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Indonesian coffee

Indonesian coffee The most well-known Producers of coffee - it's Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala. But the world is beautiful and That it varied. Wonderful island nation of Indonesia, consisting of more than 18 000 large and small islands, too, grows coffee. Though not in a dry Quantities as the Latin American countries, but the quality and originality of Indonesian coffee, no doubt, deserves attention. By virtue of its geographical location and the presence of a mountain landscape Indonesia has favorable climatic conditions for the cultivation of coffee.

Mineral-rich soil also Contribute to full rich grains. These facts are Evaluated by Dutch colonists in the late 17th century. They were brought from India the first coffee trees on the island of Java and organized plantation there.

The experience was a success and after a few decades, new coffee plantations were on the islands of Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Bali, Flores, Timor, Papua New Guinea. Industry flourished. In Europe, coffee bags went whole ships. Unfortunately, at the end of the nineteenth century plantation underwent a mass epidemic of coffee fungus. Almost all the trees have died.

Coffee production in the whole argipelage went into decline. And only in 1947 that coffee production in Indonesia has been completely restored. Seedlings of Robusta is more resistant diseases, were brought from Africa. Currently, about 90% of the coffee produced in Indonesia - is Robusta, and the remainder accounted for Arabica variety Liberica rare hybrids and dry as the TiPiK and katimor. And Robusta in Indonesia is very rich, has some astringent taste and strong aroma.

The Therefore, many Roasters of coffee in the world of Indonesian Robusta is used as an additive is a tea blends. Arabica is grown Mainly in the islands of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi. Collection and processing of coffee beans produced by hand in small Cooperatives, a state licensed. The well-known Java Class JUMP treated dry process by drying in the sun. Then peel bean and grain are sorted.

Drink from this variety is very intense, has a nice earthy flavor and chocolate aftertaste. Grade Sumatra coffee Connoisseurs Mandeling many as one of the most beautiful in the world due it its high density, lack of acidity, the unique chocolate flavor, long and pleasant aftertaste. On the island of Sulawesi in the restricted area cultivated variety Thoraya unique. flavored drink taste mild, sweet with the dominance of fruit notes.

Pleasant aftertaste with slight acidity.

And of course it should be noted That Indonesia is home to the world-famous, the most expensive and exquisite Luwak coffee. During the production of this kind of coffee Participate Zverkov small detachment of civet, Which in Indonesia is called the Luwak. These animals, like ferrets, live on coffee plantations and happily eat the most fresh coffee beans. But in the process of digestion, digested just peel the beans, and whole grains are subjected is a natural fermentation and gastric juice of animals. These grains are carefully washed, dried, and only then sent to the roasting.

Grain acquire new qualities, without losing the original properties. Luwak coffee taste is soft, without acidity, has a delicate flavor, rich texture and a long pleasant aftertaste. Coffee Connoisseurs from around the world appreciate the dignity of Luwak coffee.

Indonesia now produces about 600,000 tons of coffee. The main importers of Indonesian coffee - the US, Japan, Germany. There is a growing demand in dry countries as Russia, China, France, South Korea. with a combination of moderate cost undeniable merits of Indonesian coffee give it a Significant advantage to take a leading position in the Russian market in the near future. Dalatcoffee company has already taken steps That allow all Russian taste the coffee taste great exotic coffee from Indonesia.

In order that maximize the taste of coffee is preserved, the product comes in the form of freshly roasted beans in bags with valve folgizirovannyh. Connoisseurs will find coffee Luwak coffee and its analogs. Production designer has branded packaging That small well present the goods as a gift.

Pleasant new experiences from coffee drinking process. Enjoy the exotic flavors!

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