chronic hyperhidrosis used laser beam. The treatment is a one-time, because it gives a lasting effect, it is Performed under local anesthesia. It involves inserting a fiber laser through the skin mikronacięcie precinct subcutaneous tissue, dissolving the sweat glands and aspiration. After the treatment space closed slit slices or seams. The entire procedure lasts approx. 45 minutes and after a short rest, the patient returns home. Swelling and soreness in the area accumulation in 48-72 hours, while the effect of the reduced perspiration is felt already after 3 days and for the next day we are growing. This method Permanently Removes the perspiration within the armpit, do not apply it on the feet or hands. Price surgery is 4.5-6 thousand. zł.

Necessarily make it

Journalists and editors of Health tested Antiperspirants and Deodorants. If you want to learn how to fall out all the tested products, check the Search cosmetics.

The cooling system of the organism forms and sweat glands

Thermoregulation mechanism Consists of two types of sweat glands. Eccrine glands are located all over the skin, and do not sweat secreted by almost 99 percent. is water. Apocrine glands become active only during adolescence, most of them are under the armpits, in the genital area, groin and scalp. They secrete sweat cloudy and viscous mixture containing proteins and fat.

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