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Iced coffee in summer

Iced coffee in summerContents: Coffee with coffee morozhenymHolodny koritseyKofe glyasseHolodny limonomAys kofeHolodny coffee coffee coffee cappuccino konyakomOhlazhdenny sokomLetny

All the most interesting recipes for cold coffee. This drink will relieve hot summer days. Pick a recipe to taste.

Bon kofepitiya.

A cup of coffee works wonders: just make you feel quite tired, but now vigorous, full of strength and energy; Five minutes ago you had a very melancholy mood, but the flavor of the coffee to set you on a completely different wave: That you realize the world is beautiful! That's only in the summer, in the heat, do not want anything hot. Still, you should not deny yourself in pleasure: a beautiful option is a cold coffee with various additives.

You can, of course, and simply submit a lukewarm drink, but this will agree, it is not as interesting as the coffee brewed to a special recipe for submission to the cold.

How much will it take it prepare this coffee? Everything will depend on how you're cool drink. Hot coffee into the cup to cool for about an hour, the process can be considerably accelerated if the put a cup into a container of cold water or ice, add coffee ice cubes or ice cream balls.

Suggested cold coffee recipes are quite simple, the ingredients are absolutely available that prepare iced coffee is very easy. All recipes below are prepared on the basis of the ground, not instant coffee.

Whether it is a Necessary supply coffee in a cold brew in the Turk, or it will be enough ground coffee pour boiling water? It all depends on how finely grind grain. The coarse, the longer you need to make coffee. Ideally, any coffee brewed in the Turk.

The Following recipes proportions reducible coffee orientation only: they can either decrease or depending Increase Whether he needs a coffee stronger or weaker.

Coffee ice cream


200-250 ml of water

2 tablespoons of coffee

1 serving of ice cream (70 g)

20g grated chocolate

In Turk pour a glass of cold water, add coffee. Keep on low heat Turk. When you see foam, Turk quickly remove heat from a coffee did not run away. Ready coffee to cool and pour into cups or glasses (available in cups) and put in some time in the refrigerator. Do I need to filter coffee?

To give a definite answer here can not: Some coffee drinkers do not Represent the drink without the aromatic coffee grounds, while others like filtered coffee. The cold coffee with a special spoon is add three or four scoops of ice cream. If there is no spoon for taking balls with a knife, you can cut into squares or circles (if ice cream in cups). What cream is suitable for cold coffee?

Cream, butter, chocolate, cream, creme brulee - the cup of coffee you can add beads of different ice cream, sprinkle with chocolate, grated on a fine grater.

Iced coffee with cinnamon


200-250 ml of water

2 tablespoons of coffee

1-3 (to taste), a teaspoon of sugar

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

pepper, cloves (3-4 pcs.)

In Turk pour coffee, sugar, cinnamon, put a peppercorn, cloves, pour all the ingredients in cold water, put on a little fire, bring to a boil. The iced coffee with cinnamon just before you serve it on the table, you can add a couple of ice cubes or more balls of ice cream.

iced coffee


200-250 ml of water

200-250 ml milk (cream)

75-150 g of cream

2 tablespoons of coffee

Make coffee and cool. In the cold milk add cold coffee and ice cream, all good beat with a mixer or blender. This summer coffee quenches thirst and also nourishes the body with calories.

Iced coffee with lemon


200-250 ml of water

2 tablespoons of coffee

2 teaspoons of sugar

Two lemon slices (a teaspoon of lemon peel)

Make coffee, pour into a cup, add to each a slice of lemon and leave to cool. If lemon longer hold in coffee, the drink will become a pleasant sour taste. However, For Those coffee lovers who like a citrus flavor, but it does not taste acid, can offer other options for the preparation of cold coffee with lemon, for example, add lemon peel or drop a slice of lemon for a few minutes to drink has got a nice flavor, but I did not have time to be fed with lemon flavor.

Chilled coffee ready in the refrigerator. In just a few minutes before serving it each plate put three or four ice cubes.

Lemon can be replaced by orange. Will look very original coffee, if a glass or a glass decorate with a slice of lemon or orange.

Ice coffee


200-250 ml of water

2 tablespoons of coffee

100-125 ml cream

1-2 (to taste) cutlery spoon syrup (raspberry, strawberry, etc.).

Boil and cool coffee, add the cream, beat well with syrup. The syrup can be replaced with egg liqueur or other: this ice coffee should be served in cocktail glasses with straws.

Iced coffee with cognac


200-250 ml of water

2 tablespoons of coffee

1-2 teaspoons of honey (can be sugar)

1 teaspoon of brandy

In the finished hot coffee add honey and cognac, cool, place in refrigerator. Cognac can be replaced with a balm or rum. This summer is not just coffee quenches thirst, but also it allows you remove the fatigue, cheer up.

Chilled coffee and juice

200-250 ml of water

2 tablespoons of coffee

1-2 teaspoons of sugar (to taste, sugar-free)

200 ml of ice-cold orange juice (or juice, frozen in blocks).

Brew black coffee and cool it. Add to it the juice or juice cubes. Coffee can not be mixed with coffee, if the ingredients that add whipped cream.

The transparent glass pouring cold coffee, add the cream, whipped with sugar or syrup in a cool foam and then pour the juice and put the cubes of frozen juice - will turn out very beautiful and delicious three-color coffee cocktail.

Summer cappuccino

200-250 ml of water

2 tablespoons of coffee

1-2 teaspoons of sugar

100-200 g of whipped cream with the syrup

Make coffee, cool, pour into cups and place in refrigerator. Whip the cream at home is not easy enough: we need a Certain cream fat, time to knock them to the consistency of thick cream. It easier prepare this type of coffee use ready-made whipped cream.

Just before it submit a coffee for guests to throw in each cup of ice cubes, then decorate the coffee "cap" cream, sprinkle them with grated on a fine grater chocolate, chopped walnuts or tiny pieces of jelly.

What served cold coffee to the table?

Of course, for such a drink is not very Suitable sandwiches, but the fruit, jelly, anise sweet desserts are a perfect complement to the table.

Knowing the main ingredients for a summer drink coffee, you can feel free to experiment by changing the proportions and components Minogue new recipes.

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