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Keratin hair straightening, or regeneration of damaged hair using keratin

Keratin hair straightening, or regeneration of damaged hair using keratinKeratin hair straightening, or regeneration of damaged hair using keratin
Keratin (Brazilian) hair straightening This procedure, it aims Which rebuild the hair structure, Their intense nourishing and smoothing. Keratin, applied to the hair during the procedure, a natural building block of hair, responsible for Their condition and healthy look. Keratin Therapy is an alternative to the leveler or artificial chemical formulations are straightening. Check how keratin treatment and for whom it is the intended Brazilian hair straightening.

What is keratin hair straightening?

Hair keratin straightening, Also Known As Brazilian hair straightening - The Brazilian Blow Out or Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT) is a method of straightening hair regeneration and nutrition by supplementing deficiencies in the structure of keratin, the protein That is a natural component of the building block of hair. Formula surgery was developed in Brazil for women who enjoy dense, but the puszącymi, sun damaged and curly hair. Straighten your hair done in Brazil was to straighten unruly curls and protection from moisture and sunlight.

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Who keratin hair straightening?

Hair keratin straightening is designed for women who every day are struggling with puszącymi is overdried and difficult to lay hair. The procedure can also be Performed on your hair dyed, bleached and damaged other chemical treatments.

What are the preparations of keratin?

Keratin preparations used during surgery, not only CONTAIN keratin, Which regenerates damaged hair, but also antioxidants, plant extracts and vitamins, Permanently Which Provide moisturize the hair and nutrients and essential fatty acids that Make up the hair invisible protective barrier against harmful external agents

How keratin hair straightening?

The treatment Consists of "the heat transfer" in Appropriate amount of hair keratin by Means of a preheated 230 degrees Celsius ceramic iron barber shop. Under the heat of the hair scales to open, and keratin penetrates into the timber structure and exactly fills any voids. Then, the hair scales are closed and Their structure is reconstructed. Applied within the keratin so the preparation is held on the hair for approx. 30 minutes. The final stage of the treatment is dry the hair with a dryer set at an average temperature of supply air, they are completely dry.

Keratin hair straightening price ranges from 600 to 1000 zł.

THUS keratin therapy is an alternative to the leveler or artificial chemical straightening formulations are used eg. The so-called. permanent straightening, Which uses the straightening creams, Which are borne by the hair and do not give a dry effect as the natural keratin. They Performed during operation on the average length or the average thickness of the hair is consumed approx. 60 ml of the keratin.

The effects of keratin hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening, or regeneration of damaged hair using keratinAfter completion of the treatment the hair is smooth, simple, moisturized, deeply nourished, regenerated, shiny, elastic, is susceptible styling. Keratin hair after treatment are also more resistant frizz and twisting it in a humid environment. The effects persist even five months - it depends on the type and density of hair. The impact on the durability of the treatment is also Suitable hair care. After the procedure, you should not wash your hair for 2-3 days. In the first few days after surgery, you do not crush the hair, eg. Do not Involve them in a ponytail or clasped clips. After this period you should use shampoos without salt, use keratin conditioner and mask without silicones. You should give up the styling products containing alcohol because they dry out the hair.

Keratin hair straightening and coloring and haircut

You should not dye your hair for 2 weeks after treatment done. It is also recommended to cut hair after the treatment done.


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Keratin hair straightening treatment is Performed only in professional salons by trained stylists using professional hairdressing tools and natural, certified That keratin preparations are also safe for pregnant women.

Is Keratin hair straightening is safe?

In 2010, ABC has Assessed That in some preparations used for keratin hair straightening is formaldehyde, That Causes poison strong watery eyes and breathing difficulties during the surgery. In addition, keratin preparations during the "plungers" in the hair give off a very unpleasant smell, because hairdressers That offer this type of service, they have a very efficient ventilation. Hair stylists and selling products that perform keratin hair straightening denied any connection and found it That Causes keratin above. symptoms. That it finally established there is no 100% Certainty about the safety of keratin Certain preparations for health. The Therefore, before the junction you have the right to check Whether the preparation is on the list of permitted substances, published by the Ministry of Health or has been certified by the European Union.

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