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Interesting ideas utensils for a picnic

Interesting ideas utensils for a picnicamazing time this summer. So you want to enjoy the sun and warmth, it is close to the cottage, the beach, in the woods and have a picnic. All you need is to - is to gather a basket of delicious food, grab a blanket, ball, badminton and a good mood.

This would be Sufficient, but if you pay more attention to detail and you want to surprise your friends, take a look at a selection of interesting ideas of utensils for a picnic, Which will be useful to you during an unforgettable stay.

Birch drinking straws. Cold drink juice from a straw with the original design of a double pleasure. He refreshes and fills with love for a native Russian nature and culture.

Salad spoons ROCKIN 'SPOON in the form of acoustic and electric guitars are made of wood. Their unique shape allows you to feel like a rock star and make a little comic concert.

Amazing set for sauces couple Consists of two bottles - ketchup and mustard. Bottles are surprised faces with expressive eyes wide open. But we need only tilt the bottle is Obtain a portion of your favorite sauce as my eyes closed, as if concentrating on the process!

Especially this couple like children.

Fish Flask more bring you closer to nature, add a good mood.

Salt and pepper PereTsklyuchatel. Spices are essential on a picnic. PereTsklyuchatel has two separate containers for salt and pepper.

By pressing the appropriate Return radio button, you choose the right spice, and then, shaking the instrument creating the Necessary amperage spices that form the desired sharpness of voltage in the dish.

Fruit bowls of half a lemon, watermelon, lime or orange colors are added, making your picnic brighter.

Sometimes dry pleasant details please more than any grand event. If happiness for you - in the little things, pay attention to interesting ideas These utensils for a picnic provided by the online store kitchen utensils Navidu. ru


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