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Instant coffee – harm and benefits

Instant coffee - harm and benefitsInstant coffee - Undeniably convenient product of modernity. Quick, easy, delicious and invigorating # 8230; Everyone has Their own recipe for a tasty cup of instant coffee natural.

Forms of soluble coffee

There are three types:

In the powder.



coffee powder

Coffee powder because the cheapest as its production does not require large expenditures. The crude was purified coffee, roasted, crushed into particles and was treated under pressure in hot water. During a few hours.

The extract is filtered, cooled and dried. THUS, the Extracted grains of soluble substance.

granulated coffee

Granulated coffee is almost indistinguishable from the powder. Is that the difference in the preparation of the coffee, it is treated with steam, so the image of the so-called lumps. And in fact, in both cases changing the molecular structure of the grain That has an adverse effect on the color and flavor of the beverage.

instant coffee

Freeze-dried coffee is prepared by drying in vacuo the frozen product. That the manufacturers claim the swarms of dry Obtained treatment is high-quality coffee because freeze-dried coffee is the most expensive.
Instant coffee - harm and benefits
decaffeinated coffee

I would like to say a few words about this kind of instant drink. Many believe this is salvation. But here lies the danger.

The use of this coffee can promote deposition of kidney stones.

How to choose package

Coffee is sold in cans or in glass or just in a sealed package. As a rule, in a tin pot sold the cheapest - coffee powder. The metal attaches to the beverage flavor. Jar on the contrary, for a long time retain the flavor and aroma of the drink.

A coffee in the open air-tight packaging, it is desirable to use in the short term.

The properties of instant coffee

Natural caffeine in coffee grain exits from the body through a couple of hours and the same caffeine Which comprises small soluble coffee linger in the body up to 10 hours or even more. So if you drink coffee, be careful. Excessive consumption can lead to a caffeine overdose. With today's hectic lifestyle, of course, it is convenient to keep on hand coffee, but in this case you should always know when to stop.

The alternative would be roast and ground coffee, which you can easily cook in a coffee machine. Or replace it with cocoa or chicory. It is a natural product, similar in taste, Which is also a rapidly dissolving.